Coldplay's Clocks Named Best Song Of The Past 10 Years

Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead and Johnny Cash are beaten to the top spot in a BBC poll.

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To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the radio station, BBC 6 Music listeners voted for their favourite track of the past 10 years.

As is usually the case with these kind of lists, the end result is a little hit 'n' miss, largely consisting of tracks that would end up being played at some half-a--ed 'Indie Disco' inhabited solely by 17-year-olds whose box fringes merge with their eyebrows.

At the top of this list was, tellingly, Coldplay's "Clocks" (via Gigwise). Steve Lamacq, who counted down the top 10, said: "It's a good result for Coldplay, who were clearly one of the biggest bands of the decade." Quality observation, eh?

"Clocks" trumped Arctic Monkeys' breakout single "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor", which took the number two spot, and Elbow's "One Day Like This", which settled for number three. Other tracks in the top 10 included Radiohead's "There There" and Johnny Cash's cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Hurt".

Speaking of the win, Coldplay drummer Will Champion said: "This is extraordinary. We've been listening to 6 Music since it started and I feel like our band's career and this station have grown up in parallel.

"This top 10 is amazing what an amazing 10 years of music... We all said not bad for a song that hasn't got a chorus".

The full top 10 list is below. Face away from the screen while laughing, as particles of food and/or fluids may erupt from your mouth like sticky little projectiles.

1. Coldplay "Clocks" 2. Arctic Monkeys "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" 3. Elbow "One Day Like This" 4. The National "Bloodbuzz Ohio" 5. The Killers "Mr Brightside" 6. The White Stripes "Seven Nation Army" 7. The Flaming Lips "Do You Realize?" 8. Johnny Cash "Hurt" 9. British Sea Power "Remember Me" 10. Radiohead "There There"

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    "As is usually the case with these kind of lists, the end result is a little hit 'n' miss, largely consisting of tracks that would end up being played at some half-a--ed 'Indie Disco' inhabited solely by 17-year-olds whose box fringes merge with their eyebrows." That was so beautiful :')
    Through this list is basic pop/rock, and far from the heavy metal stuff I'm used to listen to, I must say that Clocks shows all the Coldplay genius. The main "riff" is amazing and I'm always amazed by people doing good sh*t with a simple lick.
    Hell, it's a good ****ing song and I'm not even a fan of the band and it's not even my choice for a #1 song of the decade but I can totally respect it. Good for them, great band!
    Arctic Monkeys should've been on top. That song sounds new everytime I listen to it. What a rage!
    This ones for the top comment, nearly all lists are shite.
    Hmm, I really like Coldplay, but this 'Clocks'-hype, I never understood it. They have way better songs. I do like it that Elbow is mentioned. They're really good.
    I want a song from The Strokes on this list...maybe after their album, Comedown Machine is released on the 26th, a new article like this will be a posted and a Strokes track will make a debut.
    How is Seven Nation Army not number one! That ain't even a question, goddammit!
    Because THIS list was compiled by BBC listeners. NOT hipster music monthly. IMO, Anything done by Coldplay and produced by Brian Eno will stand the test of time better then the white stripes.
    Last time I checked, hipsters hate The White Stripes, Jack White, and especially Seven Nation Army, because almost everyone knows that riff... Can't say I agree with that last part with Coldplay either - I mean, the riff is good. I can say that from personal experience, since I stopped playing piano to focus more on guitar for about 5-6 years ago, and when I finally used a piano again, I could remember the riff perfectly. That said, I doubt most of Coldplays music will make it another 50 years around the Bends. Hell, even I as a Radiohead fan, will admit that even they will be quite a faint memory by that time, since music moves constantly on, and it is normal to accept that in 50 years, all my musical heroes will be dead... I just ended up depressing myself...
    Hipsters love The White Stripes and any Jack White involved project.
    Seven Nation Army is hipster now? But anyways, it's a decent enough poll. What I'd expect from BBC listeners to come up with.
    Good list, I like all songs but Elbow and British Sea Power, both of which I haven't listened to yet so I can't call them shit. My list would definitely be different, but those songs have been popular.
    I think it's cool it gets a mention - even cooler though is the nod to "The national", and listing a rather underrated Radiohead-single amongst the BEST of the past 10 years...
    checked out the top 3 and whole boring videos. I guess some people like slow mellow music. Now back to listening to Iron Maiden!
    Hmmm.. Despite the arbitrary nature of the whole thing anyways, I will concede that it's a decent enough song, but I do not believe the best..
    Yeah its a list for BBC 6 listeners so no metal unless you want to give a nod to 'Hurt' these are all good songs nice to see some variation I feel the Arctic Monkeys have far better songs than that but the song is symbolic of that 5 year guitar based indie scene. As for Coldplay im glad its an older track when imo the band were god geeky arty musicians now they are just wanna-be psychedelic rock stars whom just don't cut it.
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