Coldplay Score Fastest Selling Album of 2014 With 'Ghost Stories'

Meanwhile, Chris Martin joins Kings of Leon onstage in Glasgow at Radio 1's One Big Weekend.

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Coldplay have scored the fastest selling album of 2014 with "Ghost Stories," NME reports.

The album was today (May 25) named as the band's sixth consecutive Number One album by the Official Charts Company, after selling 168,000 copies since its release last Monday (May 19). Altogether, the band have sold 11.1 million albums in the UK since the release of their debut, 2000's "Parachutes." Earlier, the band's frontman Chris Martin joined Kings of Leon onstage at Radio 1's One Big Weekend in Glasgow, to play "Fans" from the band's 2007 album "Because of the Times."

Other new entries in the Official Album Chart include Beautiful South bandmates Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott's "What Have We Become" at Number Three, whilst the 20th anniversary re-issue of Oasis' "Definitely Maybe" is in at Number Five. REM's "Unplugged 1991 & 2001 – The Complete Sessions" entered the chart at Number 22.

Meanwhile, in the Official Singles Chart Sam Smith has had this third Number One with "Stay With Me." "I don't even know what to say," he commented. "I really poured my heart into this record and I'm just so happy people love this song. Thank you so much." Elsewhere, Coldplay's "A Sky Full of Stars" entered the chart at Number 15 and Nicki Minaj's "Pills N Potions" at 38.

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    The album is really starting to grow on me. Didn't like it at first, but it's probably a 7.5 for me at the present moment.
    It's a very honest feeling album. Well, except for Sky Full of Stars; but hey, it worked for the mainstream. The rest of the album is very nice. I recommend watching the interview with Chris Martin and Zane Lowe, it reveals some very personal sides of the album as well as his focus on band chemistry. Pay attention UG, Coldplay is and always will be a band, not a "Chris Martin solo project". Everyone in the group has their influence and moments.
    cha33 armstrong
    Here comes the coldplay hate
    "I hate how Coldplay's rise to fame was basically down to Radio 1 sponsoring them and playing every one of their singles twice an hour for twelve years... ...when it only has a once a week show for 'Rock Music'..." Hows that for you?
    ^This album is a slow grow on your ears, but the more I've heard it the more I have wanted to hear it! Really somber and chill compared to "Mylo Xyloto."
    Really didn't like this album as much as their previous albums. Better than there last one though, couldn't stand that album
    Aryan Death Man
    if this album is the fastest selling album of 2014.Then,it's fair to say that the standard of music is low now.
    there´s no other albums coming out by mainstream artists, so of course this one is going to blow up. also it´s coldplay.
    Incredibly popular band who released an album without any competing major releases gets a ton of sales. Oh no, music is clearly DYING.
    No, it's because only people stupid enough to buy albums, are the people stupid enough to listen to Coldplay..... ...and I am one of them.
    Well deserved. It's a catchy album but it's also a musically brilliant album. Still can't get over how good Midnight is