Chickenfoot Announce Kenny Aronoff As Smith's Replacement

artist: Chickenfoot date: 08/26/2011 category: music news
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Chickenfoot Announce Kenny Aronoff As Smith's Replacement
Chad Smith has hand picked Kenny Aronoff as his deputy to sit in for Chickenfoot's touring schedule to support the release of their second album "Chickenfoot III" which releases September 26. Aronoff is a seasoned studio and live session man and has played with an astonishing array of artists over the years including The Smashing Pumpkins, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Cinderella, Stryper, Tony Iommi and The Rolling Stones. Chickenfoot frontman Sammy Hagar couldn't be happier with Smith's choice and says there is a startling similarity between both drummers in their style of play. He said: "Chad picked him because he said Kenny's just like him. He beats his drum set to death. He doesn't play them. He beats them to death. At the end of every show you have to buy a new drum set for these guys. We need that power." "We tried [Kenny]. He's fucking great. He's really solid, and he's got fire." Smith welcomed Aronoff into the fold via a comical video released on You Tube saying: "I got bills to pay! I gotta go and do my day job, but only for a little bit... I'll be back." "In the meantime, a great buddy of mine, Kenny Aronoff, is gonna come play the drums. He's gonna tear it up, he's awesome, and he's gonna have a great time. So make sure you go and see the foot!" No tour dates have been announced as yet.
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