Concrete Blonde Reunion Tour Announced

artist: Concrete Blonde date: 05/04/2010 category: music news
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Alt-rockers Concrete Blonde will return from the grave later this year to perform their first live shows in more than seven years. The band--led by singer/songwriter Johnette Napolitano--will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its most successful album, 1990's "Bloodletting," during the tour, which kicks off June 8 in Boston. The 17-city outing wraps June 28 in Los Angeles. Details are at this location. After debuting with a self-titled 1986 album, the Concrete Blonde released five studio albums before breaking up in 1993, only to return eight years later, issuing 2002's "Group Therapy" and 2004's "Mojave" before disbanding a second time. The band found its greatest success with 1990's "Bloodletting," featuring the radio hit "Joey," which topped Billboard's Alternative Songs chart and rose to No. 19 on the Hot 100. "People started emailing me and calling me up and telling me that it was the 20th anniversary of 'Bloodletting,' which had 'Joey' on it and was a big hit for us all over the world," Napolitano said in a statement. "My dad passed away recently and was a big fan of the band and it occurred to me that a 20th anniversary's only going to happen once and that my dad would have said that it's a good idea and that we should do it. "So we knocked it together and it looks like it's going to be fun, doing 20-year-old vampire songs should be fun." Thanks for the report to
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