Chris Martin Doesn't Care That Nobody Thinks Coldplay Are Cool

Singer had made peace with unfashionable reputation.

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Chris Martin has expressed his indifference to the fact that Coldplay are not considered cool, Gigwise reports.

Coldplay have just scored their sixth UK No.1 album with "Ghost Stories," which also became the fastest-selling album of 2014 so far.

In a new interview with the Daily Star, Martin admitted: "We have never been the coolest thing or the most fashionable thing. Well, maybe for a period."

He added: "It just feels like we're able to keep rolling and no-one really notices. I feel like every day we're given is a real blessing. I could not have asked for a more dreamy job."

As to the band's longevity, Martin said: "If we're in that place in 10 years, that's amazing. But if we're not, that's okay."

Coldplay recently revealed that they're preparing to take a break from touring this year following the release of "Ghost Stories."

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    I like Coldplay.
    They actually have some good tunes, one of them being Chinese Sleep Chant, it's a shame that they don't go full out on that sort of thing more often.
    Violet Hill music video... That is one of the most atmospheric music videos out there. They have great music, too bad people don't see it.
    It's obviously a matter of personal taste, but I find their music generic and boring. So much better stuff out there. Bad? No. Overrated? For sure.
    Their music is a lot of things, but generic? Certainly not. They're one of the most innovative mainstream bands out there, for better or for worse.
    Well, everything's overrated to an extent. Also, Coldplay is probably fifteen times more original and diverse than anything else you'd hear on the radio. Gotta respect them for taking creative risks every once in a while.
    Coldplay are pretty cool, I don't see why people hate so much on them, they're one of the better bands out there in their genre, and I also gets a lot of complements that I look like Chris Martin, so I just have to support them so people don't start disliking me for looking like Chris Martin
    Well, he's already got enough money to never really need another massive album or anything. So, cool beans
    I happen to be a pretty big fan of theirs, but even for someone who's on the opposite end, you've got to admit: even at their worst, they're still better than Robin Thicke/Bieber/Miley.
    Coldplay are like the big Soap Operas - they have millions watching them and when they are good, they can be very good, but mostly they aren't aiming for dramatic brilliance. They are at their best when they stop trying to be a globe-spanning U2 type band - underneath some of the big, 'this one will be on every advert and end of every TV clip where someone dies/does something heroic' anthems - they knock out a few really interesting songs. They could probably surprise people by heading down that route for just one album and seeing how it goes. Though I guess if I got as rich as them I might not give a **** about being cool either.
    Ghost Stories did go down that direction???
    Not entirely, that was my point. They still dabble in it, but won't fully commit to doing a one-off 'art' album - even Ghost Stories doesn't (though I agree it is more varied and experimental in general than their previous work).
    Viva La Vida is pretty diverse and progressive compared to pretty much all of their other albums
    Clodplay are pretty cool…everyone likes them… they just suck at music. That's kinda what's cool lately.
    Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but I do believe it's the other way around - The generally disliked, certainly not a "cool" band at all, though they do actually make better music than 99% of pop bands, certainly much better than what you find on almost any given mainstream radio broadcast.
    I like some of their stuff honestly. The thing that does put me off is the similarity to Radiohead but without the substance, direction and a few other ineffable points.
    If this post was written 10 years ago, it would have said something very different.
    I swear, the fact that people hate this band is ridiculous. Almost everyone has shitty taste in music these days