Coldplay Recruited the Sydney Citizens to Shoot 'A Sky Full of Stars' Music Video

British band announced the video shooting via Twitter, called out for participants.

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Coldplay released the music video for "A Sky Full of Stars," the second single off band's sixth studio album "Ghost Stories."

The video starts with the band frontman Chris Martin walking through the streets of Sydney, equipped as the member of the marching band. Alongside with singing the song, he walks along the streets, greeting everyone on the way and in restaurants along the road. He then meets three other Coldplay members, Johnny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion, also dressed like a marching band.

The whole band walks along the city streets (still playing the song), then they, followed by the citizens, reach one of city squares, where everyone's covered with paper stars rain - the thing Coldplay usually use on live shows during some songs, including "In My Place" and "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" to name a few.

The band announced the video via Twitter, calling out for 250 fans to participate. Check out the video and the tweets below.

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    Nice to see everyone experiencing the event instead of holding up their ****ing phone...Sickening. Apart from that, it seemed like a cool little idea for a video.