Coldplay Regret 'Mylo Xyloto' Title

Chris Martin promises their next album title will be pronounceable unlike their last release, which fans couldn't say properly.

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Coldplay have promised their next album title will be more easily pronounceable, unlike their previous release "Mylo Xyloto".

In March, frontman Chris Martin admitted their last album title confused fans and made it difficult to search on Google.

"It's just something that we thought looked really good but everywhere we go around the world people pronounce it in the most crazy ways and we're beginning to regret it now," he said at the time.

Now Martin says the new album will be much easier on the tongue, but when pressed by radio station 2dayfm he wouldn't reveal the new name. "I can't tell you that," he said before asking bandmate Jonny Buckland, "Can I give a hint?" According to NME, Buckland shook his head and said, "No".

Meanwhile, Coldplay have released a brand new concert film called "Live 2012" on DVD and Blu-ray, also available as an audio CD. It includes photos, additional videos, Chris Martin's studio journal and more.

News of a new album will relieve fans who heard in September that the band would take a year off while their frontman relocates to LA to be with his wife Gwyneth Paltrow.

Were you confused by the old "Mylo Xyloto" title? Is it important in this day and age to have an album name that can easily be searched on Google? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    "In March, frontman Chris Martin admitted their last album title confused fans and made it difficult to search on Google." "IN MARCH... Come on UG, slow news day?
    I'm pretty sure I actually read this exact same article from UG before, as well. This whole thing is like a massive Deja Vu.
    They should regret the album in a whole.
    And just to make you all below me hate my guts: PARA-PARA-PARADISE
    I have to say I was pretty open minded to Coldplay until this album. It's just bad.
    i still love them but this proves just more that they are not an original group of musicians, that they play what the people wants to hear
    Maybe they should go for an album that's not only pronouncable, but also bearable, both unlike the previous effort.
    The problem wasn't that people were having trouble googling the album, it was just the simple fact that no one tried to search for it.
    I'm man enough to admit that I own three Coldplay CDs (their first three), and I actually really enjoy them. In fact, some of the music on those three CDs, in my opinion, are some of my favorite works of contemporary music (The Scientist, Trouble, etc.). That being said, the release of Viva La Vida was less than desirable in my eyes, breaking away from a lot of the things I felt made the band for me. But it was no where compared to the trash that this newest release is. tl;dr: I loved Coldplay's first three CDs. VLV and MZ on the other hand are terrible.
    Heh heh, everyone who comments on UG go way too far out of their way to hate alright music. It's kinda hilarious.
    But how else will they let everyone know how super hardcore and anti-mainstream they are?
    That's true. The only way is to hate Coldplay and their mild mild tunes.
    Danjo's Guitar
    I guess it would be hard to google if someone just told you the name, but since most people hear about things from the internet these days it shouldn't be a problem.
    Rush of Blood to the Head is brilliant... If you don't know that I truly feel sorry for you. And Coldplay aren't good at writing?!?!? Pick up the song book and learn a simple sounding song like Green Eyes and tell me he can't write... Oh wait you can't because your t00 b4ut4lz lol
    Maybe he should write a whiney crap song about it and then steal the melody off Satch
    If I was chris martin I would regret my career choice as a musician and music theif before I open my mouth to this trivial BS. Amateur musicians everywhere are more talented than coldplay,, cause they write there own music
    why don't you go and look up how many covers they do on all there Albums before making an idiotic comment like that. so they possibly nicked something from Satch big deal. Coldplays first 3 Albums are very good. Not many artists out now can write as well as Martin and Buckland.
    I think he honestly does regret it, actually. Chris Martin has the lowest self-esteem of any musician I've ever heard of...I feel a little bad for him, I see so many articles where he's just talking about what he regrets writing or how much his own music sucks. It's kind of depressing.
    Should never have regrets. Dont care what an album is called, all that matters is the material on it.
    "I can't tell you that," he said before asking bandmate Jonny Buckland, "Can I give a hint?" According to NME, Buckland shook his head and said, "No". Coldplay has bandmates? I thought it was the Chris Martin show..
    Coldplay's next album is "Radiohead-lite for piano: Smooth listening emoting"
    ...I'll admit that the only reason I clicked on this article, was to see how many commenters would take the oppertunity to take a hit at Coldplay...
    I'd say the album was just good but not as good as Rush of Blood or X&Y. I think some songs are really good and interesting like Major Minus, Up With The Birds and even Up In Flames...I think the problem was the amount of electronics...hope their next album has more old school instruments. Anyway, Chris is a great compositor and the rest of the band has grown a lot musically as well