Chris Martin Doesn't Care That Nobody Thinks Coldplay Are Cool

artist: Coldplay date: 05/28/2014 category: music news

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Chris Martin Doesn't Care That Nobody Thinks Coldplay Are Cool
Chris Martin has expressed his indifference to the fact that Coldplay are not considered cool, Gigwise reports.

Coldplay have just scored their sixth UK No.1 album with "Ghost Stories," which also became the fastest-selling album of 2014 so far.

In a new interview with the Daily Star, Martin admitted: "We have never been the coolest thing or the most fashionable thing. Well, maybe for a period."

He added: "It just feels like we're able to keep rolling and no-one really notices. I feel like every day we're given is a real blessing. I could not have asked for a more dreamy job."

As to the band's longevity, Martin said: "If we're in that place in 10 years, that's amazing. But if we're not, that's okay."

Coldplay recently revealed that they're preparing to take a break from touring this year following the release of "Ghost Stories."
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