Chuck D: 'Hip-Hop Is Part Of Rock & Roll'

artist: Public Enemy date: 12/19/2012 category: music news
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Chuck D: 'Hip-Hop Is Part Of Rock & Roll'
Rapper Chuck D has defended Public Enemy's place in the 2013 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony. Public Enemy officially formed in around 1986 with the help of producer Rick Rubin, and were a huge cultural influence thanks to their politically charged rap. Last week they were confirmed as inductees to the Hall Of Fame alongside the likes of Rush and Heart. "Hip-hop is a part of rock & roll because it comes from DJ culture," Chuck told Rolling Stone. "DJ culture is the embodiment of all genres and all recorded music, if you actually pay attention to it." He is grateful to be recognised for Public Enemy's achievements. "I'm very fortunate to be acknowledged by my peers," he says. "I take this very seriously... I know that a hall of fame is very different than an award for being the best of the year. It's a nod to the longevity of our accomplishment." The induction ceremony on April 18 next year will be one to remember, because Chuck promises to "tear that damn place down." "People will be shaking their heads like, 'What the f--k is going on?' That's the ability of what I consider probably one of the greatest performing bands in hip-hop history," he said. "It's not bragging, because I don't brag about myself, but my guys are the best in the business." What do you think of Public Enemy's place in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame? Have you been influenced by their music? Let us know in the comments.
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