Corey Taylor on Piracy: 'People Take Our Blood, Sweat and Tears and Throw It All Over Like It's Nothing'

Slipknot frontman discusses his views on music piracy during the latest Reddit AMA session.

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During his Reddit AMA session last Thursday (April 25) Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor reached the subject of music piracy and what he thinks of as pros and cons of illegal downloads.

According to vocalist, although the piracy does allow the music to reach all corners of the world, it also highly devaluates the songs, making the fans treat them "like it's nothing."

"I realize the days of a hard rock/metal band selling 20 million copies are far behind us," the singer said. "I have two minds about this. I like the fact that music is now available to the farthest reaches of the world, where once there would have been no way to find it. But I hate the fact that people take our blood, sweat and tears and throw it all over like it's nothing, with no thought to what went into making it and how hard we fight for it."

Taylor's comment instantly caused mixed reactions and tens of comments, with some fans agreeing with frontman's stands and others disapproving them.

The remainder of the AMA session saw Taylor showing his appreciation towards jazz icon Miles Davis and comedy glam rockers Steel Panther, but also revealing some interesting info regarding his potential work with Velvet Revolver two years ago. When asked just how close he got to joining Slash and the gang, the singer replied:

"I'd say close, I guess. I flew out to LA a few times - first time I just jammed with them. The second we were recording demos. I have no regrets about not getting the gig. Honestly, I don't know who could fill that spot for them."

The vocalist also discussed his collaboration with Dave Grohl and his Sound City Players project, calling it "a dream come true."

"It was so great. Being a part of that song was a dream come true. I'd always wanted to work with Dave, but hearing the song after Rick Nielson and Scott Reeder had put their touches on it was just frosting on the cake. I'm very fortunate to have been a part of that."

Finally, when one of the fans asked him how exactly thick is his neck, Taylor demonstrated some good sense of humor by saying "18 inches, currently. It's a b-tch to buy shirts..." You can check out the full AMA session over at Reddit.

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    Yes, it is a double-bladed sword for sure... I do tend to side with the notion that it is more harmful than beneficial though..
    I'll never buy a Slipknot album OMG... It's too bad music... I buy good music OMG
    And I should care exactly why? I like what he do with Stone Sour myself..
    The point of making music is to create art for other people to hear, not to just make money. Well, maybe for him it's just to make money. I just don't see that his "blood sweat and tears" are being used unjustly, it confuses me, because the people pirating the music more than likely enjoying it and appreciating it and are fans of it. They know how hard you worked to make it, but give it a rest you didn't fight to make music. You used your outrageous earnings from your tours and sales and merchandise and sponsorships to buy as many things as you wanted or needed to make the music! "OH I need a new guitar, new recording studio" etc. So when were you fighting? Or was it the struggle to lift your wallet to buy all those things is the epic fight you mention? I don't remember hearing about Bach setting someone on fire for sneaking into one of his performances.
    These guys are professional musicians, naturally they should be payed for their labour. You would be extremely hard pressed to find som other category of professionals who'd work for free, not matter how much they enjoy their work. Of course they fought to make music, years of playing in shitty bars to catch that one big break. Musicians can probably be said to work a lot harder than many other professions. Do you know how a tour works? You do know that they actually pay for the tour themselves, and that larger tours require larger investments? I find it interesting that you think you can arbiter when people earn "too much money" (something that you can't really know without doing Corey's taxes). You also seem ignorant of how most endorsements work... You actually think that a guitar company throws free guitars and money over an endorsed band? No way in hell, you still have to buy the stuff, but at a discount. Do I would recommend some humility on your part, you are not entitled to his work for free, and calling him spoiled and suchlike will not change that.
    They should be lucky enough to see people getting interested in to their music. They should stfu about. Wanna stop piracy? Stop technology.
