Chris Cornell: 'Musicians Are Mostly Nerdy Guys That Weren't Good at Sports'

Soundgarden frontman discusses look on the world from musician's perspective.

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Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell recently touched on quite an interesting topic while discussing the time he shaved his head as a supposed rebellion agains being labeled as a grunge artist.

"The fact that I shaved my head showed up in a blurb in the entertainment section of the Time magazine. And I remember being disturbed by that," Chris told "People really rely on this for important international news - is that the best we can do?

"All of our lives being musicians, killing ourselves to create this and all they're writing about is who did what with their hair."

Noting that rebellion was clearly one of the driving forces for early Soundgarden, Cornell further explained, "A lot of times in popular culture bands start out that way, but if they become successful, they don't have anything to fight against anymore.

"Musicians are mostly nerdy guys that weren't good at sports, or were socially awkward somehow and ended up in bedroom listening to records and playing an instrument. Sometime when you're accepted, that edge goes away, but other times there's a conflict - oh, why now? You didn't like me then, so now my FUs are gonna get bigger. And I think Soundgarden was sort of one of those," the frontman concluded.

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    Yeah, a lot of musicians are nerdy. Except for FFDP, because they're all cool bros who know how to muscle, and don't give f*cks about sh*ts, and get wasted on monster energy and protein shakes.
    Sounds like me... Oh, and f*ck sports. I hate when people blabber on about pointless stats (instead of educating themselves about something useful, like politics or economics) and act like rabid animals for teams they have no vested interest in beyond living in the same state.
    Hey hey, Learning about stats in sports can be quiet handing for building basic mathematic skills; And the knowledge of trends can help with economics. So it's not all bad - But yes I still suck at sports
    I don't mind playing sports every now and then, but I never got why anyone gives a shit about watching it.
    Cornell knows my life pretty well socially awkward is my name
    haha yeah I agree with him. Especially about people noticing you. went on a class trip to the Martin guitar factory and people didn't really know me but after I picked one off the wall and played now they all remember me. still don't like the people haha
    I'm actually pretty good at a lot of sports. Mediocre guitar player, but I'm a pretty solid bassist.
    I was too, wouldn't say I was a "jock" just athletically inclined, didn't really consider myself socially awkward, wasn't really "nerdy" whatever that means. hunted and fished a lot. played a lot of guitar, snowboarded before it was cool, was pretty good at that. took up skateboarding at age 34..sure hurts more to fall than I remember. It takes all kinds Chris, sorry you got picked last in gym.
    Seriously I was a starting football player in high school. There was a solid guitar player in the year before me that played football, one that swam at state, another guy who won our local paper's high school athlete of the year for soccer was in the jazz band, and another guy that could play really well was on a club hockey team. I also played piano at the time, and of the guys I knew that played that one was a good tennis player and the other was the catcher on the baseball team. I get what he's saying, but we don't live in an 80s movie and some people do both. There was a DE for the Seahawks a few years ago that had his degree in guitar.
    Actually, almost all of my friends who play played sports until they quit to play music or they were skateboarders, which can be a sport if you work hard enough. When I need to think of a hook, I usually go for a run.
    Rivers Cuomo from Weezer (the nerdiest of all bands) was going to be a very good footballer, until it turned out he had a problem with his leg! (Had surgery now though)
    Tell that to Sergio Pizzorno. He had trials with Nottingham Forest before starting Kasabian!
    Tell that to Sergio Pizzorno. He had trials with Nottingham Forest before starting Kasabian!
    Tell that to Sergio Pizzorno. He had trials with Nottingham Forest before starting Kasabian!