Coldplay Set To Take Year Off As Chris Martin Plots LA Move

artist: Coldplay date: 09/01/2012 category: music news
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Coldplay Set To Take Year Off As Chris Martin Plots LA Move
Chris Martin is reportedly planning to move to America next year as Coldplay take a year off from touring and making music. Family man Martin, who is married to Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow, is believed to be relocating so Gwyneth can be nearer to her mother. With Coldplay taking a year off entirely in 2013 the move looks likely to happen. "Chris and Gwyneth have wanted to move to Los Angeles for a while," a source told The Sun. Adding: Gwyneth spends a lot of time between the UK and the US and she's exhausted. The purpose of buying the lavish home in Brentwood was to make that a semi-permanent base. Gwyneth spends a lot of time away from her mum, Blythe, and wants to be closer to her as she gets older." Gwyneth's Mother is Blythe Danner, a fellow actress who has appeared in films such as Meet The Parents. "Chris was very understanding and is willing to give living in Los Angeles a chance because he's always loved the city," the source continued. "Chris's band won't be working on a new album for at least another year so he has some breathing space to kick back. Thanks for the report to Gigwise.
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