Coldplay's Chris Martin Confirms Band Has New Album in the Works

The singer also confirms working in the studio with Rihanna.

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Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has revealed that he has been working with Rihanna on new music, NME reports.

Rihanna first worked with Coldplay in 2011 on the "Mylo Xyloto" single "Princess of China." Speaking in a new interview with US radio station Fresh 102.7 Martin confirmed that he and his band are already working on the follow up to their new album "Ghost Stories" and that he hopes to get the Bajan pop star involved.

"We knew we wanted to make this thing called Ghost Stories, and then make something else. Worst answer of all time ... but we have an idea, then we're gonna go on tour after that," said Martin regarding a new Coldplay album.

On the subject of Rihanna he continued: "I love being in the studio with Rihanna. It wasn't necessarily with ... I was working for her. I don't think she even asked, I just said, 'Please can I try something?'"

Asked specifically if Rihanna will be on the next Coldplay album, Martin replied: "I hope so, yeah. I have a really nice song which ... maybe, I hope so."

Martin's admission that Coldplay are planning to tour is also news to fans. When the band played the first of two nights at London's Royal Albert Hall in June, Martin said the gigs would be one of their "last shows for a while."

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    cha33 armstrong
    I really like Coldplay, but why on earth would they colaborate with Rihanna twice
    Coldplay: hay guyz we're already working on a new album and it sounds gr8 so far Me: Oh nice, I can't wait to see what kind of mood they'll go for this time aro-- Coldplay: o did we mention we're working with rihanna again Me: ...Oh.
    Every time this band puts out a record, I try to give it a listen, and end up disappointed. I really just can't get into it.
    They're a band that has a few golden nuggets here and there. I have a feeling that maybe their label isn't letting them have total freedom, because tracks like Chinese Sleep Chant are really left field in comparison to what the band are well known for.
    I feel like they are doing the same cheesy ballad over and over again.
    As with any type of music, it depends on how you perceive it and what your attitude towards it is. Coldplay's sound started to get stale with X&Y and what won me over eventually was the production on Viva La Vida. But it took me a long time to start appreciate it. At first those were just radio friendly songs to me. The production on the following two songs sounds so majestic to me, but it might be just a personal thing.
    "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends" really was a great album. Solid, beautiful songs with excellent production. Plus, it really is just an unusual sound for a "radio friendly" band when you think about it.
    There first two or three albums were pretty good ,Parachutes especially. I agree on the latest albums though, can't say they do anything for me.
    Try "Parachutes" and "A Rush of Blood to the Head". "X&Y" has its moments too. As for the rest... yeah, you shouldn't have tried in the first place.
    Trust me, Coldplay best songs where their talent is really showcased is not typically found in their most popular songs. Listen to the other songs in their albums and b-sides, they are incredible. Here's a great song which you probably haven't heard:
    > New album in the works Cool. The last album was quite good, so this should be interresting - At least they're perhaps over terrible pointless collaborations like that one wi... > We're doing a collaboration with Rihanna again. God damnit.
    Personally, the inly album i like from Coldplay is " Parachutes", but i have to agree that they are very talented musicians, though i really never gave a good listen to Viva la Vida, X&Y, Mylo Xyloto ( or whatever the fuk of that album name is) Im pretty sure they still a solid and talente band.
    You should really give "Viva la Vida" a listen. To me, that album really is their magnum opus.
    Songs like Cemeteries of London, Chinese Sleep Chant, 42, The Escapist, and Violet Hill are some of their most creative.
    Ghost Stories was genius. They are consistently good but people just, for some reason, expect them to write complex as hell songs still. They do good pop songs which utilise features of many genres, that's all they've ever done
    Anyone else remember when these guys were talking about retiring 5 years ago? Then they just totally never even came close to doing that.
    I don't mind coldplay, but they are seeming to do less and less at the live shows. They have 4 people but don't even try to attempt to play the instrumentation heard in the live show. I saw them playing some of the synth songs from the latest album and Chris Martin is literally standing there faking playing a MIDI laser harp and the drummer is fiddling around with a reactable doing things that do not seem to be controlling the sounds as per how the device is supposed to be used. Guitar guy stands there strumming when no guitar can really be heard. They even fake the viva la vida string part on the synth. For being one of the largest bands out there, they could afford to tour with more musicians like Pink Floyd.
    I don't think they're doing less and less, it's just that their music now has more elements, all of which cannot be played live by 4 people. That laser harp and reactable you're referring to is for the song Midnight, which is entirely electronica. I don't think there is any live playing they could do besides the bass laser harp and vocals as it's all made on a computer. I agree though, it would be better to produce their sounds live.
    they still have to play the electronic instruments you know...other than a few songs which they can't play live with just four people they don't just press play. Also why should they need to tour with more musicians. They wrote the songs, they should be allowed to control who performs it with them
    Yeah, and that's really a problem with a lot of bands today too. I hate seeing a live performance and not being able to tell what the musician is actually doing to get the sounds, or even if he/she is doing anything to get them. It leaves me feeling kind of robbed as a listener. Obviously, bands can't always recreate their studio versions of their songs, but I'd rather have them play a 'stripped down' version or whatever where it's just them playing live. Or yeah, just get touring musicians. Anything, so long as it's fully live .
    Wouldnt it be cool if coldplay made a song with Fleetwood Mac or Duran Duran?
    I didn't mind the Rhianna song, people hated it cause its Rhianna, but she can sing pretty well. Coldplay are one of those bands that people like but pretend to hate so they look cool. Ghost Stories is briallian
    It's funny how he thinks collaborating with Rihanna MEANS something lol form the way he sounded it's as if she thinks shes too good for THEM
    "You know how I know you're gay? You listen to Coldplay" --Seth Rogan
    This sounds like an apology for Ghost Stories! 'Yeah, sorry about the last record... We thought it was a great idea at the time. But hey, we got something else coming out soon. Please, don't forget about us!'
    Ah so the rumour was true i heard they were gonna do a slower album with the vibe of Parachutes which was Ghost Stories and that's why they only toured a few small venues then they were gonna work on another "proper" record like Mylo and Viva and do big stadium tours again oh well i liked GS thought it was really interesting interested in hearing what direction Chris and the gang go in for the next record
    Guess if the following is sarcastic or not: "OMG, OMG, I cannot wait for this. I am so excited. Coldplay are such a vital inspiration to us all".
    All of this hate for Coldplay with Rihanna - do people forget "Princess of China" with her was the best song on their worst album Mylo Xyloto for a reason? And Ghost Stories was stellar. Very relaxed and soothing album, which made it akin to Parachutes almost.
    Coldplay is a poor man's radiohead
    They have 0 similarities. I'd say Coldplay is a poor man's Travis, but not so many know that band.
    It's probably telling that while reading the headline my brain immediately went to "split" after "...Martin Confirms Band..."