Classic KISS Reunion at Hand? Gene Simmons Crashes Ace Frehley Show, Hang Out Backstage

This is the first time ex-bandmates were spotted in public since 2014.

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Classic KISS Reunion at Hand? Gene Simmons Crashes Ace Frehley Show, Hang Out Backstage

Gene Simmons pulled a surprising move by attending Ace Frehley's recent gig in Beverly Hills, CA and even hanging out with former KISS bandmate after the concert.

The photo below shows the two lads in the same picture for the first time since the 2014 Rock Hall induction.

As expected, this led to many fans hoping for Frehley's return to the KISS fold. The fact that Gene attended the show is more surprising seeing that he has severely condemned Ace's drugs and alcohol struggles over the years.

Anyhow, the pic was posted by Ace's official FB page, along with the following caption: "MEANWHILE ~ some guy named 'Eugene' crashed Ace's VIP meet-n-greet last nite in Beverly Hills without rendering payment. If any of you Rock Soldiers can identify this man of mystery, let us know!"

Stay tuned for updates.

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    I don't think Stanley's voice is up to the task, which is a shame. You can say the original 4 didn't have much skill/talent, and you'd be right, but they did come up with some really great hooks...
    I wish Gene would just dump the wig. Its starting to look like he has two huge floppy dog ears at either side of his head.
    XD that description finally put me at ease, I always kept thinking, "There's something wrong about this," whenever I saw pics of Gene.
    OMG first time in a picture together since 2014 OMG WOWZ Now there is a reonion tour and another pictures!!!!! OMG!!!!
    Since nobody really gives a flying rats bunghole about Kiss and their buttrock inspiring music anymore, Im guessing the KISS reunion will revolve around worthless items they are going to sell to their now, old AF audience. Heres some possible ideas.... KISS Walker, KISS dentures, KISS probiotics, KISS vitamins, maybe even a KISS themed toilet that plays "detroit rock city" every time you take a big runny dump.
    Yeah downvote me. Mediocre sing-along rock made "fancy" by facepaint and stupid costumes. Money-hungry. No passion in their music.
    Money grab for a couple of rich guys. Kiss fans should be about 60+ by now. Maybe they can play the retirement home theater?