    I'd love to buy all the music I have, but that means I wouldn't be able to afford merch or going to see bands bands and artists can pick their poison, would they rather sell more recrds, or more t-shirts and tickets for shows?
    broken ipod
    Oh, I would love to buy music, but i HAVE to buy other unnecessary things in my life like concert tickets. My life is so hard so I steal music to buy things I don't need in order to live. So sick of this kind of logic, just because you can't afford it, doesn't make it not stealing. And paying off a record contract is very important to bands. Yes, they make a good amount of their money on the road, but, if a band wishes to avoid getting dropped from record companies, so they can keep releasing records, they are going to need to sell records.
    so I go to a bakery in the morning and buy some bread, milk, and a few cakes. later I go to the same bakery and grab a bag of chips and walk out without paying. the next time I walk into the bakery to buy bread, milk, and cakes, the clerk tells me I have to pay for the chips I stole. I tell him, "If I have to pay for the chips, I wont be able to afford the bread, milk, and cakes I buy here every day. pick your poison". see what I did there? its exactly the same situation and it looks like blackmail from the clerks point of view. moral: being broke is no excuse to steal.
    Except the clerk loses something, while nothing is stolen when you pirate. Especially considering the amount of people who still buy the item in question even after they'd originally pirated it.
    they lose the exact same thing, which is a sale. the fact that the profit/investment ratio and the amount of people that buy the albums is high, doesnt make your pirating the album negligible. you are pirating an album, but you fail to take into account that 1000s of other are thinking just like you, "so many people buy the album, it wont make a difference if I pirate it". this translates into many thousands of lost sales and lots of money the band wont see(label profit is another topic). just like the baker invests time into making a profit, bands invest time into making a profit, just on a bigger scale.
    This! Also, referring to the begining of this thread, I f*cking hate this kind of reasoning. Just because somebody has already earned a lot of money through their hard work doesn't give anybody the right to steal from them. Maybe they don't need more money but it's not for any of us to judge. They did their job and deserve to be paid.
    What about countries where you can't buy the album either physical or virtual? Profit shouldn't mix with art.
    So artists should be happy to live a life of poverty because in your ideal world art is free? People have to eat, even artists. You are not entitled to art.
    Second Rate
    Artistic ability is a skill. Why should a man not be able to exploit his skills to make a profit? Profit and art should mix, and they are a perfect mix. Artists should not be asked to live in poverty to uphold someone else's arbitrary standard of "integrity." So the product is not available in some countries, boohoo. It is not the artist's problem.
    Well..actually. Yeah it is the artists problem. You can't lecture someone on profits and then try to dismiss the availability of the product as a reason its not bought.
    Second Rate
    Well..actually. That's not what I said at all. Way to intentionally twist and distort my post.
    Nothing tangible is stolen when you pirate. The band lost a sale and you have an album you didn't pay for. Theft is theft. it has nothing to do with a physical object.
    Yes it does. You also pay for album art and other shit that comes with packaging. How can I "steal" something someone else ripped and shared online? Did I broke into the studio and stole the masters of the recording?
    No you didn't "broke into studio and stole the masters" but you own an album you didn't buy. You can't talk around it. If you really think people buy albums for "the art and other shit" and not the music i don't think i can have a discussion with you.
    People always try to use this argument but then you'd have to explain away why people can still burn discs because then the people they share with are getting an album for free and in your logic it constitutes theft. It only hurts the band if you don't buy the album later on because that sale is gained back and it balances out. I usually download leaks to see if I want to purchase the album, and usually its out of anticipation but 80 percent of the time, I buy the album (Including both parts of House of Gold and Bones)
    I would say burning a copy of your friends disc is theft. Again, you own an album you didn't buy. If you like it and buy it then it is no longer stolen. I'm not saying that i've never done it, cause I have. This has been happening to music since tapes came out. It is just much easier now and its having a bigger effect on the bands.
    That's bs. That's saying that every penny you earn goes towards bands! You sacrifice elsewhere to afford stuff you wanna hear, like they did 20+ years ago. You still have the option of sharing locally as well, which doesn't do anywhere near as much harm as downloading has done.
