Corey Taylor Rips Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach at Roast on the Range

Footage of Corey Taylor roasting a number of his peers has appeared online.

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Footage has appeared online of Corey Taylor roasting a number of his peers as part "Monster Energy Roast on the Range With Corey Taylor," Blabbermouth reports. The event, which took place on Thursday, May 15 was the third annual event in Revolver and Guitar World's Rock & Roll Roast Comedy Series. Amongst the people roasted by Taylor were Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach and Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta. Check out some of the highlights below:

On Jamey Jasta:

"When you wrote the song 'Destroy Everything,' did you know you were talking about your own career?"

"You said I have the voice of an angel. At least I'm versatile. You sound like you're trying to harmonize with a wood shredder."

"Jamey's band is pretty hardcore. To be a fan, you have to own a skateboard and get at least a C on your report card."

On Pearl Aday (Meat Loaf's daughter, singer and Scott Ian's wife):

"Pearl Aday is a musician, a mother, a wife, proving women can have it all, except an attractive husband. But the truth is Pearl married Scott because, after being Meat Loaf's daughter, she wanted to stay away from famous musicians."

"Pearl, it's true, it's true, I'm a devout atheist, but at least my wife doesn't have to f--k me through a sheet. And to be fair, honestly, [Pearl] doesn't do that anymore for religious reasons. She's just tired of getting rugburns from that horrible fucking goatee."

On Sebastian Bach:

"He's the best host we could get for what he costs."

"We're grateful that Sebastian could fit this into his schedule, because, luckily, this roast isn't taking place in 1989."

"I've known Sebastian for a long time. He's a metal dude all the way. And nothing shows his dedication to metal more than his appearances on the CMT reality show 'Gone Country' and VH1's 'Celebrity Rap Superstar.'"

"Sebastian, you said there might be an eight-year-old kid named Levi conceived by teen parents while listening to Stone Sour. And that's true. But at least when my music gets airplay, it makes people want to f--k. When your music gets airplay, it makes people want to force the elevator doors open."

On Scott Ian:

"It's awesome that both Scott and Sebastian are here, because of that iconoclastic, groundbreaking reality show 'Supergroup.' I think you guys might have been tied in the ratings with 'That Metal Show.'"

"Anthrax had the honor, a couple of years ago, of playing at Yankee Stadium for the 'Big Four' concert. Which is the only time Scott Ian has been referred to as 'big.'"

"The only reason that concert was called the 'Big Four' was because the 'Big Three and Some Guys Who Really, Really Need This Gig' didn't fit on a t-shirt."

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    The "Big Four" joke was the only funny thing there, ironically I think Anthrax are the only band in the Big Four who have made albums worth paying attention to since 2000.
    I actually liked Death Magnetic....
    the ug metalheads will come and hang you from a burning tree for being a blasphemous poser
    People only like Christ Illusion, Endgame and Death Magnetic because they're rehashes of those bands old stuff, at least Anthrax always tries to do something new.
    Megadeth's Endgame was pretty good one too but otherwise i agree
    for some reason people love to equate "heavy" and "good"...Thirteen was not their heaviest record but imo it's one of their best.
    I dunno, compared to the previous ones that had the jokes on Corey, I think his were a lot funnier than theirs.