Chris Cornell Performs Metallica/U2 'One' Mash-Up

artist: Chris Cornell date: 10/23/2013 category: music news
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Chris Cornell Performs Metallica/U2 'One' Mash-Up
Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell delivered an interesting Metallica/U2 mash-up performance during his October 15 San Diego concert. The singer basically decided to combine the music of U2's "One" with the lyrics of Metallica's "One." Although the two songs don't seem like having too much in common, the mixture resulted in a surprisingly well and even plain awesome tune. An audio recording of Cornell's performance is available below, so make sure to give it a listen and share your thoughts in the comments section. Chris is currently busy on the US road with "Songbook" tour, covering highlights of his entire career. When it comes to Soundgarden, the singer recently noted that the band has no intention to stop making records anytime soon. "You know, I think that the overall attitude about keeping it going and treating it, in a sense, the way that we wanna treat it to keep it going, that attitude seems to be really good," Cornell told GMI Rock Radio. "I mean, there's nothing stopping us from continuing to make records, that's for sure, and continuing to play shows. We had a great experience doing ["King Animal"], and since we've come back together, everything has been kind of that way."

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