    You'd be surprised how little money bands make from touring. It's definitely not enough to make a living out of that's for sure
    Yes, however most bands don't seem to understand the concept of starting out small. A lot of bands i've seen get signed to labels and then immediately embark on a tour where tickets range from $30-$60. People don't go to see them because the ticket prices are a little bit too high for a band that relatively few people have heard of, they lose money because of this and the label drops them. The bands that make money are, ironically, the bands who start off playing small gigs in bars/coffee-shops/small venues for $5 a ticket. Fugazi for instance had a very business-like approach to touring, they would make sure that the tickets for their shows were as cheap as possible during their tours and they wouldn't hire any extra help for their tours. All the money they made went directly to them, and they always made a profit on their tours. Also, at one time not too long ago (eighties I think) the idea that a ticket to see a concert could cost more than $30 was unheard of. Big stars like David Bowie and Pink Floyd were making a living charging people $15 for their shows. Whilst bands today are complaining that they can't seem to make enough money charging $200+ for their shows. I apologize for my monologue.
    Good stuff. This subject always brings me back to the scene in Fast Times where the guy is scalping ($12 face value) Van Halen tickets for $20, and the kids are pissed that he's ripping them off. There's some perspective!
    You need to take inflation into account though. So, $15 in the '80s was "worth" more than it is today. Also, agree about Fugazi.
    $15 in the 80's varied from $44 to $28, in today's dollars. $44 isn't so bad for Bowie or Floyd, I'd say.
    I paid under $7.00 to see both of them in the seventies....and Bowie had Badfinger as his opening act....
    I remember my step-mom telling me that she had the opportunity to see Pink Floyd live for $20, and still regrets not seeing them. Ironically, I almost paid $269 to see Roger Waters live. But they were doing some type of promotion where you could pay with either cash, or with a certain type of credit card (American Express I think) and they wouldn't accept any other payment. Essentially, because I didn't live near a ticket vendor and didn't have the right brand of credit card, they wouldn't accept mine, or my parents money (they wanted to go as a couple) to see the show. This story isn't very relevant to the article, but I found it kind of interesting.
    I'm sure it's still more than the money they make off of albums sold. especially on a major record label.
    I'm sure Corey Taylor has more money than he needs to retire tomorrow and live a posh life for the rest of his days...
    Did nobody read the article? He's upset that the effort put into the releases is devalued because of piracy, he says nothing about missing out on money.
    Yeah but he is just one guy, man. What about all the smaller acts of the world. They need CD money considerably more.
    Music industry has never made more many than it does today. Piracy only contributes to that. And it does not devalue the songs, it makes them even more valuable. You download an album, and if you REALLY love it, you buy it. That's how I get by. Small acts USE the internet to promote their music. There's enough people who buy the music.
    The ideal scenario: - Buy records (10 eur/record) - Go to the gigs (30 eur/gig) - Buy the t-shirt (25 eur/tshirt) Considering a band touring for their new release: 65 eur That is not so much in a year, right?. However, we are all fans of more than one band and let's say 4 of our bands are releasing albums/touring on a given year, you expend 260 eur. Wich would be 22 eur/month. Not that much either, right? But, we are not only listening the touring bands, but newcomers and older stuff, which would be in average case, one record per week (10 eur). So you have to add 40 eur to your monthly budget. At the moment we would have 22+40=62 eur per month. I think that is a low range budget for an average music consumer and can go much higher if you add a few extra concerts and festivals. Sharing music increases everybuddy's budget for gigs, bands a more easily known and more people are likely to go to their concerts. It is a win-win situation
    but dont forget about young people (14-18). 15 years old guy simply cant spent 62 per motnh on music , when i was young, i spent just cca 50 to buy record/gig/tshirt per year. Now i have job, and it isnt too much for me spent 30 per month.
    Here's the thing, just because you're 15...that doesn't make it right. Not having cash doesn't mean it's acceptable. The entitlement attitude of people is ridiculous.
    no cash = no rec rd , no record = no ticket/no tshirt, band will recieve 0$ and have less fans. if illegal donwload = you know that band and their music, and if you like it, you can purchase ticket/tshirt and band will recieve $$, thats my opinion, when you dont have enough money for records.
