Chelsea Grin Hit Billboard

Chelsea Grin debuted at #21 on the Billboard New Artist Chart this week.

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Chelsea Grin debuted at #21 on the Billboard New Artist Chart this week. The band moved over 1,500 copies of their debut full-length Desolation Of Eden which was released last week on Artery Recordings. Chelsea Grin is the premiere artist on Artery, which is a new imprint of Razor.

The band is currently on tour with The Red Chord as well as My Children My Bride and Those Who Lie Beneath.

Guitarist Jaek Harmond comments from the road, "The tour is going great! We have had handful after handful of problems with our van, but the shows themselves are awesome. The experience touring with The Red Chord is doing us very well. They are teaching us a lot, and we definitely have noticed Way more fans. We are very happy with the first week sales as well. We beat the original goal we had set and know we can do even better next time. We aren't happy settling on any number."

The band has also been making waves with media including a new review on which proclaimed of the band's music, "The rhythms aren't so much blast beats as tribal throbs, and the riffs come in slow like bombers above an unsuspecting city pre-dawn. The guitar solos aren't spurts of fretboard overstimulation; they're almost the opposite, slow-burning interludes of relative peace not unlike those played by Meshuggah's Fredrik Thordendal." (AOL Music) ran a feature as well saying, "The music on the band's debut, 'Desolation of Eden,' is just as street-fight vicious (as their name)."

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    The Red Chord = Great My Children My Bride = Great Those Who Lie Beneath = Great Chelsea Grin = Not a fan.
    WHAT THE FUCK? aw man what a great act. they would seem just like any other deathcore but something about them just catches me differently