Converge Involved In Road Accident

Massachusetts-based hardcore/metal band Converge was involved in a road accident.

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According to Blabbermouth, Massachusetts-based hardcore/metal band Converge was involved in a road accident yesterday (Wednesday, October 24) when the group's van hit a patch of black ice on its way to the Converge's Seattle gig.

The band's vocalist, Jacob Bannon, wrote in an online post: "After driving all day/evening, we hit a patch of black ice in the mountains of Oregon. We were forced to turn into a highway divider at 40mph in order to avoid sliding under a slew of 18-wheelers. The van spun 180 degrees after impact, and we were left facing the wrong direction on the highway. We spent a few hours prying our bumper off our front wheels. Thankfully, we are rolling again."

He added: "Bands, be safe out there. Never take anything for granted."

Converge is in the middle of a U.S. tour with support from Torche and Kvelertak.

Converge's new album "All We Love We Leave Behind" sold 6,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 69 on The Billboard 200 chart. Released on October 9, the effort was made available in a deluxe package that includes a 48-page, full-color hardcover, clothbound book with original art created by Jacob Bannon via Epitaph (vinyl on Deathwish).

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    Glad they're okay, black ice is dangerous.
    It sure is, just ask Metallica. Or you could ask me, I live in Canada and we have to deal with entire highways completely covered in the stuff on a daily basis in winter-time (and occasionally in fall and spring).
    Yea it kind of is. But imo back in black is still more dangerious. My ears almsot exploded on that one.
    Good thing there wasn't another Cliff Burton incident, these guys are at their musical peak right now! (although Jane Doe is their best IMO)
    Jesus, what's with all the metal bands getting in accidents recently? Baroness, BTBAM/Periphery, Converge...
    im not mental
    glad to hear. i'll be sure to hit up their merch table when they roll through arizona so they can pay for any damages.