Corey Taylor: 'New Slipknot Album Will Be a Cross Between 'Iowa' and 'Vol. 3''

"Slipknot is looming on the horizon," the singer says.

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Frontman Corey Taylor recently gave a brief update on the new Slipknot album, revealing for the first time what the new material will sound like. Taylor called the "Vol. 3: the Subliminal Verses" record "a bit of a peek at what I think the next album will be," adding that he is working on dark, gloomy material at the moment. "It'll be a cross between 'Iowa' and 'Vol. 3' in a lot of ways, while also evolving the way we always have," he told Artist Direct. "The stuff I'm writing right now is really dark. The stuff Clown is coming with is f--king beyond. It's really cool. It's going to be cool to get the alchemists in the same room and see what happens." The fans will be pleased to know that when asked to name what's next on his schedule, Corey instantly singled out Slipknot. "Honestly, Slipknot is looming on the horizon," he said. "That's what's next in my mind anyway. I'm writing some demos. Clown is putting some things together. Joey is doing Scar the Martyr, but he's a f--king machine. He can write at any time." The singer continued, "This band is just loaded with writers. We don't have a definitive start date, which is fine. That's okay for us now. When we're ready to make the album, we will. That's the mindset. Next year we're going to get together and start putting the pieces together." According to one of Shawn "Clown" Crahan's recent statements, the band is looking to hit the studio in January. After initially being somewhat uncertain over 2014 Slipknot comeback plans due to his obligations with Scar the Martyr, drummer Joey Jordison noted that he's written heaps of new material for Slipknot. So things finally seem to be cooking up here. Let us know what you think about the "Iowa"/"Vol. 3" mixture in the comments.

