Chester Bennington Talks 'The Hunting Party' Guest Artists

Linkin Park vocalist also rips indie artists for "writing adult contemporary pop and selling it as indie rock."

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Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington has recently discussed the band's latest album "The Hunting Party," chatting about the record's vibe and guest stars, also bashing indie rockers along the way.

During a Loudwire interview, Chester noted how the band was quite laid-back and free of pressure whenever considering the musical direction they wanted to take.

"We got to the point where we were kind of like, needing some inspiration and we wanted to work with someone else so we did a jam session with Tom Morello for a day, got some great music out of that. We called [SOAD guitarist] Daron [Malakian], he was down to come down and hang out," the vocalist said.

"There was no pressure, it wasn't like, 'Hey, we want to hire you to come in and write a song with us.' It was, 'Hey we want to be inspired and curious if you wanted to work on something with us. We don't know what that means, if that means come in and listen to our music we've been working on and collaborate on that or write something completely new together.' He came in with the song 'Rebellion.'"

Further discussing guest stars, Bennington added, "Even though I can't remember his name, kicking myself for it, we worked with a producer that typically works as a songwriter on the song 'Final Masquerade.' This guy typically writes songs for the biggest pop artists in the world - Rihanna, Katy Perry. To work with a guy like that is stepping out of our comfort zone and we ended up writing a great song. It was a lot of fun, we had a lot of opportunities to step out of that, out of our world and invite people in for the first time."

When it comes to the group's emotions about the current state of music, Chester once again pointed out how the guitar-driven world seems too mellow at the moment. He went far enough to openly rip today's indie acts.

"I am angry at the state of alternative rock music, the state of indie music," he said. "It's not alternative, it's not indie. It's unapologetically writing adult contemporary pop songs and selling them as indie rock songs and it's f--ked. We need to do something about it and do something that shines a light on heavy music and bring some of that back hopefully because it's not happening right now.

"We're not saying that we hate every band out there right now," Bennington stressed. "There are a handful of bands that are really great. But there's only a handful of them and none of them are making aggressive records. All the great bands that are doing aggressive records that are semi-popular, there are still only a handful of bands that do it consistently on a level that doesn't really hit a niche market. So, we found ourselves in a very unique position to go in and make a record and use all of our skills as songwriters and our abilities to craft great pop songs, and throw some f--king anger in there."

"The Hunting Party" saw its release on June 13 via Warner Bros, marking the band's sixth studio record.

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    I took a listen to the HP. It's not bad at all, I actually liked it for once. It is definitely different and it's not the same heaviness as Meteora and Hybrid Theory. It's heavy but like a different heavy, idk how to explain it well. I think people should give it a chance. I liked it a lot more than A Thousand Suns and MTM. Then again I'm not a very hardcore LP fan as is but I liked what they put out. I'd say it's 7.5-8/10
    People, give this album a chance if you can. It's f**king awesome! Completely unlike anything you've ever heard from LP. This is the album most of us were expecting after Meteora. Mature, yet aggressive.
    This album was such a surprise, I thought yeah the singles are good..the album is amazing! Mark the graves, a line in the sand, keys to the kingdom, are among LP's best songs ever let alone off the album.
    The album is amazing Rebellion, War, Keys to the Kingdom are some of the best from the album
    Not heard the album but the singles aren't the best for me, I still think if you manage to get Daron Malakian on your album you at least let him sing as well!
    The singles were obviously the safest songs released, give the album a listen, songs like keys to the kingdom and war are just plain fun.
    I wouldn't say Rebellion is one of the softest songs, at least list it's as heavy as War and A Line in the Sand. Still one of my favourites, alongside with Drawbar and Mark the Graves.
    The rest of the album is better than the singles, but if you're expecting it to sound like some kind of progressive indie metal thing, you're probably going to be very disappointed.
    Inb4 "fans" who are unhappy LP kept changing after Hybrid Theory and Meteora.
    I think it's pretty funny that a band that sings about nothing but teen angst, while smothering real music with over-dubbing, can bash on an entire genre. Linkin Park is lame. they were lame in 2003, and they are lame now. Bennington is a joke!!!
    while HT and meteora can be about teens , rest of that is not even close , you're ignorant to even comment when you haven't even heard the band.