    Same could be said about profiting out of art. It's ridiculous. Artists like Mr. Taylor here, are not coming short on cash, they don't have to work double or triple shifts to make ends. Music is appreciated with or without money, not having money is not going to make you deaf. Do you stop appreciating art if can't go into a museum?
    I agree with you. Without music sharing, many demographic segments of the population would be excluded of music. And i don't mean only youngers, also people who simply can not afford that kind of expenses in their budgets (e.g. third world countries). As a consequence, touring would be only in those countries/cities with the higher economic capacity and not in poorer countries where music is equaly appreciated.
    A lot of people enjoy low-fi production, think about it: who really cares about "ultra-mega-giga-high definition"? The industries. They use it as an excuse to keep you buying more stuff/earn more profits. Quality music is quality music. Definition is another thing. Besides, you'd be surprised as to what great productions have been made in house studios with a low budget. You don't "need" to hire a producer/mixer, nor do you have to spend "thousands of dollars" on fantasy equipment, of course, it helps, but with all the easily accessible information (yes, the internet!), making a great production while running on a low budget is a reality, it's just a lot harder to do. Stop living in the past where the industries ran everything, quality independent productions are more accessible than ever!
    This is something I like to mention to whenever the discussion comes up. There have been plenty of musicians that have been making it by using home studios. For a smaller band, the investment into paying for your own equipment and learning how to use it turns out way more beneficial than going straight into a studio you probably can't afford. It's not just lo-fi either. Home recording doesn't always mean you have to be like Phil Elverum and record everything to tape recorders. There's also people making pristine pop songs in their bedrooms too. The whole spectrum has been pretty well covered.
    A big part of the success from the bands in the seventies was from producers and big studios. Producers take normal garage bands and help mold them into world class acts by offering them an outside perspective of their material and helping them fine tune it with suggestions such as what correct key to sing in, or help fine tune your tone. Yes bands should learn that, but sometimes you need need a professional to show you how's it's done correctly.
    I would also like to address the case of latin america. Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico are fixed places for any touring middle-big band. However, piracy in those countries is totally unregulated and massive, it is the most used mean for people to get to know band's material. Considering the music industry logic, no band should go to such countries because there their music is not consumed. However, they do so because is highly profitable, given the devotion of the fans who replete the venues. Buying records don't keep the bands alive, going to the gigs does it.
    If only people could use Spotify instead...
    Spotify pays peanuts..
    But at least its not illegal.
    It's legal yes, but all it does it comfort the listener with the thought that it's legal. They pay so little to artists there's very little difference between that and downloading from a monetary standpoint. I think Spotify is a great program and streaming service, but legality doesn't mean it's somehow better for the musician.
    Yes, it is legal. Even though it's only marginally better than illegally downloading. I see value in Spotify though to use for "browsing" before buying music.
    Why would someone pay to "browse" music, and then go and pay full price for the record again. If someone wants to legitimately pre-listen to a stream and not download illegally, there are many free sources for example a lot of times the band themselves have a 'listening party' where they stream an album from their own website, or of course there's always youtube. Paying to sample music is ridiculous, no matter how cheap. And all forms of digital purchases leaves the artist with next to nothing, so once again, the consumer is supporting the business surrounding the music, but not the people who actually create it.
    I don't know how it is in the US, but where I come from, there is no compulsary purchase with Sporify, as you can listen to it for free.
    This is a rhetorical grey area debate If I created music that 'tens of people', thousands, millions listened to even without paying I'd be happy that people enjoyed listening to my music, the older bands e.g. Metallica, AC/DC, Rolling Stones don't suffer as much as the newer bands as they are already loaded. I agree with what someone said earlier, I'd pay to see someone live, if those millions had never downloaded the music to listen to it in the first place, they might never go to the gigs anyway it's opinion.
    Conversely if nobody bought the albums the label would never invest any time or money in scheduling a tour. It's a bit of a Catch 22. EDIT: Not sure who exactly does schedule and bank roll a tour but you catch my drift.
