Corey Taylor: The Weirdest Day Job I Ever Had

"I guess it would have to be the porn shop."

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Corey Taylor: The Weirdest Day Job I Ever Had

Corey Taylor was asked by Metal Hammer about the strangest day job he ever had, to which he replied (transcribed by UG):

"I guess it would have to be the porn shop.

"There were definitely strange things afoot at the porn shop. [Chuckles] I worked there for three and a half years.

"I saw some serious weird stuff go down - some good, some bad, all weird."

The next question was to single out the best and worst love-related experiences he's had, to which Corey replied:

"The worst experience - a long time ago, I broke up with a girl because she had cheated on me.

"And while I was at work, she broke into my house and she stabbed up my bed and tore up all these poems I had written her and broke all these flowers and shit and left it on the bed with knife stabbings.

"I was like, 'Uhm... Okay... That's disturbing...' Thankfully, she never came back. [Laughs] Yeah, it was gnarly.

"The greatest - besides meeting my wife, I guess I would say just the love I have for my kids. It's a different kind of love you just can't explain - it's so strong, it never goes away."

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    I will Suck every dick in the UG building if you'd please FUCK OFF with Corey Taylor! How the shit is this relevant to anything? There's are a metric TON of bands that could use some coverage. This is the garbage you try to pass by us?
    So wait, she cheated on him, got dumped and felt like the victim and proceeded to thrash his bed and poems written about her? Yeah, I think we should all learn from this. Instead of saying "send nudes", rather ask for a picture of their medicine cabinet, so you know what kind of crazy you're about to deal with.
    Seriously Corey? I love you man but you dont need to have an opinion on absolutely everything dude.... every single day "Corey said this" "Corey commented on that"....that shit is just getting old man.
    He gives out just as many opinions as any other famous rock singer, his opinions just get reported on more than anyone else's.
    i would like to see what corey taylor has to say about corey taylor having worked in a porn shop....