Coldplay Give Best Seats To 'Real' Fans

Coldplay give away the best seats at their gigs to passionate fans.

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Coldplay give away the best seats at their gigs to passionate fans.

The "Viva La Vida" hitmakers don't sell tickets for the front rows of the venues they play but instead send staff to look for excitable audience members sitting far away from the stage as they think their energy makes for a better show than the prestigious seats being taken by "the highest bidders."

Discussing correspondence with some fans, the group's roadie wrote on their blog: "After a bit of email back and forth, it turns out that they were in the front row after being 'upgraded' from seats way up the back. The band have done this for ages now.

"It came about after struggling with shows where the seats closest to the stage were often full of just 'the highest bidders' and not necessarily the most enthusiastic fans.

"In European standing shows, the front rows are the kids who've been outside the venue since daybreak and who've sprinted in to get the pole position. Usually by the time the opening acts have finished they're at fever pitch with excitement.

"In contrast, folks who'd paid astronomical sums for the tickets could often just sit with an arms folded sense of entitlement, emoting 'come on then, entertain me, have you any idea how much I paid for this?'.

"So the band don't sell the tickets to the front few rows any more. Instead, various crew members are sent out to scan the highest, furthest seats to find folks who look genuinely excited and giddy to be seeing the band. They're then given tickets to the front row."

The group believe the gesture "genuinely" makes for a better gig.

The blog continued: "For them, it's a Willy Wonka golden ticket. For the band, it's guaranteed energy from the folks closest to them. It genuinely does make the shows better. We've all said it many times. How good a show is, is largely to do with how good the audience are. It's what fuels the whole thing."

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    I am not a fan of Coldplay but this sets a really good example of how bands should treat their most devoted fans. Good on these guys!
    Everyone always likes to rip on Coldplay on this site, but every piece of news about them that comes out is something like this. Despite being one of the biggest acts in the world, theyre still extremely humble and care about the things that really matter.
    I saw them in Houston. There were three girls right in front of me and my brother that one of the workers took with them to the front.
    This actually happened to me a Peter Frampton concert this year. I was really far back and the road crew manager came up to us and took us to the front row. It's cool that bands are picking up this idea.
    Not to bring up another band that is commonly hated on UG, but U2 has had problems too because of the "die-hards" who see every show from the front row and are desensitized from the experience. As a matter of fact, when they filmed a show in Boston, they had fans camped out two nights before but once it came time to let people in, the crew found new fans to fill the very front of the pit. There was a boycott of sorts because of it when the fans who felt cheated out of their seats sat down during the show. It's visible in the DVD. Anyway, U2 is my favorite band, but I have to say that Coldplay wins this round. Well done, gents, and great show you put on!