CHVRCHES Praise Haim, Paramore and QOTSA

Scottish electro-poppers tell Gigwise who they think deserves to headline festivals.

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CHVRCHES have spoken out in admiration of the bands that they'll be sharing festival stages with this summer - most notably Haim, Paramore and Queens of the Stone Age.

The Scottish electro-pop trio are frequenting many festivals this summer, as they look ahead to rounding off their campaign for their debut album, "The Bones of What You Believe" - which Gigwise named the best album of 2013.

Speaking to Gigwise about which bands they could imagine headlining festivals in the future, synth-player Martin Doherty replied: "Haim, blatantly. Anyone who has seen their live show will know that it's destined to go all the way.

"They're charismatic, there's so much energy and they're a proper band that brings it all on stage and really go for it. They can whip up a crowd."

When asked about their favourite festival bands, singer Lauren Mayberry replied: "I could watch Queens of the Stone Age headline every festival, and that would be fine. In my mind, they're one of the last great rock bands. I watched them at Coachella and it was brilliant."

She continued: "I loved that band when I was 15 and I love them now, because it's so honest. They don't really give a sh-t whether people like it or not, but it's great that they're so happy they can play and not care. In terms of great frontmen, hats off to Josh Homme.

"I was listening to a Josh Homme interview and he said 'good drummer, good band - great drummer, classic band'. Fair enough. They've had an excellent array of drummers and the guy they have now is fantastic. You have to be pretty rad."

Martin Doherty added: "They're one of those bands that get to this great level without compromising. They're like Radiohead, Depeche Mode who can play to 40,000 people with music that's not necessarily designed for that."

When asked about the initial controversy of Paramore headlining Reading and Leeds festival with QOTSA this summer, Lauren Mayberr replied: "If you don't think that Paramore are cool, then you go see them live, their technical chops are insane and her vocals are ridiculous. I've tried to do them in the shower several times.

"Her range is massive and the power on that is insane. After a band, stuff that was 'emo' became 'uncool' because the media deemed that it was over once the My Chemical Romance bubble burst, but I think that you shouldn't operate your life like that, you should write what you want to write. They make really great records.

Martin added: "You can tell when someone has been, Pro-Tooled to get to that level on a studio recording, and you can tell when someone is just that good. Hayley Williams is an example of someone who is just that good."

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    +1 on the Jon Theodore comment. The dude's just dynamite
    I think each QOTSA drummer is a perfect fit for that time period. If we could mix Hernandez, Grohl, Castillo, and Theodore we'd have a perfect drummer who is a absolutely ****ing insane
    Jaden Smith
    My father William loves the Paramore. Father got them to play at my birthday party ages ago. The classics, oh the classics. The bird bearing trees on isles of blue. Oooh, the pizza is present!
    i just saw paramore live last night and i gotta say the man is right, the only song i used to like by paramore is misery business, and i never got into them, but they put on one hell of a show thats for sure.
    Chvrches are a cool band, although I wouldn't buy their music, if I hear it on the radio I still dig it. They're cool peeps