Christopher Lee: 'Metal Is a Direct Evolution of the Sounds Wagner Imagined'

artist: Christopher Lee date: 06/25/2013 category: music news

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Christopher Lee: 'Metal Is a Direct Evolution of the Sounds Wagner Imagined'
Iconic 91-year-old actor Christopher Lee recently discussed the historical aspect of his latest release "Charlemagne: the Omens of Death," reaching the subject of the very roots of metal music. Lee showed a great deal of appreciation for the music of legendary German composer Richard Wagner, stating that it was his work that expressed the initial emotion of metal music. "My work, my acting has always been influenced by the German composer Wagner," the actor told Skullbanger. "Now that I have been able to listen to many metal albums, I realize that the genre is a direct evolution of the world and the sounds that Wagner imagined. I am of course very pleased and honored to have been able to carry these themes through." Focusing on his current album, Lee described some of its historical aspects, calling it "a fun way of learning what is arguably one of the most important times in history." "The album is based entirely on the historical events that happened during the life of Charlemagne," he said. "We tried to keep any creative license to a bare minimum. So yes, it will be a good way to introduce the story to the younger generations, who hopefully will enjoy the music." The actor also revealed that he is involved with several musical projects at the moment, one of which he will announce in the near future. "Charlemagne: The Omens of Death" dropped on May 27 as a sequel to 2010's "Charlemagne: by the Sword and the Cross," marking Lee's 91st birthday.
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