Coachella Festival Sells Out in Record Time, Tickets Sold in Under 3 Hours

artist: Coachella Music Festival date: 01/13/2014 category: music news

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Coachella Festival Sells Out in Record Time, Tickets Sold in Under 3 Hours
Coachella Festival has sold out in record time, with tickets for both weekends taking just over two and a half hours to shift, Gigwise reports.

It might be something to do with the Outkast reunion, or the line-up in general, but Coachella have beaten their personal record and sold out both weekend dates in 2 hours and 37 minutes.

Until now, 2012 held the record with tickets selling out in 2 hours 57 minutes. Whereas last year's tickets took 21 hours to sell out, with that in mind, it looks like this could be the Festival's best year yet.

The 2014 line-up includes headline performances from Muse, Arcade Fire and of course, Outkast, as well as a heap of British talent. Ellie Goulding, the 1975, CHVRCHES and many more will take to the stages across the weekend, with Skrillex, Pharrell Williams and Motorhead also making an appearance.
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