Chino Moreno: 'Not A Fan Of Dubstep'

He might love electronic music, but dubstep is one beat too far according to the metal frontman.

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Deftones frontman Chino Moreno might love electronic music, but unlike his friends in Korn he isn't a fan of dubstep.

"I love some electronic music", he told KROQ. "I'm not a big fan of dubstep but there is so much good electronic music out there".

Chino has introduced a wave of crossover electronic and rock acts to his fans at DJ sets, including acts like Three Trapped Tigers which combine their technical rock ability with the composition style of Aphex Twin.

But despite the allure of new acts, Chino remembers where his love of electronic music began:

"I grew up in the eighties, that's probably why I like some of the earlier electronic from Kraftwerk to all throughout new wave and things like that.

"A band like Depeche Mode would go out and record them hitting a trash can with a steel rod or something and recording it. And that would be one of their sounds of the drums. I love the creativeness of that kind of really raw sampling".

Deftones will release their next album "Koi No Yokan" in November, but the lead single "Tempest" was unveiled for streaming yesterday.

As rock fans, can you still admire electronic music? Share your beat-based music tips in the comments.

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    The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die. I love that album. Prodigy, Aphex Twin, and some Daft Punk... good music without much lyrical content.
    Aphex Twin is one of the most progressive artists in history. My life would be different if I hadn't heard Vordhosbn, and the slowed-down version on YouTube is beautiful.
    The Richard D. James album... I've probably listened to that a few thousand times, at least.
    The Richard D. James album changed my life. The drum beats on "4" and "Girl/Boy Song" and the eerie melody in "Fingerbib" go so far beyond almost all other electronica.
    There's a lot of great and interesting electronic music - first of all I mean experimental and "intelligent" electronic, not dance music (from IDM and synthpop to psychill and breakcore) - but dance tracks can be great too
    Hell, there's some great and interesting dubstep, if you look beyond Skrillex and Datsik. Burial, Boxcutter, Skream, Joker's earlier stuff, etc.
    Only electronic music I've ever liked was Alan Parsons Project.
    Prog rock actaullly sometimes does offer the best in electronic music (Mike Oldfield, King Crimson, David Gilmour ft the Orb) but theres so much out there, I actaully got into Electronic music through Prog Rockers experimenting with it. but now i listen to every thing Psybient, Trip hop, Goa Trance, Liquid Drum n Bass, Minimal Techno, Hardstyle, Industrial, Hell theres no limits anymore as long as it has Heart to it thats enough for me to like it
    i'm surprised of this article because of this:
    nice collaboration though, i hope he doesn't change his mind and end up like korn and their dubstep album.
    this song is terrible. its like every other dubstep song except its a really really cheesy keyboard part that sounds like its from the 80s
    I love metal, especially prog, djenty stuff, but Dubstep... to be a fan of this particular genre is rather hard, cause much of it si pure crap, but there are acts like Nero that make pleasing tracks. Aside from dubstep there is psy trance, idm, glitch music, progressive trance. Infected Mushroom by the way incorporate elements of metal into their tracks.
    Also check out Shpongle, Above
    Anyone unsure about electronic music, check out some drum n bass on youtube. Specifically the kind known as neuro funk; search for artists like spor and noisia. Its heavy as balls, and actually musically interesting, unlike the majority of dubstep.
    Aye man, Its good stuff but if you haven't already i'd suggest checking out songs like Nu:tone - Mind on the run, Goldie - Inner city Life and Dj Tapolsky ft X bass - без тебе. Seriously, i didn't think electronic dance music could be so expressive till i heard them,
    Good. Dubstep sucks.
    Personally, I can tolerate some kinds of dubstep. Those artists can mix and arrange some of the heaviest, most complex arrangements out there. If anything, it's the aspects aside from music that deters me. The term "live show" takes an alternate meaning with most electronic music. Dubstep is limited to being expressed for the future, not the present. You usually don't play it in real time (thanks to Muse for changing this!). The fact that they don't have to dedicate their lives to learning one specific instrument, giving them more time to actually make the music gives me a degree of jealousy, as well. I suppose that a computer can be a different kind of instrument. At least we guitar/bass/drum-set/etc. players regularly work with other people making the music. Each form of music has it's own pros and cons. country vs. metal, indie vs. grunge, all of them have dedicated musicians and fans behind them. Dubstep has no differences with what we do, in that aspect. I am from grunge, metal, and plain-old rock! Why can't we all just get along and make music!
    because people who like dubstep and electric music hate us who like rock and metal
    * Ahem * I like dubstep and electronic music. I love rock and metal. I have proven your statement false.
    totally agree. i happen to love metal, in every way, shape and form. i also happen to like dubstep and electronic (techno, house, etc.) my favorites include deadmau5 and Skrillex. honestly, i don't why liking more than what, 2 or 3 genres is such a bad thing. people need to accept the fact that there are other genres out there and artists making names for themselves in those genres.
    Thats not true at all, People who like Rap music hate us not people who like dance music and even if they did thats still no reason to not like the music, people listen to music because it sounds good not because you want to be part of a certain scene. Seriously its statements like that, that make the rock scene look like a bunch of people who only listen to rock because they were bullied in school by people who listen to rap.
    I personally enjoy dubstep, drum and bass, rock, country, all kinds of metal - even the extreme kinds, rap and hip-hop. Genres are not 'teams'. You don't have to hate one if you like the other. If music is good - listen to it. Fair enough, some people will legitimately just not like hip-hop or dubstep or country at all, but there's a lot of good stuff out there that you're blocking yourself off of if you decide that you can't like one genre because you like another.
