Corey Taylor: 'There's Nothing Worse Than Forced Music'

artist: Corey Taylor date: 07/22/2013 category: music news
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Corey Taylor: 'There's Nothing Worse Than Forced Music'
Corey Taylor says Slipknot is holding itself to high standards on its next album, which they've started writing and will work on together from early 2014.

The band have the rest of 2013 off, with Taylor saying he hasn't had a break in 15 years, but the early concepts for their new album are shaming up nicely.

"This stuff is so crazy, it's beautiful" he tells Fuse in the interview below.

Taylor believes they need a break to write the best music possible. "If you're too overwhelmed, when you sit down and try to write something and it feels forced. There's nothing worse than forced music," he said.

"It's basically McDonalds making music ... I hate that. I don't ever want to be that guy. For me, I want to let the inspiration come in, because that's when you get the best stuff."

Ultimately, the recipe for successful songwriting comes down to one thing: having fun. "If we can all go in and do it together, have fund with it, make it dark, crazy and beautiful, I think we'll have something very special."

What's your recipe for songwriting success? Share your tips and theories in the comments.
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