    That "pick your poison" excuse is bullsh*t. Chances are if you buy a ticket to a show then you'll have enough for swag by the time the concert rolls around. A person spending $20 max on a cd isn't going to destroy their wallets so bad that they can't buy a t shirt at a gig. Unless of course said person doesn't have a steady paying job and in that case wouldn't be going to a concert anyways
    This is true. Although it depends on the act. Sometimes if the concert ticket is $15 or so I'll get a CD or record over at the merch stand usually for a better price than in store. Sort of like saving up then getting it all in bulk.
    lol yeah, spend 15-20 on a cd and thats reason enough to not afford to go to a gig whenever they happen to pass by you hometown? pirate the cd and magically be able to afford a $100-$150 ticket to a gig and buy a shirt? these are just poor excuses. being poor/broke is no excuse to steal entertainment.
    Since when have gig tickets cos $100-$150? Bands I see usually cost like 10-20.
    I was just using some examples of big bands, and since the only big band gig Ive been to is metallica back in 2012 and that left me down $120 and I wasnt on the floot level(not a bad thing with metallicas center stage gigs). dont really know how much slipknot would cost, but my metallica experience told me that the biggest bands cost around 150 to see up close. local pub gigs are like $20 though.
    matteo cubano
    I buy the physical copies of albums by bands that I really like, my top favorite artists, local, and unknown bands get my money. bands that I've heard of and don't know much about or mediocre bands I have no problem downloading. I mean, I personally am an almost completely unknown artist and I give all my music away for free download so at least it can spread.
    I remember 20 years ago, i wasnt old enough to work or drive. So, I would sit in front of the tv waiting for my favorite songs to come on. Id have my tape deck ready and hit record when they did. So I know for a fact that people have been "stealing" music for as long as they could. Articles like this make me laugh.
    I'm willing to bet your tape recordings sounded like shit though.
    You are right, they sounded like shit. My point though was: 1. This is nothing new. 2. I was seven years old and wanted to hear this song or that song, and I found a way to do that. Just like artists need to find new ways to generate money. These are not good times to be lazy.
    ofc it sounded like shit, but he had his favorite song and he could listen it anytime (for free) and he was happy, and music is here, to make people happy, my opinion
    This reminds me of a quote by John Peel: "Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don't have any surface noise. I said, "Listen, mate, *life* has surface noise."
    Actually, what we are doing, is downloading their songs so we can headbang, sweat and bleed in their gigs. I'd rather spend my money on a live show than for their EP. They're not swating and bleeding alone...
    So you'd rather spend money on a gig where they play the songs for you, instead of also purchasing the EP's that they provide to you so you can know what you're going to headbang to at the concert? Thats just an excuse. CD's cost much less than the gigs. Buy their shit.
    A band can still be a band even if no one is buying their records, but if no one turns up to the live shows, the band is ended. You see the decline an an artist by the size of venues they play decreasing, not by album sales.
    I'm in a band and we just forked out a lot of money on just making a four-track EP. We have yet to break-even but to me the money isn't an issue. It's about getting out there and getting people to listen to your music. But then yes, it's all down to opinion and I can see where Corey is coming from.
    That being said, wouldn't money help add to the ease of your next recording? People buy music because they want to see more music by the artist! People who steal music, in my eyes, don't care about the future of said artist.
    That's funny because when I saw him perform at Carolina Rebellion, he asked the crowd how many bought his newest album, and how many stole it. He then proceeded to say that he didn't care how we got his music, just as long as we have his music.
    I would suggest that being at a show already proves one is willing to spend money to support a band, so he may have a different attitude to those fans than ones that are "unproven" (so to speak) on reddit.
    Too bad someone can't figure out a way to restrict trading of files over 64 kbps or something. That way you could get all the free low quality files you wanted and then if you discovered a band you really liked you would want to pay for a better quality file or buy the cd. I tend to want to buy cd's for the bands I really like.
    This is kinda like what bandcamp/other streaming services are. Low quality first listens and then paying for a full album, usually at good prices too. Although I'd rather not have the cutoff at 64kbps, that would be horrible.
