Coldplay Debut New Song 'Oceans' and Confirm Headline Appearance at Radio 1's Big Weekend

The band will perform at the Glasgow event on May 24.

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Coldplay have been confirmed as headliners at Radio 1's Big Weekend.

The free event takes place at Glasgow Green on May 24 and 25, and Coldplay will perform on the Saturday (May 24).

As NME notes, making the announcement on Radio 1 this morning, Chris Martin said: "We're very thrilled to be asked, thank you so much ... We're all pleased to be here, I speak for everyone when I say that." The band also debuted new song "Oceans" during a live performance. See below to watch footage of the performance now.

Talking about the news, Will Champion, Coldplay's drummer said: "We are absolutely thrilled to have been asked to play Radio 1's Big Weekend in Glasgow this year. Playing in Glasgow is always so much fun and Radio 1 have always been wonderful to us so it couldn't really be any better!"

Coldplay's forthcoming album "Ghost Stories" sees the band working with producer Paul Epworth for the first time, plus revisiting regular collaborators Jon Hopkins, Rik Simpson and Dan Green. Epworth produced much of Adele's hugely successful album "21" and has also worked with Paul McCartney, Friendly Fires and Florence + the Machine.

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    Kinda similar to the "parachutes" style. And whilst this isn't their best song, it's still good to see them focusing on more than just synthesizers!
    glad to hear there's going to be more jon hopkins collaboration. i really dig all the songs they've released in the run up to ghost stories, myself
    Sounds like an outtake of Parachutes or Rush of Blood to the Head. Good song, makes me more excited about their music than I've been with the last albums.
    Memory In Death
    Am I the only one loving the dark tone the album seems to be having so far? I'm stoked for May 19th!
    Brutal drumming. Seriously though, Im not one of these guys who bash coldplay for everything but these last few tracks have been a bit lame. The songs just don't go anywhere and what is going on is pretty dull. Its like that drum pad sound was pretty cool, do something with it, but no instead we get one hit over and over for 4 minutes. You also cant just add a guitar, then add a bass a little later and expect that to give a song momentum. I dunno maybe that's not what theyre trying to do, but to me its just a bit boring.
    I actually think they've stepped it up with their recent songs. I'd prefer the "boring" Coldplay to the "when she was just a girl she expected the world" crap they released with their last album.
    when you say it's boring you get 4 likes, when I say it, 4 down. xD
    Probably because I explained why I thought it was boring, but you did say 'in my opinion' which is usually a safety card. Welcome to UG comments sections, where nothing makes any sense.
    boring song in my opinion.
    Not metal i guess <3
    I'm not even that big of a metal fan. I'm assuming you saw my avater on the left and figured im only in to da br00tal metal, but I'm not.I'm also in to coldplay, I loved Viva la Vida, Yellow, Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (even though they stole it), Fix You, The Scientist, Speed of Sound, Clocks, Magic (took some getting used to), Paradise and some more I'm probably forgetting. sorry, but compared to the list I just made, this song is boring.
    How exactly did Coldplay 'steal' Every Teardrop is a Waterfall?
    If they have ever not stolen a song, it would be that song. They gave credit to every small sound they used or maybe simply sounded like.
    Yeah, that's the only reason a Coldplay song could be thought of as being boring...
    While it's not the best song from the new material, I still like it. It's better than anything from their last album. Looking forward to hear more.
    How does anybody like this band... their biggest song was a product of blatant plagiarism and disregard for one of the worlds greatest and most inspirational guitar virtuosos. It still stuns me that this band is as stupidly popular and relevant as they are. Scumbags and thieves all of em I say!
    You know it is possible that 5 seconds of one song sounds similar to 5 seconds of another song without one artist copying the other.
    Are you still complaining about the whole Satriani thing? That was more than half a decade ago. I'm sure Satch and his probably hefty settlement have even let it go by now.
    Fuck I love this. Loving their new direction. The chilled out, acoustic/electro vibe is something I usually love heaps so I've got pretty high expectations when a band like Coldplay take it on, but I'm really digging it