Cobain's Guitar Story Revealed

As we found out a left-handed Fender Stratocaster guitar falsely represented as Cobain's and claimed to be sold by Cobain's guitar tech Earnest Bailey to Philip Gross doesn't relates to Bailey at all. Instead it was made using some original parts of Cobain's guitar and was actually acquired by Phil Gross from Danny's Music of Everett (WA).

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Right after a recent publication of "Cobain's Guitar Controversy" story we got a response from Steve Drueck, a close friend of Earnest Bailey, who is involved in a legal dispute over a left-handed Fender Stratocaster guitar falsely represented as Cobain's to Phil Gross. Earnest Bailey was Kurt Cobain's guitar tech and wizard, modifying, upgrading and keeping Kurt's gear operating through the stage destruction, also for years with David and the Foo Fighters after Kurt's passing.

This guitar was actually acquired by Phil Gross from Danny's Music of Everett WA, who represented the guitar as Kurt Cobain's. Earnie Bailey is the one who contacted Cooper Owen to stop the auction. This was because Danny only gave Phil Gross some parts of Kurt's guitar acquired from Earnie, the rest of the guitar was not Kurt's. However, even though the guitar was only partially owned by Cobain, it still brought a whopping bid of over $14,000 USD which is over 10 times the value of the guitar he purported to have traded for it. Quite a tidy profit, however Mr. Gross was apparently not satisfied.

As we found out Danny's Music has been cited numerous times for trying to sell items misrepresented as Kurt Cobain's or Nirvana's. Earnest Bailey is one of the few people owning legitimate items acquired from Kurt while working for him while he was recording and touring.

And finally, we got an official response from Earnest Bailey through his friend Steve Drueck:

"While I am choosing to fight these false and misleading allegations in the courts rather than in the press, there are many people in the NW and the Nirvana community who know the details behind why I contacted a UK auction house last year to notify them about a guitar I felt was being inaccurately represented as being used by Kurt Cobain. At no time did I ever sell or trade a guitar to a "business man" named Philip Gross, nor have I ever had any meeting with him outside a single phone conversation prior to the auction listing in which I told him I did not believe him to be in possession of a guitar owned by Cobain. Mr. Gross informed me that he had obtained the guitar from Danny Mangold. I informed Mr. Gross that I had never sold, traded, or consigned to Mr. Mangold such a guitar as Mr. Gross described.

While Mr. Gross did not inform me in our conversation, I have since learned that Mr. Gross and Mr. Mangold have been in a legal battle filed in Snohomish County Superior court and Federal Bankruptcy court wherein Mr. Gross alleges fraudulent equipment trades and other misrepresentations by Mr. Mangold. Accordingly, I am somewhat surprised that Mr. Gross would have initiated the auction in question based upon authentication provided by Mr. Mangold.

I have in the past actively spoken out against individuals attempting to falsely market instruments allegedly owned by Kurt, and have offered my support to those in possession of instruments I believe to be legitimate based on my firsthand experience of maintaining and modifying Mr. Cobain's guitars. Thank you, Earnie Bailey"

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    jesus would be a sweet guitar player he'd rock hard core and he'd smash the stage and light his guitar on fire and play it with his teeth while it was burning
    I might pay 14,000 for a guitar but only if I got to see Jesus play it first hand I wonder if Jesus would be the hottest thing on 6 strings. Holes in the hands may cause adverse affects on guitar playing
    i bet jesus would be the best gutarist ...those holes probubly would give it a mello sound.....yes i do believe
    the sweenz: kurt cobain sux and he is probably the most overglorified musician i've ever heard of. the only reason that the guitar is worth anything is because of the so called "revolution" nirvana led. basically all kurt cobain did was make people hate themselves [POSTED: 05 February 2004 - 14:25] i know many a people who would kidnap you for saying that
    damn, cobain would laugh his ass off, he used to destroy guitars like that all the time, and then some guy paying 14 grand, it's absurd.
    UG Gangsta
    yall dont even know him yall are like kurt wouldve hated you for this and o curt wouldve laughed at that shut tha hell up hes not your friend
    he shouldnt have sold it as a completely cobain guitar he should have been honest and siad it was made from mainly cobain parts
    the sweenze has a point kurt cobain was glorified, i mean don't get me wrong and don't hate me i love nirvana, but i agree he wasn't as good as a guitarist as everyone thought or gace him credit for, again don't hate me i still love nirvana,
    Hey ratuig567 cobain would hate you for saying the "n word", but he can't. so i'll hate you for him.
    LOL. Sure Jesus played guitar like he caught fish... I think. Yeah I would have bid say 700 no wait 350 dollars canadien beacause its lefty. I Still like cobain though, he brought alot to music. Wasn't the most talented guitarist. But he had the kinda talent you can't teach.
    Utsapp89: I have one for you... Fuck you... Kurt was ***in Awesome.... He is Dead But still Making A *** load of Money so he couldn't of been that bad Dumbass... Give him some respect he ***in Deserves it
    ashton_heebz:it's true sad but true the fact that most artist's make more money when their dead, record sales always go up when an artist dies
    Maybe we should just leave Kurt be for now instead of squabbling over whether it is his guitar or not. Get over it and just enjoy his music.
    The 14k shit?well,paying 14k for a strat isnt really sense...but who cares...he's dead, and remembering him only makes us hurt...UG!Dont post ne of this shit ne more
    That is Crazy too sell a guitar for that much.... I wouldn't buy it ... But Anyways "NIRVANA" Frickin Rules
    fukin hard job being nirvana's stage techie, wot wit olda destruction nirvana still roooool
    Is it not possible that someone besides his old guitar tech owns one of his guitars? Like common really cobain had more than one or two guitars. So I think it is possible that the guitr is legit.
    faqu: Do you think he will play that guitar for that price??? i know i woudnt, id be too afraid to damage it in any way
    even if it was entirely kurt's guitar, its still a guitar. it was when the player(cobain) played that made it special. i wouldnt pay 14 grand for that, even if its jesus' guitar.
    OpeN WidE
    laughing just as hard "i wouldnt pay 14 grand for that, even if its jesus' guitar." ha
    punkstar109, you should read the whole story! Danny Mangold of Danny's Music shop asked Earnest Baily (Cobain's tech) to review a guitar which he thought Cobain's. Earnie said it's not a Cobain's guitar. Neverthelss, Mangold sold this guitar to Phil Gross claiming *it is* Cobain's guitar which he got stright from Earnest Baily - Cobain's tech.
    Completely agree with "n_punx". People search for self worth in outer-personal experiences or things. That is just plain stupid.
    Geldof the Grey
    yeah, this is the best you can do news people? What happened to Jack Black in the end, everyone? He didn't go to prison, I suppose...
    i'd smash the guitar. thats what kurt would have done,and if i was rich enough to buy it...i would be rich enough to smash it for sure hahaha
    I wud play it! I cudnt just hav it for sentimnetel value, that's not what guitars are for. For 14 grand i wud hav to play it and feel like Kurt Cobain, how kewl wud that B?! being able to play his guitar, i wudnt leave it to colect dust in the corner! MOO!
    the sweenz
    kurt cobain sux and he is probably the most overglorified musician i've ever heard of. the only reason that the guitar is worth anything is because of the so called "revolution" nirvana led. basically all kurt cobain did was make people hate themselves
    Ok Gendolf, show me how to do news... 6-10 articles everyday... I suppose it's a little harder than a couple articles per months, huh. Something let me think that I wouldnt' see six news articles from your tomorrow. F*ck off then.