    I feel like I have to comment on this. The name "coreysMonster" is directly referencing Corey Taylor, and Slipknot, whose music greatly enriched my life through dark times. I got the Self-titled and Iowa off of a friend. A friend burned my Disasterpieces, the first live DVD. I rented Vol III from a library and burned it from the CD (not even kidding). I bought All Hope Is Gone the week it came out. So yeah, I realise I haven't paid that much money to Slipknot. I bought one album off of the five I own. I have never bought a single merch item or gone to a single show of theirs (though I have seen Stone Sour). I was a kid when I first found Slipknot, and it changed a lot in my life, changed my taste in music, and helped me through a lot of bullshit. This does not mean that I take Slipknot or their music for granted. This does not mean that I took their sweat blood and tears and threw it over like it's nothing. I kick myself for not seeing them live when Paul was alive. I kick myself so much because I was able to, but didn't go because I had a date, and I thought "I'll just catch them next time around". Long story short, Slipknot is not something I picked up, consumed and threw away. It's been there every step of my life since I was 14 - that's ten ****ing years. These guys are, next to Tool, my favorite band in the entire world. Yes, I pirated their stuff - but it was never because I didn't appreciate their music or attribute any value to it. And to prove my point, I'm going on Amazon and buying Self-titled and Iowa, right now.
    Good man! It always blew my mind when someone would say basically the same things you did. "Band helped me through rough times" "Band saved my life" etc etc....but the way the repaid them was to steal their music.
    You'll get them so cheap now lol. I bought iowa when it came out and at the time (being a piss poor student) I shouldn't have done it cus it felt like I'd spent my life savings. Was a good cd though
    Do Re Mi
    Just because someone torrents something doesn't mean they don't appreciate and love it. I'm sorry it takes spending 10 dollars on your album for you to believe in your fans. It's not like we're out here treating music like trading cards, or at least I know I'm not. So stop complaining and go sell another shirt at Hot Topic.
    He should learn a bit from Protest the Hero Anyway, whenever I release music, I want it to be totally free, I don't even want to live from it, I want to keep studying, I want to get a job and earn money just like everyone else, and of course, I'd like to tour, if possible. IMO making money off music (especially major-label) is just ridiculously easy and no one should complain. Seriously "tens of millions" must work there ass off bleeding, sweating and crying infinitely more than this guy and earn 1,000x times less, it's a reality for a lot of people. I wonder if he ever thinks of that... Sorry if I sound mad, but extremely fortunate people being so inconsiderate (whiny bitches) really rustles my jimbo's... Could he really not get a job between tours? Might that 'block his creativity'? Get real.
    There is no "human right to listen to music". I have never seen beggar asking for CDs. Arguments for downloading are all pure sophistry, at the end of the day it is still stealing.
    So you're not entitled to appreciate art? Where can I purchase this option, and how many dollars I need?
    I do my music for the moment when you are on stage and all those people listen to you. Not for the money you gain by selling your CDs. CDs are just for reputation, getting people to know, and like your stuff, and if they like you enough they will come and pay for your show. And thats hell of a money, I can tell you, so dont be greedy Mr. Taylor
    Piracy allows bands and artists with just as much talent as Corey Taylor to get noticed. And it isn't going to go away. The pros are just going to have to adjust.
    get over it. youre over paid anyways. Be safe to say I would never download anything to do with corey taylor. slipknot blows.
    I download music but treat it like a preview. If i like the album i'll buy it on cd. Most downloadable music is ripped to MP3 - CD is better quality.
    The problem I personally have and why I sometimes pirate music or whatever, is that the INDUSTRY, not the musicians, take our blood, sweat, and hard work and stuff it into their pockets. I tend to look at it this way: if a LOT of people are willing to steal your music and your art, they must REALLY like you. I understand too that this is their livelyhood and their work, but there are other ways to make money without ripping off your audience. Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails proved you can do free albums and still make a lot cause the people will pay for quality.
    I saw Stone Sour just after Audio Secrecy came out and he praised everyone who torrented the album...
