Corey Taylor Talks About Creation of the Band's Forthcoming 'Metal' Album

Slipknot's mainman also says Joey Jordison's departure from the band was a "heavy decision."

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Slipknot's Corey Taylor has said that the decision for Joey Jordison to leave the band was a "heavy" one while stating the the group were "knocked senseless" by the death of bassist Paul Gray.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on the same day the band revealed the video for new single "The Negative One," Taylor discussed the creation of their new album and how the death of Paul Gray in 2010 as well as the departure of Joey Jordison in 2013 affected the recording of the album.

"It's been a weird time for this band. There's a lot about Paul. There's a lot about ourselves," the frontman told Lowe on BBC Radio 1 (via New Musical Express). "It's us basically reconvening. We can either die under the weight of life, or… come back and be the Slipknot we know we can be.

"We were just knocked senseless by the loss of Paul, and then coming to terms with the fact that we had to make a really heavy decision about parting ways with Joe."

However, Taylor is happy that the new record retains a sense of hope. "Even if it gets chaotic and dark, people still understand we are a band with a mission ... that has a very strong message of positivity in the end."

Slipknot last released an album in 2008. "All Hope Is Gone" was their fourth record, following 1999's self-titled debut, 2001's "Iowa" and "Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)" in 2004.

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    Haha, why is metal in quotation marks? It makes it look like whoever wrote this article is one of those petulant metalheads who only listen to underground death metal from sweden and turn their nose up at the likes of slipknot.
    Those people are great. If band have released any albums on label it's mainstream crap. They only love bands that nobody have ever heard of.
    What's wrong with liking Bands that no one has heard of? There are plenty bands that are amazing, but just aren't lucky enough to get any decent exposure. I am not a hipster as I also like to listen to mainstream bands such as Machine head or slayer, but there is nothing wrong with underground metal (Especially with the death metal underground, you don't even know how many amazing bands I found by just doing a little research)
    It's ok to love unknown bands, i do that too. But some people try to be cool and claim to like only those bands.
    theres nothing wrong with liking bands that are unheard of, there are so many great ones out there, the point is that these people think that those are the only bands worth listening to, which is entirely untrue
    Just say who's the new drummer and bassist. Geeez it's not like it is a national secret or something -_-
    I think Corey had a good point regarding the identities of the members though. He's keeping them under wraps until the album drops and people have made their mind up about the music, without having preconceptions about who played it. I bet a massive portion of fans would refuse to listen to it if they found out now say...Pete Wentz was playing bass on the new record.
    Donnie Steele (Slipknots original guitarist) is the bassist. I don't know if they're going to make him an official member again but he's been the guy. Drums- the rumor is Jay Weinberg from Madball/Against Me and I heard another one that the guy from Lamb Of God filled in on recording but IDK how credible that one is.
    have you actually heard anything confirming that Donnie is the one recording bass for the new album? i know he filled in as bassist for their live shows after Paul's death but i still havent heard any official statement about his involvement with the album. if you have id be very interested to know from where and what was said!
    We aren't too sure about the permanent replacement for Gray. Yes Steele did play the bass for gigs, and I'm guessing he also did the bass for the album (logically). But hopefully the names of the new bassist and drummer will be released soon, with the album
    Corey said, in the interview with, I think, Zane Lowe, that the name of the drummer will not be released until after the album is out, because he, nor the band, wants people to judge their music before all of it's out, based upon the drummer they have. As long as they are going to say, I don't mind the lack of a name, at the moment.
    I don't know about you guys but the drums on the new single are my favourite part of the whole song
    'Metal'? What's that supposed to mean? The topic isn't even part of the article.
    You know, Fear Factory's last album features computer-programmed drums. I don't think it would be impossible that the same thing has happened for Slipknot's new album.