Cobain Film 'Will Be This Generation's 'The Wall''

artist: Kurt Cobain date: 01/07/2013 category: music news
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Cobain Film 'Will Be This Generation's 'The Wall''
The new Kurt Cobain film "will be this generation's 'The Wall'," according to its director Brett Morgen. Morgen, best known for The Rolling Stones documentary "Crossfire Hurricane", has been planning the project for five years with the Cobain estate. "If you think about Kurt, he's a contradiction. He could be sincere and sentimental, and also ironic and sarcastic," Morgen told NME. "He was sweet and sour. He was incredibly funny, too, and the film has to reflect his spirit." The film also aims to reveal Cobain's other artistic pursuits. "The thing about him people might not know too is that he was an incredible visual artist and left behind a treasure chest of comic books, paintings, Super 8 films, all sorts," said Morgen. The project began when Cobain's widow Courtney Love saw Morgen's film "The Kid Stays In The Picture" and approached him with the idea. Love has no further involvement in the film, despite rumors to the contrary. The film is aiming for a 2014 release, and will mix animation with live action. How do you imagine the Cobain movie will turn out? Will it become an important part of his legacy? Share your opinion in the comments.
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