Chino Moreno Reveals How Depeche Mode Influenced New Crosses Album

Deftones star says the band changed him.

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Crosses singer Chino Moreno has revealed how Depeche Mode were a huge influence on the band's new album.

The singer, who also fronts the iconic Deftones, has spoken to Rolling Stone magazine (via Gigwise) about the influences surrounding the band in a new interview. Crosses' self-titled debut is an extremely electronic affair in comparison to Deftones, and Moreno cites the early influence of Depeche Mode for creating a change in his own musical tastes. Talking in particular of the track "1987," Moreno states that it refers to the year in which his sister gave him a Depeche Mode tape.

"I got into a lot of music like Depeche Mode and my whole concept of music changed," he says. "Before that, I was just listening to Michael Jackson, maybe some early rap like Afrika Bambaataa. Then, my sister gave me a Depeche Mode tape in a Christmas stocking.

"Depeche Mode to me were awesome. They had a lot of the same drum machines, a lot the same sounds as hip-hop, but they had a lot of melody and mood and dark tones. I liked the beat, the dance part, but I also liked the melody."

When asked about new Deftones material, Chino says that the band are looking to get together and begin recording new material in early 2015. He says they are taking a very relaxed approach to writing as in the same manner of the last few albums.

"We just finished a tour, so we're gonna take the rest of the year off. We're gonna start writing some music early next year. I just moved to Oregon and Stephen is down in L.A. and Abe and Frank are in Sacramento, and Sergio is in Europe. The idea is to just get together. The last couple records, we just threw ourselves into a small room and started playing.

"We just work organically, which I think works better than me writing a song and saying, 'Hey guys, learn this.' Hopefully in February we'll spend a couple weeks together, and just kind of get together and write music."

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    You know, like every rock band that was popular in the 2000s cites Depeche Mode as a big influence. And rightfully so! It's a real shame they're not nearly as popular today as they should be.
    "Chino says that the band are looking to get together and begin recording new material in early 2014." - think that's supposed to be 2015 guys...
    Nothing against DM but I really want Deftones sounding like Deftones , nothing more nothing less...