Chris Martin: 'New Muse Single Is The Band's Best Yet'

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has praised Muse's new single "Madness", saying it is their best single to date.

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Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has praised Muse's new single "Madness", saying it is their best single to date.

The single, which was premiered yesterday, is the latest song to be heard from Muse's forthcoming sixth album "The 2nd Law" and Martin is clearly impressed with what he hears. Taking to Twitter to praise the band who Coldplay once supported on tour, Martin said:

"Having been their opening act 13 years ago I'm proud to say that I think this is Muse's best song ever."

Madness' is the first offical release from the album following Olympics theme tune "Survival" and instrumental track, "Unsustainable".

"It's all really really different, it's definitely some of the most weird and diverse music we've ever made and put on an album together," drummer Dom Howard told Mary Anne Hobbs on XFM. "It's an interesting album, I love it. It's one of those albums you put on and every track's a surprise so it keeps you interested and makes you want to listen to every track again."

Discussing the album further, Howard adds that they chose to release "Madness" as the single as it sounds so different to previous Muse singles.

"It's like a very minimal, electronic, almost like... a ballad. It's something very, very different for us and I guess it builds - like most of our songs really. It just felt like something very fresh for us, felt like something we'd never done before so that's why we thought it would be a good idea to put that out."

Check out "Madness" below:

YouTube preview picture

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    I know I'm a minority here, but I really liked the song. Is it their best? No, not IMO. It's easy to get on the "omg, electronic music is sooo bland!!1!" bandwagon, but Muse fans know that no two albums sound alike and that's what I believe make them awesome. *Flameshield and the such*
    I tried to think of a pun here but I can only say that Martin's opinion is Madness.
    Yeah because this is so much better than Hysteria or Sing For Absolution _
    So I assume we will hear a similar song from Coldplay in about a year...
    Didn't like the new single much... but I don't like Coldplay much, so I guess this makes sense.
    boring song (from excellent band) is liked by boring artist...huh, UG really throwing out some shockers today.
    He's entitled to his opinion, but honestly with Muse's amazing arsenal of previous singles it is a tough contest for Madness.
    All you people who like to rip on Chris Martin and Colplay constantly are out of line. Every time he makes a headline, its because he's complementing, praising, and encouraging his fellow musicians and peers. Most big time, big ego musicians seem to be the opposite. Whenever they open their mouth, their usually DISSING their peers (Billy Corgan, Gallagher bros. just a few) If you don't care for Colplay, thats fine. They aren't for everyone, and they aren't my favorite band either. But when he's just trying to be a nice, supportive person, there's no need to flame him for it. BTW the new Muse single is very creative, catchy, and original. I like it
    It's nice that he supports other musicians... But the fact he then goes on to steal songs and make generally bland repetitive boring music is a little bit annoying.
    It's really good that Chris Martin is still down to earth enough to heap praise on fellow artists like Muse. Maybe he is too nice for the music industry but he is a breath of fresh air amongst a mass of negative put downers. Showing support to Muse with praise for their single is his right & it's his own opinion. I myself have yet to hear the new single so can't comment on how good or bad it is just yet, but looking forward to it.
    Great song. For any of you who are complaining because its not "Hysteria 2" Bellamy specifically said IN THIS VERY ARTICLE they chose it because it was DIFFERENT SOUNDING than most Muse songs. Muse is one of my top 3 favorite bands. This album will be huge when it comes out. They probably rank amongst the top trio acts EVER. Commence disagreeing with me.
    for the record: I saw Coldplay back in April and they blew me away. I realized right then why they're so huge globally. Their live performance KILLS. Youtube them if you still are unconvinced. Just don't expect a mosh pit filled with nothing but guys, beating the shit out of eachother to some crazy guitar and blast beats, because yeah, theres more to a live show than just intensity and sweaty dudes.
    The Coldplay frontman has a bad taste in music? Wow, would have never of expected that...
    Personally in that picture of Chris Martin he looks like a total d-bag. Funny because on Friday of Lollapalooza '11 I had the choice between Coldplay or Muse, and I went to go see Muse. Good thing I did because if the rest of the new Muse album is like all of the previous songs that they've released, I may choose Coldplay next time. -_-
    I've always seen Muse and Coldplay as the offspring of Radiohead. Muse having the more rock/alternative/electronic side and Coldplay having the mellow/acoustic/heartfelt side. I think it's great that bands try to experiment/broaden their sound, but there are just too many bands doing it these days for it to be a coincidence. Up until Coldplay's last album and the new single by Muse, I respected them for being unique to other bands (with the exception of their parent Radiohead). However, all I see now are two more bands jumping on the "pop/electro/bullshit" wagon that everyone else is buying into.
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    The guitar riff is kind of cool in it....and I kind of doubt that most of the people commenting on here even heard it...
    This is the first time I've listened to 'Madness' and all I have to say is.....WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?
    Personally it sounds like a more dragged out version of Jesus Jones "Right Here Right Now" to me. If they made the song a bit shorter, I think it would be more enjoyable.
    awful song by the 'doctors' of music. coldplay's last album was awful too. what is happening?
    Until Black Holes and Revelations, there's not a single song I dislike in Muse's discography. In The Resistance I found the first 2 songs by them I dislike. And I do already dislike 2 out of the 3 songs that are available from the new album... What else can I say? This is just not for me. I'm so sorry about it...
    It's an alright song. I'll listen to it a few times. But after a few weeks, it will be forgotten just like U2's POP album.