Coldplay's 'Ghost Stories' Set to Become UK's Fastest Selling Album of 2014

Sixth album tops charts in 72 countries.

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Mixed reviews haven't prevented Coldplay's latest album from being incredibly successful. "Ghost Stories," the band's sixth LP, is set to become the UK's fastest selling album of 2014, Gigwise reports.

Shifting 82,000 copies on the first day of its release alone (19 May 2014), "Ghost Stories" has soared straight to the top of the charts in a whopping 72 countries, according to data released by the Official Charts Company.

If "Ghost Stories" tops the UK charts on Sunday, which looks pretty likely, it'll be the Chris Martin and co's sixth No 1 in a row - meaning all of their records have bagged the top spot, from 2000 debut "Parachutes" to 2011's "Mylo Xyloto," via 2005's "X&Y."

"The arrival of any Coldplay album is always an event and Ghost Stories is no exception," said Official Charts Company chief executive Martin Talbot. "To so comfortably achieve the biggest first day of any album is remarkable, especially after a three-year wait since their last album.

"Every one of Coldplay's studio albums has achieved Number One status, and 'Ghost Stories' is on course to maintain that perfect record."

Coldplay recently announced a show at London's Royal Albert Hall on July 1. They'll also be headlining the Saturday May 24 of Radio 1's Big Weekend in Glasgow.

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    I feel like they are just being smart about their releases. this one is released while there's no other main stream artist that releases anything new in these weeks. Yes there are albums out from a month ago that are still high in the charts, but a mainstream band like Coldplay releasing this while no other mainstream artist is releasing anything? just a smart play.
    You're right, smart move. I'd like to witness Coldplay and Linkin Park releasing an album at the same time, both bands keep getting #1 albums.
    I think LP would lose that. especially with this harder styled album they will bring out. It will probably come in 2nd, coldplay would be 1rst, and coldplay would get radioplay. Linkin Park? not so much radioplay
    Might end up being a regional thing. I could see LP winning something like that in more US states. But it does depend on who makes the better radio friendly song.
    Good for them! meanwhile at the Legion of Doom... Blah Blah Blah MUSIC INDUSTRY That'll be all for me, I'm off donating blood ...and I wish I was kidding #hailtothekierryking01
    What is it with all these haters? I think Ghost Stories is pretty good. Just different from what they used to make.
    At least give the album a listen before you bash it.
    I have 2 albums from them (Parachutes and A rush of blood to the head). I never cared much for their other material since it was mainly perhaps 1-2 good songs, and a ton of recycled filler. However, this new one isn't actually that bad. It hasn't had the time needed to settle so I can form a proper opinion, but it seems to actually be a well-crafted album that has an overall mood and sense. I also think it's done good for the band that the other members are now actively contributing (especially Jonny Buckland - Regardless if one likes Coldplay or not, he's undeniably an excellent musician, and is in my opinion great at putting in tastefull and interresting licks, fills, and details into their songs). Perhaps this might be the first album since AROBTTH that I will consider purchasing. Or perhaps it will begin to fall off my head within a few weeks. It's too early to say, but so far it's at least promising. If one doesn't like it, so be it. It's not your cup of tea, but why waste time clicking on links about them to solely talk shit? It makes just as much sense as those who write "Nobody cares", but still took time out of their lives to click the link, enter the comment section and write those words. If one doesn't have anything substantial to deliver to the discussion, one should not say anything at all.
    Well deserved as well. It's a great album. I don't see why this article has so many downvotes. It's not like it's a bad thing. Give credit where credit is due. Coldplay are smart songwriters, especially Buckland who just knows what to add to a song. They're a good band which receives hate because they went huge
    I have to disagree with the latter part - It couldn't matter less if they were big or not. The thing that tics people off about them is that many of their songs seem the same (ex. Clocks and Speed of sound - Similar piano melody and overall song structure), and that Chris Martin comes off as "whiney" (which I agree with at times). They didn't make that image any better with Mylo Xyloto, which had a slew of bland dance-pop songs, and an collaboration with Rihanna on one song that strengthened an image of them as britpop's post-millennia equivalent of KISS - A band that seemed more focused on merchandising themselves and creating #1 hit albums than a proper album, and exploring as musicians new boundaries in their sound. Perhaps they can redeem themselves slightly with this new output, but it's too early, at least for myself, to make a proper judgement of how I view the album yet.
    You do know Mylo Xyloto is a well written concept album? People totally miss the point of the album when it is so obvious. The collab with Rhianna wasn't bad either. They liked her voice and thought it would fit the song, which it did. Also Speed of Sound and Clock sound pretty different, it's just they're similar songs in terms of instrumentation and they both went big that people associate them as similar.
    I bought it yesterday, on CD! Coldplay are a bit class. Fair play to them!
    Wait wait wait… let me fix this…. I considered buying it yesterday, on CD, but remembered I have taste in music! Clodplay are a bit ass. They suck!
    Probably the best thing Coldplay has released yet! Definitely the best album I've heard this year so far too. They took it to a new level.
    I wonder how much of this new cd is like, plagiarized, you know?
    It's catchy anthemic pop music. I'd be more surprised if they used a melody that hadn't been done before.
    they've never plagiarized anything. The synth in ETDIAW was someone else's so they paid the rights to be able to use it. It's not like that's never been done before
    lol who the **** run to the store to buy a COLDPLAY album?? "OH MY GOD I CANT BREATHE I JUST HAVE TO KNOW WHAT MAKES CHRIS MARTIN SO SAD THIS TIME"
    the second I heard they got aviccii to produce a song I knew this album would be awful...turns out I was right its garbage.
    You know how I know your gay? Cause...
    ...I ain't finished beating this dead horse, regardless that it is now nothing but a formless bloody pulp.
    Well, dang. That was a pretty brutal description.
    I was recommended to write lyrics for our dark lord and saviour, but the fool who did so has no concept of what it would mean to be truly br00tal - I'm not even worthy to gaze upon his shades. #Hail2theKerryKing01