Chris Adler Addresses Rumors of Joining Slipknot: 'Sounds a Bit Like Me, But I Don't Recall Doing It'

"Silence is golden," Lamb of God drummer mysteriously adds.

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Following a string of online rumors regarding Chris Adler's supposed involvement with Slipknot, Lamb of God drummer was asked for comment, giving a negatory, yet somewhat mysterious answer.

"Right now I think silence is golden," he told ABC News Radio. "Right now I don't think those guys need me, or need me talking about it."

Responding to online comments that drumming on the latest 'Knot track "The Negative One" sound eerily similar to his style, Adler agreed to an extent, saying, "You know, I listened to it and I thought it sounded a little bit like me, too."

Finally giving the closest thing to a negative answer, the skinsman noted, "At the moment, I just don't recall doing it. I'm getting texts and emails and phone calls about it. [But] for the moment, I don't know anything about it."

To give you some solid info, Slipknot have presented the cover for "The Devil in I," their first official single off the upcoming album. As singer Corey Taylor pointed out, "The Negative One" wasn't the single track, but merely the record's first sample.

As Taylor further noted, the lead single is due in "a few weeks" and is "completely different" from "The Negative One." "It's more melodic, but it's dark, it's powerful, man," the vocalist stated. "It's something different. People are gonna lose their minds when they hear that."

Back to the rumor domain, stories have surfaced claiming that "The Negative One" is actually dedicated to the band's former drummer Joey Jordison. More on that here.

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    "For the moment, I don't recall doing it." I'll have to throw a "lol" in at that. Probably can't talk about it for contractual reasons. Once they pass a certain point in time, he'll be like "yeah, alright, it's totally me."
    Yeah, it's clearly Adler on drums but he can't give a straight answer because of a clause in his contract. It's sorta funny when business obligations force musicians to speak like a lawyer. Give it a few weeks. By the time they release the lead single they'll confirm Adler's involvement.
    "he can't give a straight answer because of a clause in his contract." he just gave a straight answer on facebook that it was definitely NOT him.
    So I guess that response pretty much confirms it's him...
    or he's a troll.
    I mean, Richmond citizens have a good sense of humor when it comes to ****ing with people. Also, dude lives in VA; why the hell would he go to Iowa to play with Slipknot?
    because working with slipknot is a ****ing kush gig. he will make more money with slipknot than he has ever made with lamb of god EASILY.
    You do realize musicians record all around the world, and not just where they live/lived? While we're at it...Did you know Slipknot does shows outside of Iowa? Crazy...I know!
    Wouldn't even be surprised if Chris is just in on the big troll. He's been good mates with the knot guys for years, and wouldn't pass up the opportunity. I'm just not going to over hype it, because I know no matter what the revelations are; they'll always be a disappointment if you expect more than you can even think of.
    "It wasn't a single it was a gift to the fans even though we put it on iTunes as a single instead of giving a free download like Slayer did and even made a video for it, yeah it's not a single at all"
    While yes, I want to know who the drummer is, I am way more concerned if the album will be good. I'm drawing from what happened last time when the title track for All Hope is Gone came out. I enjoyed the song and album, but I just felt the title track was a huge deviation from the rest of the album... I really like the direction of The Negative One though so I hope they don't deviate too much. I love me some eerie Slipknot stuff.
    People are gonna lose their minds when they hear that I think they're going to lose it in a negative way tbh. I heard that phrase SO MANY times and so many times it ended up being disappointing. (Not even a Slipknot-fan actually.)
    Hmmm. The one section, towards the end, where the drums go crazy sounds a lot like Vinny Paul influenced drumming, and actually fits pretty wicked in a Slipknot song. I like the throwback vibe to the first track, for sure.
    I'm just going to wait for the album, personally. Because then, we will know. Corey was saying that if they released the name of the drummer before people hear the album, some people may get switched off by the drummer and not hear the album. Let's just wait and then see who the drummer is. As long as they have a replacement, which they obviously do, I don't mind. I'd rather hear why Joey had to leave the band...
    Just watch. It's gonna be some local Des Moines guy that no one has heard of.