Coldplay Premiere 'Magic' Music Video

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"'s Ziyi Zhang plays a magician in the promo for "Magic."

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Coldplay have revealed the video for their track "Magic" – watch it below.

As NME notes, the promo features the band's frontman playing a loyal assistant and "brutish husband" to a magician, played by "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"'s Ziyi Zhang, according to a statement.

Earlier this month Chris Martin and his real-life wife Gwyneth Paltrow announced their separation via an online newsletter for Paltrow's GOOP magazine. The pair, who married in 2003, said that they were "Consciously Uncoupling."

"Magic" is the latest track to be taken from Coldplay's forthcoming new album "Ghost Stories," which will be released on May 19. Last month, the band played the new album in its entirety for the first time to 800 fans on a movie soundstage at Sony Studios in Los Angeles. The gig was recorded as part of a DVD extra for the album.

The band also previewed a couple of the album's tracks at SXSW, performing at the first ever iTunes Festival show at the US event in Austin, Texas last month.

Coldplay announced their comeback by revealing brand new track "Midnight," and a video directed by Mary Wigmore.

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    It's kind of nice to hear more of a minimalist approach after their last album could have been produced by both Skrillex and Jeff Lynne. You can definitely hear more of a brit-pop influence that was relevant on their debut, the guitar bits in this song are very Simon Tong inspired. The singing has a something of a melancholy hint on otherwise happy lyrics. But this is Chris's song more than anyone's. The idea behind most Coldplay songs is Chris would get some general lyrics and a simple piano bit, and the rest of the band would form their sound around it. It has been said that Will has a majority of the say of whether the song is as is or not. Obviously they were collectively ok with thinly layering around the piano riff this time. But their other new song, Midnight, was definitely Guy's song, crafted by what he probably learned in his other much more electronic-soundscape band, Apparatjik. This makes me wonder whether or not each member is getting a higher influence on different songs on the record.
    it's great that they're experimenting with new sounds. It'd be easier if they kept doing the same thing that ensures their sales. And damn, that bassline is smooth.
    It sounds to me like he's trying to jump on Muse's coattails: Magic/Madness, which is too bad because Coldplay was much better when they were ripping off Radiohead.
    does make sense considering chris martin gave a lot of praise to muse when they released madness, i think he said it was the best song muse had ever made
    I'm pretty convinced that they won't put out anything like Parachutes and A Rush of Blood to the Head again. Sad. That song is meh.
    There was a good comment in youtube saying something like: "Sounds like Chris Martin has gone solo and start doing pop"
    You should watch the iTunes Festival performance of this song. I know it's not UG's style so I don't expect to change anyone's mind, but it will if you believe it's a "Chris martin solo project". All members contribute quite a bit, it's really well done and beautiful.
    I love this track. Not as good as Midnight but it really has grown on me. I don't get people who are saying it sounds like Madness by Muse, there is barely any similarities. But when Martin hits his higher register it just soars. Can't wait for this album
    So much better live, you can see what each member is actually playing, a lot more soulful
    This is like a Lorde song with Chris Martin on vox.. I hope the rest of the album doesn't sound like this
    Joey Radical
    Big disappointment. They used to do so great albums. I feel bad for Jonny, as he seems to rarely get to play anymore.
    although i think the album as a whole will be great this is a pretty weak song and midnight was a lot better
    Coldplay sucks. They used to be good but now they copy other artists. This song sounds just like muse's song madness. These losers need to make their own music.
    Dev Skizz
    My rock side is like **** this song but my pop side is like "its okay i guess"
    There are rhythmic, meter and almost tempo similarities to Muses' Madness, but the keys, harmonies, melodies, lyrics, and overall feel of the songs are different.I'm liking this mainstream return to minimalist, almost 80's, trip-hop pop music. My guitar side, screams 'arggghh too pop' but my pop side likes it and is looking forward to the album.I don't get the coldplay hate, bands are in a mad position, slagged off of they do change, slagged off if they don't.If more pop music was like this or Nicole Atkins and less like Taylor Swift, kids would be way less damnable in their tastes.