Chris Cornell Predicting New Rock Revolution Soon, Shares Full Explanation

Soundgarden singer comparing EDM craze to the peak of disco movement, expects reaction similar to early punk.

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Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell shared quite an interesting insight on today's state of music, predicting a major rock revolution ahead. And it actually makes a lot of sense.

Chatting with Howard Stern on June 18, Chris compared the latest electronic dance music (EDM) craze with the disco fever, noting that an equivalent of the punk genre is bound to follow as well.

"I actually heard somebody quoting a percentage the other day, that 70% of people polled nowadays, and it must be young people, are into electronic dance music, and that it goes up every year, which I don't know how much more it can go up," Cornell kicked off (via Loudwire).

"The only thing I can say, is that tends to be the beginning of like a really great new movement in rock, which is the same thing that kind of happened when disco was dominating. All of the sudden then you had punk rock, that came as a reaction to it, where everyone said: 'You know, this sucks.' So maybe that will happen now."

In conclusion, the musician added, "[Now people] will be looking at each other at a rave, their E will kick in, and they'll go, 'This sucks.'"

This would not be the first, and hopefully not the last time for the gritty rock spirit to battle other, more mellow and mainstream genres, making Cornell's prediction a well-founded one. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    I sure hope he's right!
    I think he is. I live in Long Island, NY and the Rave scene here is overbearing at the least but in the past couple years the Punk and Hardcore scene have been really coming in strong. A lot of DIY all ages venues have been popping up and a lot of demand for underground touring bands has been really building. The key wore is underground though. You gotta dig to find it but it's worth it.
    I think that's happening in many places. I'm on the other side of the Atlantic and here it's exactly the same way as you've described it.
    I to live in LI. I am unaware of the underground punk scene. what are some venues i should check out?
    There's a strong DIY culture in the UK as well, lots of Punk, Hardcore, Indie and all it's variations. People, bands, promoters etc. know each other up and down the country because of scenes like this.
    hey man I'm also from LI I'm not in a punk band but the hard rock scene between long island and queens is strong, if you ever have a chance come see my band
    do u know other hard rock bands that play on LI? I'm desperate to find people with similar music tastes as me. all of my other friends are into this pop shit.
    I really want this to happen i just don't want to get my hopes up too much
    and Chris Cornell said : "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
    Have you accepted rock & roll as your personal savior?
    Punk after disco Grunge after glam Hopefully something awesome after EDM
    My guess is it will be very melodic, dark, somewhat heavy, and incorporate electronics into it. It's like how grunge music was influenced by every genre before it: jazz, metal, R&B, pop, and hard rock. Now it will have to incorporate all those, plus electronic and maybe a bit of hip hop. I don't mean like Limp Bizkit or some shit. I mean more like Hail to the Thief by Radiohead. I think that album, while sort of inconsistent and not their best, is way ahead of its time and may very well be what rock music sounds like in a few years.
    i hope its punk again. i like all the other genres and the idea of new ones but still.... punk is awesome
    There are plenty of electronic artists itself out there that are trying to get away from "edm". They find it to be just a craze where people just go to shows to get ****ed up on homemade drugs and watch light shows instead of listening to the music. But of course the only electronic music you hear about in the news is about Skrillex and David Guetta. That's like listening to rock for the first time to hear only Green Day and Nickelback on the radio (or coming to this site to see articles primarily about Courtney Love, ha).
    "There are plenty of electronic artists itself out there that are trying to get away from "edm"" exactly this. Deadmau5 is a good example, there's a few "non-EDM" (for lack of a better term) tracks on his new album. EDM is a terrible term.
    Strictly speaking to EDM though its the largest thing right now. Regardless of what a small group of intelligent artists are doing within the greater spectrum of Electronic. It's like comparing Randy Rhoads guitar work in metal to Poison. Randy like Deadmaus did great things to push the envelope then Poison came along and cashed in.
    EDM is definitely the cash cow at the moment. It even tempts those intelligent artists to produce it (usually under a different alias) because it's so easy to cash in on it.
    We should stop saying whether they think he's right or wrong and make it ****ing happen.
    Yes, finally some one gets it. People can talk and whine all day, but its the ones who TAKE ACTION that will bring about this rock revolution.
    People also say this every time someone calls for a rock revolution. And people also say this every time someone calls for a rock revolution.
    I think in the future, people will stop worrying about what music others are listening to and they will listen to and create whatever music they enjoy, without bias and genre prejudice. At least that's what I hope will happen...
    That doesn't really have anything to do with a rock revolution happening. People should definitely listen to what they love no matter what. But the majority of people I know who like EDM don't like to just listen to EDM. They like to go to raves. Its the whole experience that does it for them. Thats cool and all, but if you need various drugs and half naked people to enjoy a particular type of music then you probably don't like it all that much in the first place. Not trying to generalize everyone, because i also know a good amount of people who love to just listen to EDM. But I think its safe to say that the majority of teenagers enjoy it for the experience surrounding the music, not exactly the music itself.
    I don't disagree with you but people's reasons for liking or disliking music are their own. If people like a certain type of music because of the social scene surrounding it, I find that completely understandable. They have different values to me. Also, let's not pretend that EDM is the first genre of music to have a drug culture attached to it.
    I'm not saying that it isn't understandable to like a type of music because of the social scene around it. I think that when that person discovers a type of music that pulls them in because of the music itself, it is going to be much more powerful to them then the other genre that pulled them in because of the social scene. And you're right about drug culture being attached to other genres as well. The Jam Band scene in particular has a large drug culture attached to it. I'm fine with people doing whatever they want to have a good time, and drugs can certainly enhance the emotions you get from music, but if those drugs are necessary to enjoy the music then I don't think it speaks to them as powerfully as it does to someone who is a fan of the music.
    I think in the future people will still argue about what music is better because that's how people are
    Passion creates good real music, though. You know what I mean?
    Totally agree, which is why people should create music they really enjoy rather than conforming to any particular genre. Passion isn't exclusive to rock music.
    I totally agree with...theres always good music and musicians out there, there's just hard to find. People act like if it's not popular, its not relevant.
    I hope in the future, genres will grow to become irrelevant as the culture surrounding them makes way for acceptance and understanding of everything. As a largely Metal fan, I understand the point of Country, Rap, EDM, etc... they all have different missions so to speak, and the artists can have similar ideals in mind even across genres. Like Country musicians and Metal musicians can both be in it for the money, or for the fame, or for the praise, or for the love of hte music, or for the scene, etc. I hope that people will realize that every genre has it's purpose and as long as there's honesty and benevolence on the part of musicians, that there is a respectability to that. People will stop letting social pressure and greedy companies and artists get to them and start to see why music is how it is, and as a result there will be some more balance between talent and popularity.