Corey Taylor Calls Out KISS For Petty and Ridiculous Rock Hall Drama

artist: Corey Taylor date: 03/26/2014 category: music news
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Corey Taylor Calls Out KISS For Petty and Ridiculous Rock Hall Drama
Corey Taylor showed having some words of advice for Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of KISS.

As Taylor told (via AntiMusic) in a recent conversation, he feels the two KISS principals should let bygones be bygones and perform at their upcoming Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame induction with fellow KISS founders Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Simmons and Stanley have stated they won't do that.

Taylor was speaking with regarding an upcoming feature on the late, great Ronnie James Dio, but the conversation veered toward KISS. "On one hand, you're stoked, being a KISS fan," Taylor said of the group's Rock Hall induction. "But on the other hand it's like, can you guys just put aside your petty issues and realize that without one another you wouldn't have been able to do this? Can you just set stuff aside and do one show for the fans as the original lineup again? And then you never have to see each other again!"

"Just do one thing, because without those two guys," Taylor said, referring to Frehley and Criss, "the other two guys [Simmons and Stanley] wouldn't be where they are! And that's just me layin' it straight! I might not ever get a kind word from anybody in that band anymore. But I think it's petty and I think it's ridiculous! Figure it out! Show respect, because sometimes it's not about you, it's about the fans."

He does, though, understand how difficult it can be to let bygones be bygones. "It's just one of those things, that's how far off the reservation sometimes we get. You gotta remember, we're musicians ... we're just crazy people who can't get along sometimes. I've definitely come to the table with my knife in my pocket a couple of times, you know how it is. It's part of being human. Now, add fame and money and all that rock and roll craziness to it. We're lucky we don't eat each other in this industry!"

Taylor's criticism comes from the fact that he counts himself as a fan of the band. "KISS was a huge influence, I can remember walking around when I was in Kindergarden or first grade with Peter Criss makeup on. I was huge KISS fan. There was such mystique, and they were the perfect blend of rock and roll and Marvel comics. I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who grew up during that time who is in a band who wasn't a KISS fan. And if they say they weren't a fan, they're probably lying."
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