Cobain Film 'Will Be This Generation's 'The Wall''

Director Brett Morgen says it will be a music epic that shows Cobain's artistic side in a way that fans have never seen before, with a mix of animation and live action.

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The new Kurt Cobain film "will be this generation's 'The Wall'," according to its director Brett Morgen.

Morgen, best known for The Rolling Stones documentary "Crossfire Hurricane", has been planning the project for five years with the Cobain estate.

"If you think about Kurt, he's a contradiction. He could be sincere and sentimental, and also ironic and sarcastic," Morgen told NME. "He was sweet and sour. He was incredibly funny, too, and the film has to reflect his spirit."

The film also aims to reveal Cobain's other artistic pursuits. "The thing about him people might not know too is that he was an incredible visual artist and left behind a treasure chest of comic books, paintings, Super 8 films, all sorts," said Morgen.

The project began when Cobain's widow Courtney Love saw Morgen's film "The Kid Stays In The Picture" and approached him with the idea. Love has no further involvement in the film, despite rumors to the contrary.

The film is aiming for a 2014 release, and will mix animation with live action.

How do you imagine the Cobain movie will turn out? Will it become an important part of his legacy? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    I think it would be pretty cool if the movie also showed some of the bands from the 80's/90's underground like Mudhoney, Mother Love Bone and etc etc, considering Kurt was extremely linked to that music scene. I think it's pretty possible for that to happen, I'm just reinforcing the idea here, really.
    I was thinking the same thing, I understand that it's about Kurt because he's dead, but that doesn't limit the film to not include some of his influences. I mean, hell, Buzz Osborne of the Melvins introduced the band to Dave Grohl, and "Bleach" was heavily influenced by Mudhoney and he Melvins.
    No. It might be last generation's "The Wall", but it won't be my generation's, because Kurt Cobain died when I was like two years old and as such has had no influence on my life.
    That doesn't make sense. The Wall movie came out shortly after the album (1980 I think) while it was still extremely relevant. The Cobain movie will be coming out literally almost 20 years after Nirvana stopped being an active band. A more correct headline would be "Cobain Film Will Be the LAST Generations' 'The Wall'."
    Too much hype!! Could be great but still will disappoint because of too much hype!
    They should've gotten the guy that made 'Control,' that film about Joy Division, to direct this.
    Control was a great film... Your right... That should be the director. What We Do is Secret wasnt bad either.... Eventhough it is a different director.
    Claymation would've been really cool to see, and in response to the previous comments, I believe that the more underground bands from Seattle will make appearances because they have to make the overall culture that was 1990's Seattle rock music. .....that was so long ago that phones needed antennas and land wiring to work
    All up for a Cobain biopic, just not one based on Courtney Love's version of events and I honestly don't believe she's not in the slightest bit involved. Otherwise, we'll be getting the biggest piece of propaganda work since the Second World War
    Cobain is not interesting enough to have an epic film its only because he's dead that he's put up on a pedestal
    If its done right, it could be great. If it's done wrong, then people will go nuts.
    Nero Galon
    If its happening then its happening, and if thats so then I hope that Morgan does a great job of it. I don't see why people are hating on an idea of a production that hasn't even been released yet.
    The new Kurt Cobain film "will be this generation's 'The Wall '," according to its director Brett Morgen. Never heard of it. Am I missing anything good?
    I like how I'm getting voted down for asking an honest question.
    It's probably the greatest rock opera ever created, by Pink Floyd, possibly the greatest band ever to have existed. It's about the fall of an old rock star to an eventual psychological breakdown. The acting's not amazing and there's not really a script, but it defines a genre and the feelings of so many. Give it a watch, if you're a fan of brilliant music you should enjoy it.
    "greatest rock opera" really isn't saying much, but the who did rock opera so much better. the concept of the wall is great but the music and film is ****ing dreadful imo, with a few exceptions.
    I can accept that the film isn't that much, but the music is IMO some of Pink Floyd's best. I'm struggling to find a single track on there I dislike (maybe the tiny bridge ones like 'Stop', but they're part of the story as a whole), the musical diversity is incredible, from In The Flesh to Hey You, Comfortably Numb to Another Brick in the Wall, Nobody Home to Run Like Hell... I could go on! Easily my favourite album of all time.
    The film is actually the album's weakest recreation in my opinion, much because it limits your experience to what you're seeing and associating with the music. The album itself and the concert are far more superior, but that doesn't mean that "Pink Floyd The Wall" is a bad film, it's actually a good piece if you're willing to let yourself go with it, instead of overthinking it, I've learned to appreciate it more each time I watch it.
    oddly enough I think The Wall might be one of my least favorite Floyd albums. I think it's partly due to the fact that I love their earlier albums so much
    Tommy > The Wall? I don't know about that. Tommy had so many plot holes that it was difficult for me to listen to it actually, although I do still like some of the songs. The Wall, while obviously very influenced by Tommy and perhaps not Pink Floyd's "best" album, is still a great one and is much more cohesive in my opinion. The second half especially is some of their most memorable work.
    Too many people above this post have not watched The Wall while high on LSD as intended, talk about opening your mind...or causing you to have a horrible trip!
    Second Rate
    "The Wall" is the type of pretentious crap that gives progressive rock a bad name, you're not missing much.
    Pete Townshed and Eric Clapton are in it, also you should watch "Tommy"
    I suppose you could get some parallel between Kurt Cobain and Pink.
    "If you think about Kurt, he's a contradiction." True. He claimed he didn't want his music used for corporate gain yet whenever MTV knocked at his door he answered. He was a scam artist that only cared about making money. The only proof that he had any conscience what so ever was that he killed himself.
    It will be a sloppy mess of a film that doesn't come anywhere close to doing justice to the music it's based on? Great.
    so its going to be one of the most disturbing movies of the generation? is courtney love going to be the main character?
    idk it being this generations the wall..but as one who loves documenterys and kurt being one of my heros i will be looking forward too it
    I'm sorry, but a documentary on Kurt Cobain has no comparison to The Wall. The meaning and message conveyed in The Wall, wether you experience it in film, in live performance, or even just listening to it on your own, is a hell of a lot deeper than Cobain. It deals with issues we all may face in life, and the simple fact that this concept album created in 1979 has been able to transcend to every generation since then speaks volumes. Artist's may have their own "Wall" creations, but it's gonna take alot to make another one for this whole generation. A documentary on a Kurt Cobain will not have the impact they think it will.
    I think it could be very good, but that's a little extreme to compare it to The Wall. Just as long as Courtney keeps her nose out of it, it will be worth watching though.