Chester Bennington to Be Honored by MusiCares

The 9th annual MusiCares MAP fund benefit is set for May 30.

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Linkin Park's Chester Bennington will be honored by MusiCares, Loudwire reports.

The ninth annual MusicCares MAP Fund benefit concert, set for May 30 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, has announced that Bennington will receive the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award for both his commitment to helping addicts in their recovery process and his longstanding support for the MusiCares MAP Fund.

The MusicCares MAP Fund provides critical access to addiction recovery treatment for members of the music community regardless of their financial status. Bennington has nothing but praise for what they do, saying, "MusiCares MAP Fund is an amazing program that takes care of their own, and actually saves lives."

He continues, "It's been so rewarding to support them and see firsthand what they've accomplished for so many artists."

In addition to Bennington, MusiCares will also honor legendary skateboarder Tony Alva, who was famously chronicled in the documentary "Dogtown And Z-Boys." He will receive the MusiCares' "From the Heart" award.

Neil Portnow, the President/CEO of the Recording Academy and MusiCares spoke about Bennington and Alva, explaining, "Chester and Tony are passionate and highly influential artists in their respective professions and each of them has achieved impressive and much-deserved success. What unites them around the mission of MusiCares is their willingness to lend their time and talents to raise funds for our organization, and their desire to be of service to music people struggling with addiction. We truly appreciate their steadfast support and committed generosity."

Bennington is in good company. Last year, Alice In Chains co-founder Jerry Cantrell took home the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award.

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    Linkin Park do a fair amount of charity work, so as far as I'm concerned this is well deserved.
    He is definately "Somewhere he belongs" well done Chester
    "Definitely." Sorry, but one of my biggest pet peeves is misspelled words that are easy to spell. But yes Chester definitely deserves this
    A little note. Before saying "he doesn't even a guitarist", "he did not too much in music", "Linkin Park sucks" and all that crap read the article properly and see, that he's being honored for his charity.
    "Neil Portnow" sounds like an odd-combination of Niel Peart and Mike Portnoy, for some reason.
    Linkin Park's music is pretty generic, but it's always nice to see musicians doing charity and helping people in need, so good for him.
    As for music, I know, it's a bit long conversation, but I just have the only thing to say: I know their music is not best in the world. And never was. And, maybe, never will be. But I like their bravery to change the territory they were in for so long time. And I just like their music and the power of personality of each band memeber.
    uptil I saw the bank draft four $6689, I did not believe mother in law woz like they say actualie receiving money in their spare time at there computar.. there neighbor started doing this for under 6 months and just cleared the mortgage on their place and purchased a brand new Alfa Romeo. go to,
    This proves something that Page Hamilton said to me once in a bar... "Lincoln Park? Nicest guys in the world, but they don't know shit about music."