    Most of the time it's not the actual music behind a certain genres that's awful and annoying as it is sometimes labeled but the annoying next trend kids that listen to it and tell everyone they like because of how the think it makes them look and the clothing trends and stuff, it's easy to see when your not part of it. I think there's decent music in pretty much every genre.
    Electronic music is good, but I don't think recording someone riding a power chord, and then digitally breaking it up is very artistic or thought out. A good guitar player can play like that already, see Dino Cazares or John 5.
    Dubstep is such a varied genre I'm not sure how anyone can not like it as a whole. It's like saying you don't like any music with guitars in - it's just close-minded. You get dubstep that sounds very similar to reggae, you get 'pop'-style dubstep, you get dubstep that's close to metal. I'm sure most people could find some that they like if they get over the stigma they have attached to the word 'dubstep'.
    I still havent found a good dubstep song. Im sure there exists one that i would like. It still dosent make me like dubstep as whole. Lets take example. I like The view from lulu and hate other songs. Dosent make it good album for me. And no, i really do not like that album nor that song
    nope. rock n roll for me, sorry. If it doesn't have decent guitar it's not interesting
    Because for some reason no one is mentioning how sick this band is yet... Not their best song, but it's cool to see it done live. I urge you all to check them out! espesh if you like IDM or math music
    God, there's tons of good Electronic music out there! I'm not a huge fan of dubstep either, but you look at various electronic and/or industrial bands out there you can't deny there's talent.. Front 242, Nine Inch Nails, Daft Punk, Depeche Mode, KMFDM, or the late '80s - through early '90s Ministry; there's tons of creative music!
    I love Aphex Twin. It still blows me away to listen to some of his songs that were recorded in the mid 80's. Even in 2012 they sound ahead of their time.
    I find it very difficult to enjoy most of the "modern era" electronic music, be it the mainstream pop music, dubstep or trance in any form. One aspect of this is that I do enjoy and very much appreciate the use, sound and feel of all real, physical instruments. A computer cannot imitate the guitar sound and feel of Gary Moore. Another aspect, which is true about all genres, is that many modern artists, be it "new traditional metal", electronic lounge or distorted dubsted, feel uninspired. Most of all however, they do not offer a challenge musically. This is a pity, but thankfully some new artists manage to do this..
    Listen to Flying Lotus. If you've watched Adult Swim ads in between commercial breaks, then you've heard him. Modern electronic music has plenty of excellent artists, but there's a tendency for a lot of them don't get the proper exposure that artists like dubstep and house musicians do (FlyLo is an exception). Warp Records, Ghostly Intl., Moodgadget, Domino, Mush are excellent labels that promote electronic artists.
    Being someone who loves playing metal and also makes electronic music (including progressive house, lounge, and the "dreaded" dubstep), I really have no issue if someone doesn't like dubstep. All the power to them. I grew up with most of my friends hating all the metal I listened to anyway, so it isn't really anything new. I don't expect everyone to enjoy every genre out there. I'll admit that I don't like certain genres such as country or pop. But it doesn't matter what I think because other people enjoy listening to it. Who am I to tell them what is good music or what's better? IMO, the title of this article is trying to imply something out of nothing. He said he didn't like dubstep. He didn't 'slam' it. I don't think any dubstep listener got offended. All he said was that he's not a fan. I don't see what's wrong with that at all. But still, I find that people who try to argue that their music is better than someone else's (which is very different from just not liking a genre) are quite narrow minded. There's a lack of empathy [using it as a psychological term]. It's like trying to convince someone who loves Mexican food that Chinese food is better. I doubt he/she'll care or think you're a cooler person because of it.
    but didnt Chino do a song called Hexes for Residet Evil that was dubstep
    His more or less talking about the American dubstep scene in general, he probably likes some dubstep but the whole scene and the way that people are taking it and making it into Random noises and crap is really what his talking about, the whole obsession that there is with how heavy dubstep can go but theres so much more to electronic music than just random noises
    Nero Galon
    +1 to Chino Moreno for not liking dubstep. Another +1 for having an amazing name!
    ...Deftones frontman slams Dubstep?
    Nope. Nice try though
    I thought this was a Rock/Metal/Punk/Blues/Jazz etc. site. You know, guitar aka instrument related music. Sorry for sounding like an elitist or something, but I come here for these genres, I hear enough electronic music via the radio, friends, partys etc. (And I still cant stand it)
    I love dubstep. I used to love metal, don't really like metal SONGS anymore but still love heavy breakdowns so it's cool for me personally to be able to get my fix of heavy music in remixes of pop songs which is mainly my kind of music.
    Ok? I'll give you all some more breaking news; I, unlike Chino Moreno, AM a fan of dubstep.
    i only like three electronic (or that sort of genre) artists, daft punk, fatboy slim and the prodigy. there might be more that i'll like, but to me most of that sort of music is crap.
    BREAKING NEWS: Band front-man has opinion on other music. But in all seriousness, I personally don't enjoy electronic music. For industrial metal, sure, it's cool, but I can't listen to something that's fully electronic, there's just no appeal for me. There's just something about music that's made with some buttons on a computer that doesn't feel right.
    I finally checked out dubstep and wound up hearing a track were Jim Morrison essentially predicts this very thing... My mind has yet to be unblown...