Chvrches Respond to Mike Shinoda's 'Disney Commercial Music' Comments

Band calls Linkin Park singer's praises "a pointless dig."

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Linkin Park singer Mike Shinoda has stirred up the rock community quite a bit during one of the recent interviews, comparing today's prominent rock acts to "Disney commercial music."

"There's so much stuff that sounds like Haim or Chvrches or Vampire Weekend that I'm full. The thing I’m hungry for is not that. I turn on the rock station in L.A. and it sounds like Disney commercial music," he stated.

And now, Chvrches have issued a response of their own, calling Mike's comments a pointless dig, also asking, "What does he have to gain from saying that?"

As Consequence of Sound reports, vocalist Lauren Mayberry called "bulls--t" on Shinoda's claims, noting that it's no "coincidence that he's got a record to sell and he mentions several bands everyone is writing about."

She continued by saying that she doesn't "like being called a corporate sellout by the man who wrote the theme music for the MTV VMAs," also adding how Mike's opinion is "not one I would worry about hugely. It's not my kind of music. They've been on the radio for how long, and I just don't listen to that radio station. That's a smarter move then saying something for a tagline."

Shinoda was quick to respond via official website, stressing that in each of the critical interviews, he stated that he enjoys the work of Chvrches and several other acts, but felt that the genre is becoming saturated with similar acts.

The rest of Mike's post was mostly about bashing journalists and sensationalism in general. "Now, to be clear, it's a journalist’s tendency (if not their main objective) to sensationalize this kind of commentary, and make a fight where there is none. Let's not let them have that," he said.

"I learned a new term this year - 'click bait.' Click bait is when someone titles a piece in a sensationalized way in order to get more clicks. It's what I did with the title of this post.

"There's a lot I could pick apart about the Chvrches interview; after all, the group's singer criticized me for 'saying something that would become a tagline' ... by saying something that became a tagline. (Also notable: the journalist printed the title 'pointless dick' but the actual words were 'pointless dig').

"Lazy journalists will simplify words and start conflicts they don't have to fight in. Cowardly bloggers will take sides based on what other blogs think is cool. In contrast, 'The Hunting Party' is a statement about who we are and what inspires us right now. It's a stab out into an unknown.

"Our fight is with conformity, stagnation, inspiration, and even our own band's complex history. And a big thank you goes out to Chvrches and all the bands whose names I've mentioned, for helping us find direction with this album. Because sometimes, knowing where you don’t want to go is all the direction you need," the vocalist concluded.

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    Personally I think CHVRCHES took this the wrong way. Fair enough Mike may have worded his statement a little harshly, but what he's saying is true; there IS an overwhelming abundance of watered-down "rock" music. The problem is Mike named specific bands when he simply could have said there are too many bands adopting the electronic-pop sound and branding it as "modern rock". He's right about the journalists as well.
    I agree, they took it the wrong way...but it's not like she responded badly. She didn't have a dig or anything, she just stated that it was slack on Shinodas part and that the comments weren't needed, which is entirely correct. He didn't need to direct it at the bands and he did have a dig...even though it was taken out of context
    She didn't take a dig, and he finished his response with one, so he's confirmed what the articles were saying in the first place. For the record I like both bands.
    Mike was right though. Mainstream rock is just cookie cutter pop with sprinkles of guitar to get them on the Billboard Rock charts. At least Shinoda tried to make a record that brought people back to guitar driven music. Whether LP failed or not has yet to be seen, but they debuted 3rd on the Charts (a little weak by Linkin Park standards) so at least there is some heavier rock on the charts. I personally loved the new Linkin Park record. It was nice to actually hear guitars in their music again. As for the ClickBait debate. This site, AbosultePunk, AlternativePress, Under The Gun, Property Of Zack, Pitchfork are all guilty of posting ClickBait headlines. I understand why they all do it, it's just annoying sometimes. All are just trying to stir up drama where there is none. Trying to put two fanbases against each other gives the site more traffic and the more traffic the more money they make from ads. I understand this. Also a lot of the times the Owner/Moderators will use their power of posting articles to spread their elitist and bias opinions on the sites users. AbsolutePunk more so than every other site is guilty of this. The owner Jason Tate is the biggest music snob and overall jerk I have ever encountered. This is off point though. I just hate that guy. Mike said some real shit and Cheverseseves or whatever their name is got offended. It must have hit real close to home for them to respond, so maybe Mike wasn't wrong in saying what he said. Okay, rant over.
    At least he's trying to put out guitar driven music - after leading the commercial rock herd with Linkin Park's last three albums or so
    That's because at the time, commercial rock was something he thought was new and cutting edge. The reason why the band has gone back into guitar driven music is because they've lost faith in the mainstream rock that we see plaguing the radios today.
    And here new album doesn't 'follow the herd' because it has guitars in it?? P -a-lease...
    Rihanna had Nuno Bettencourt play guitar for her for the longest time, some of her songs even had solos, and yet we don't call Rihanna, an artist with more popular appeal and a more virtuosic guitarist, the saviour of guitar oriented mainstream music.
    I quite like Chvches... Flame incoming
    As someone who like everything from High on Fire to Barry White, I agree with you. Unfortunately, metal heads won't.
    Linkin Park = Metal Heads ... Wow! That sounded like Nirvana = Metal Head, & If that's what a Metal Head is today count me the **** out!
    Maybe Mike should just turn off the radio and actually, you know, look for great rock music. Just. Fucking. Look. Give what you want to hear more attention then what you're tired of hearing.
    You know, I'm sure that Shinoda heard more music than you. His point was finding great guitar-driven music from the generation of Haim, CHVRCHES and Imagine Dragons. He looked for that music and didn't find one. Even among the undreground artists. So he decided to do "The Hunting Party."
    The thing is chvrches aren't modern mainstream rock at all, the fault doesn't lie with them but the people who chose to play their music on the wrong radio stations. Plus i dont think they should really take anything Mike Shinoda says seriously, Linkin Park are like the Nickleback of hard rock (excluding first two albums)
    Except Nickelback gets **** because every song sounds the same, while people complain about LP not sounding the same.
    Chvrches and Haim aren't rock, nor do they sound remotely similar, so I'm assuming, as he said, that his comments got taken out of context.
    "he stated that he enjoys the work of Chvrches and several other acts, but felt that the genre is becoming saturated with similar acts." You'd think he'd understand how the music business works. A genre gets popular, then gets saturated.
    Yep, and people complain about it until something else blows up and gets popular, then gets saturated. How did you construe that as him not understanding the business?
    I still cannot get into Chvrches at all. Everyone raved on about them last year but they just bored me. Not sure where I stand on the subject, I don't like it when bands bash other bands but I kinda agree with Shinoda's general point. Although personally the trend I hate the most in recent gutiar music much more than pop melodies (I don't actually hate that) is the habit of drowining everything in reverb.
    what modern guitar music is drowning in reverb? most of the stuff i hear is dry as hell. i would like people to start going back to the 70's 80's style reverb where it actually sounded like it was being played live.
    There's an entire genre called Dream Pop where the guitar has tons of reverb. Warpaint and Lana Del Ray both have that sound.
    I'd slap that b**ch if she'd comment my opinion...