    ''...with no thought to what went into making it and how hard we fight for it'' - I wonder how much harder he works than the rest of us? I wonder if the notion of a fight lingers over his head when he saunters into the studio mid afternoon. I'm not talking about some fight against apathy, but rather a conflict against some nut trying to take our money when we're walking down the street to said job, or give us a good kicking because they despise a culture which is divergent from their own. I wonder if he remembers the day when he had to choose between paying rent or buying an album that will mostlikely be an appalling over produced medley of his angst and lust for girls he can't have. Probably not. Fuck off and die, corey taylor. Fuck off and die.
    What you forget are those bands that are just starting out. Yes, it seems rather dickheaded to be crying that you're not making enough money when you're as rich as Corey Taylor, but for the bands just starting out, CD's are still a viable source of income. Once you get bigger, the shows start to outweigh the CD sales, but until you are big, you have every right to complain about people stealing your hard work. Not saying Slipknot isn't big haha, just saying I don't think its appropriate to 100% support piracy.
    Fans will spend money on bands they like, and torrenting/youtubing creates new fans. People who download and never contribute are likely not fans. "Stealing" something you wern't going to buy makes no difference, so downloading is nothing but a force for good.
    Lol, why the fuark would people want to listen to coreys garbage bands in the first place, and even pay for it?
    Why would they listen to any band and pay for it? I don't like Slipknot, but your point is just about as intelligent as shoving a needle up your ass for fun.
    All i can say is that if you want music from your favorite artist to be free, then dont get pissed off whenever the sound quality and production start getting worse and worse because theyre tired of spending thousands of dollars on a cd just so you can steal it. And if you believe its your right to take steal music by downloading, then man up and go to your local cd shop(where ever they exist) and steal a cd off the shelf. its basically the same thing, just you get a better quality product.
    Dawg everytime I go to a show the good bands gesture you to steal their album. They just want to be heard.
    Music will always be pirated. There is no way to definitely stop music piracy on the Internet other than to take the Internet down. Even then, it will not eliminate the problem of music piracy since users could still share music within their own networks. Things are changing though. Most torrent sites are blocked in the UK and many other countries. Numbers of genuine and decent warez sites are dwindling, and the once mighty p2p networks are riddled with fake files and viruses. They're trying to block access and bring the piracy numbers down to help support people like Corey and his industry. Corey needs incentive to keep making music, but he also has a family to provide for and shows to put on. He wants a fair payment for the art he has created. On the other hand, some people simply can't afford to buy music. Music is somewhat overpriced in some regions, but there are lots of free alternatives to pirating. Youtube is one the best ways to hear music at no cost. I actually listened to his newest release on there. Lots of streaming services exist too such as Spotify and Deezer. There's no reason for cash strapped people to break the law. It's become all too easy. Once you actually buy music, you'll really appreciate it much more. As for Corey and Paul, I'm not surprised at his comments. I bet they went through extreme highs and lows in a band like Slipknot. It must have been a tough task keeping in touch with everyone in a band with 8 other guys. I hope he's resting in peace. I still don't feel comfortable that Slipknot are touring without him. Blode.
    They don't sell music in my country, and I can either pay the telephone bill, which includes the internet service, or I can try to get some overpriced record online, wait for it, which could take as long as 6 to 10 months, and get utterly disappointed with the packaging materials quality, lack or album art, etc. I rather get albums directly from the band, and not keep fattening some *****'s pockets, that doesn't even listens the music, the band or the fans.
    Second Rate
    your country not selling music does not make you entitled to the fruit of another man's labour. There is no such thing as the right to slavery.
    This is something to question though, is entitlement of his sort the same as some middle class kid living in a bigger town? I say this because from what it seems albums are hard to come by over there. A lot of anti-piracy arguments seem to assume the idea that if piracy was defeated everyone would buy albums. Indeed a bet a lot of people probably would resort to it. But in a situation like that, I wouldn't see myself going through the trouble to get many albums. The transaction would never happen either way.
