Chris Jericho: 'I Am the Ambassador of Metal'

Singer talks about taking metal to the masses in new interview.

Ultimate Guitar

In a new interview with Full Metal Jackie (via Blabbermouth), wrestler turned metal singer Chris Jericho has talked about what it means to be a metal ambassador.

As the vocalist notes, no matter what side project he works on, it always comes back to the metal:

"It's funny you say that. Whatever mainstream acceptance that I have, it always falls back onto metal. Even when I did 'Dancing With the Stars,' I think I'm the only guy ever who competed on 'Dancing With the Stars' that listened to 'Gung Ho' by Anthrax ten minutes before showtime.

"I remember at Golden Gods a few years ago, Alice Cooper was there and I was hosting it. Alice was like, 'Chris Jericho, he's like the ambassador for metal. He's done more for metal in the mainstream than anybody has in years, vote for him on 'Dancing With the Stars.' Vote for him is a vote for metal!' I was like, that's cool.

"I also met Geezer Butler for the first time there and he's like, 'I watched you on 'Dancing With the Stars.'' I was like, 'Wow?' He's like, 'I even voted for you too.' I was like, 'Wow! Geezer Butler watches me? That is pretty cool.' Yes, I am the ambassador for metal."

As Jericho notes, even in his pro-wrestling days, he was inspired by hard rock frontmen:

"Even when I first started wrestling, all I wanted to be was to be the David Lee Roth of wrestling or the Paul Stanley of wrestling. The ultimate frontman in that ring. When I started playing music when I was 12, it was the same thing, I just wanted to be in a band and play so much. So the fact that I get to be here and do this, and still do all the other stuff I'm doing, it's a real cool plus for metal and metal fans."

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    Way to misquote the guy and make him seem like a douche.... Typical UG
    Way to not read the article the whole way and try to get upvotes by blaming ug.... at the end he says "Yes. I am the ambassador for metal" Typical dumbass
    But hes like, so smart, and like, so metal, and like, totally cool, and like
    I don't think he's saying he's the ambassador of metal, I think he's talking about what Alice Cooper said. and speaking of Alice Cooper, there's a guy who loves blowing smoke up his own ass.
    C. Jasper
    Alice can kiss his own ass all he wants. The man is a genius when it comes to producing a stage show and he makes kick ass music. Aside from that he's pretty damn intelligent and witty. I think he has bragging rights.
    i was isn't that fag a wrestler?...and lo and behold! "wrestler turned "metal" singer"...dancing with the glamorous and wonderful stars, alice cooper, paul stanley, david lee roth...yeah this guy is metal as oh and i almost forgot "pro-wrestler" lol...god what a twat. this is just too "metal" for me.
    Just a heads up, Chris did not say that he was the ambassador of metal, he said that ALICE COOPER SAID that he was the ambassador of metal. Come on guys, you know better than to trust a UG headline.
    "Wow! Geezer Butler watches me? That is pretty cool.' Yes, I am the ambassador for metal." - Chris Jericho. Do you people even read the full article before bashing UG anymore?
    Just ambassador for metal in 'Dancing With the Stars'. Chris is good ,but that title is too heavy to him to bear than a WWE WHC title.
    would metal still be metal if it were mainstream? I think one of the reason people find their place in the metal culture or subculture is because it isn't mainstream, especially the metalheads that don't listen to the more mainstream bands like Metallica or a7x. (no offence to those bands)
    You mean hipsters? If the sole purpose of listening to a band is the popularity of the band then I don't think it's really a valid reason. But hey, that's just my opinion.
    When I was like 12 and obsessed with wrestling I read his book...he's actually a pretty cool dude and has been a musician since he was a kid on top of the wrestling...he just went for wrestling instead