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    I know its an unpopular stance, but my favourite album from Slipknot by a mile is Vol.3 so this is good by me. Not sure how some of the more dedicated guys will feel about this news but I'm sure any new music from the band will be welcomed - I'm not a massive fan and I'm looking forward to hearing what they come up with.
    I think studied metal ears are more keen to Volume 3 than the rest of their work. It stood out. It was significantly different by the song, nothing sounded the same. They experimented with other genres and altogether created their finest album, to date, and the others aren't even close. Volume 3 is absolutely phenomenal. If crossing Volume 3 with Iowa means the genre-bending unpredictability of Volume 3 mixed with the vitriol and crushing heaviness of Iowa? I'm in. I really disliked their last album, so I hope this one surprises me.
    Well. I was planning on saying something like this. Probably different words, but hell, you said it just fine.
    I Think people liked volume 3, not just because of the songs, - but also because of the sound of it. Even though Corey says he's never gonna work with Rubin again, like he did on this masterpiece, he knows some very special and unique was created through Rubin. I think he was perfect for that album. It had just the right amound of messy, organic and still some kind of clean all-rounded sound. Like a good wine. All hope is gone was nothing compare to Vol 3. The sound was nice, but kinda boring compared to vol 3, because it missed those things. But i totally agree with Jamie and Bware here. I hope they find a cool guy to work with - and I'm sure they will put something headchrushing together!
    Iowa and Vol. 3 are both great! I'm a fan of Slipknot, I think Corey's the man. Can't wait for this band to finally come back to life
    I am a fan of Slipknot, not religiously, but I'm really looking forward to what the next album has to offer.
    this is great news. Iowa is my foavorite slipknot album. and cyclonus, all hope is gone was a pretty good record in my opinion. has some really good songs.
    We need the brutality of Iowa with the riffing and soloing of Volume 3, I want to hear more showing off from Mick and Jim!
    Love Vol3, hate Iowa... Curious to know what a mix of both would do
    D Rock9246
    Definitely not alone there. Vol. 3 was my favorite by them. Only enjoyed a few songs from Iowa. Same with all hope is gone. There were only a few on there I enjoyed. Looking forward to hearing what they do with the newest.
    Iowa was a lot more all over the place just insane which I really loved, but Vol. 3 was diffidently my fav. Slipknot albums. I'm insanely excited to hear the new album and can't wait for singles/previews. This album will be amazing I've religiously been a Slipknot fan since Vol.3 first came out, they were the first band that brought me down the metal highway so I am eternally grateful for this band and this news gave me an erection that will last a week SlipKnot Fucking Rules
    It's great to hear him actually sounding excited about new Slipknot. Everything in the past has made him sound hesitant and just overall unenthusiastic. Which really actually kinda worried me. But this is good.
    He said the same thing about AHIG. Funny thing is, he wasn't wrong about that. So I expect the album to sound similar to AHIG, but I don't think that's a bad thing either.
    With Joey on tour, how the hell will they hit the studio in January with very little material other than lyrics?
    I may be wrong, but I'm fairly sure he said the same when they were recording All Hope is Gone. And I found that album hugely disappointing. Maybe I would've enjoyed it more if I wasn't expecting an Iowa 2.0, but who can say now?
    Really Enjoyed Iowa, Vol.3 was pretty good as well. So I'm happy they are going in that direction. Personally "Slipknot" is my favorite album.
    Vol. 3 got me into Slipknot, Iowa sold me. Looking forward to it. Also, since I'm thinking of it.. Does anybody else love "Snap [97]"???? I heard it on the Freddy vs. Jason soundtrack when I was younger.. still love that song.
    good, I really liked Iowa. I know that's pretty much the cliche thing to say these days, but I wasn't really all that big a fan of the first album or even All Hope Is Gone.
    i've been waiting for so long that i've honestly lost interest. but at the same time i am a tool fan, so the gap between albums isnt that bad.
    Well this is great news! Can't wait to hear the new stuff... Iowa has one or two forgettable songs, indeed, but all in all it is really, really good. I love the aggressive sound and the title track is just eery. Genius. Vol.3 - in my ears - is their best album, so yeah, I hope it wont be an overproduced All Hope is Gone. I don't really listen to that album anymore, didn't like the sound, or those "Gang Vocals" how Corey called 'em. It was OK but nothing special.
    Corey is a really great vocalist. One of the best in my opinion. They guy can sing and growl excellently
    Irrelevant!!! This world really needs a new musical revolution! All of these bands have been putting out the same shite for years and it is SOOO FARKING STALE!!!
    Where're your fresh new albums?
    Exactly why I said the world NEEDS. Read before you react because your favorite band was verbally attacked....But since you ask, personally I'd go with a band like Gojira over this soiled cr@p. And go ahead and keep voting me down Doesn't hurt a but.
    Slipknot is one of the most underrated bands out there. (and I"d like to keep it that way, so they don't get overly popular) When I was in high school I didn't listen to these guys, and thought they were a band trying to be a gimmick by having 2 drummers, and wearing masks....boy was I wrong and I'm shooting myself in the foot for it. I missed solid years of great music from early high school on...I've since listened to their whole discography and think that this band is WAY more talented than their gimmicky "mask wearing" counterparts. Their music is different, yet still heavy, and not OVERLY heavy. They can scream with the best, and be melodical and "pretty" with the best. Corey is a great songwriter, and I've watched numerous youtube videos of his covers...he can sing anything. Fantastic band, fantastic sound. I REALLY LOOK FORWARD TO THIS ALBUM. I need those heavy, yet catchy riffs in my life.
    "Slipknot is one of the most underrated bands out there. (and I"d like to keep it that way, so they don't get overly popular)" ATTENTION EVERYONE! WE HAVE A HIPSTER IN THE MIDST!
    A Slipknot hipster, it really gives new meaning the the phrase "anything is possible". If anything Slipknot are over hyped from the whole mask gimmick.
    A slipknot hipster? C'mon, I listen to heavy music, and admitted a mistake, and lapse in judgement over Slipknots talents. Now I'm a hipster? You don't know me. GTFOH
    A cross between Iowa and Vol.3? Does that mean we're getting another All Hope is Gone?
    Am I the only one who really liked All Hope is Gone?
    I think it definitely deserves more respect than it gets, sure its not their debut but there are some great tracks on it
    Vol 3. is easily my most favorite metal "album" since ...And Justice For All... so, any comparisons to that and the craziness/agression that was IOWA (as noted above) is great in my book.
    Dr Unkillable82
    Shit Im In Love With It Already And Its Not Even Out Lol Everything Slipknot Did Turned To Gold Like I Love Everything They Did But When It Came To AHIG It Was A Good Album But It Wasn't As Good As The Other Ones .... M.F.K.R. Love It Slipknot(Self-titled)Love It And Both Iowa & Vol.3 Was Orgasmic Without A Doubt And I Remember When They Said AHIG Was Gonna Be Heavier Than Vol.3 That Was Bullshit So Lets Hope They Live Up To Their Word This Time Like For Real Its What Paul Would've Wanted May He R.I.P.
    this site sucks! just sayin..... and so do the mods who will only remove comments they dont agree with... instead of addressing real problems with the so called "site" later.
    Don't really listen to them anymore but Vol 3 was a lot more interesting instrumental wise than their previous stuff before that record so this has got me semi-interested.
    you can't scream on everything..... I look forward to this album with a good balance..