    Sorry Corey Taylor, but literally EVERY stone sour album isn't worth MY hard earned money, because they usually have 2-4 good songs and the rest is crappy filler. You want to pry my money out of my hands, put out something that is good and consistent, not just filler to round off your albums. I'm sick of artists bitching about their "blood, sweat and tears" when MOST albums that come out now are just filler with a few good singles. Put some REAL effort into enticing me to buy your records by making everything on it amazing and I'll gladly add it to my collection. I buy albums that are consistant, every song on them is a classic or amazing. I don't buy crap that I know will be a rip off, I'll just download it, and "trim the fat off" leaving the few good songs...
    omg piss off with that expression.... everything ever is a double edged sword
    Isn't it ironic that a front man who is calling out illegal downloads has in the past played at DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL??? Love Slipknot and Corey Taylor but hypocrisy is a mother ****er.. LOL. Reminds me of Lars Ulrich.....
    "I think its a good idea because its people trading music. It has nothing to do with industry or finance, its just people that want music and theres nothing wrong with that. Its the same as someone turning on the ****ing radio, its the same as someone putting a cassette in a cassette deck when the BBC plays a special radio session. I dont think its a crime, its been going on for years. Its the same as people making tapes for each other. The industry is more threatened by it because its the worldwide web and its a broader scope of trading, but I dont think its such a ****inghorrible thing. The first thing we should do is get all the ****ing millionaires to shut their mouths, stop bitching about the 25 cents a time theyre losing." - Dave Grohl
    1) It actually IS a matter how long people have been doing it 2) Copying a copy of a copied tape gives you a shit recording....if you like the music, you needed to buy the album to get a decent recording 3) It's NOT like listening to the radio. They have commercials to pay for the music, and again, it is NOWHERE near CD quality. 4) the industry isn't threatened by the broader's threatened by the fact that you can illegally get virtually the same recording they spent ten of thousands of dollars making for free. 5) It's not just about millionaires bitching about $.25 it's destroying the industry so there is very little to gain from recording...much less supporting anyone. You get more mediocre bands making more mediocre music. Hell, the biggest acts in metal today are the same as they were 20 years ago. No reason to reward we get whatever they can sign for peanuts (and now getting "signed" really doesn't mean anything anymore...they don't pay for tours or recording like they used to)
    How much does a band really get paid for each copy of an album they sell? Hardly anything compared to what they make when you go to see them live. Let's say you download five entire albums for free and make copies for a few friends. If you did all that then you probably like them enough to go to their concert and take a friend with you. The band is not losing money this way.
    Holy flaming dogshit there are so many people here making the most lame-ass excuses. The bottom line is, if you download it for free, you ARE taking money away from that person/band. To the jerkoffs with the "Oh it's art, it should be shared with the world"...yes, it should be. That's why you BUY it. This is the profession of these people, it's their job, and what puts food on the table for them and feeds their families. What if your boss came to you and said "I've decided that I'm not going to pay you for a couple of hours of your work every day. But you're still going to work the same amount of hours." So you're still working the same hours, but now you're not getting paid for some of those hours. You'd raise hell, right? Same thing. Nevermind the fact that making an album is a royal pain in the ass, and from click-track to mixing and mastering, it's a lot of work. And then you go and download the music for free. That's a slap in the face to the people who made it. And to the people who are saying "Well it doesn't hurt to just download a couple of songs" does if thousands of people have that same attitude (and they definitely do), and that's a lot of money that isn't going to that artist. For the people commenting on touring and live shows, guess who foots the bill for all of that? It ain't the record company. And album sales are part of what funds those tours. And to the moron blabbing about bands getting free stuff through endorsements, you don't have the slightest clue how endorsements work. Most endorsees STILL have to pay for their gear. They may get a discount, but in general most endorsees still pay at least 40% of the cost. You think Mesa Boogie could afford to just throw amps to John Petrucci or Metallica every time they needed gear?? Sorry, it doesn't happen like that.
    Some people simply dont have enough money to buy records. In the US it's fine, people are working for 1000+ or more, or in Austria and eastern Europe, but! We in western europe (i live in Slovakia), the minimal, what is often the max as well, is a monthly 350 euros, i simply dont have enough money to buy ALL the music i listen to.