Corey Taylor: 'There's Nothing Worse Than Forced Music'

The Slipknot frontman shares their secret to songwriting success. What's your recipe for writing great music? Join the debate here.

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Corey Taylor says Slipknot is holding itself to high standards on its next album, which they've started writing and will work on together from early 2014.

The band have the rest of 2013 off, with Taylor saying he hasn't had a break in 15 years, but the early concepts for their new album are shaming up nicely.

"This stuff is so crazy, it's beautiful" he tells Fuse in the interview below.

Taylor believes they need a break to write the best music possible. "If you're too overwhelmed, when you sit down and try to write something and it feels forced. There's nothing worse than forced music," he said.

"It's basically McDonalds making music ... I hate that. I don't ever want to be that guy. For me, I want to let the inspiration come in, because that's when you get the best stuff."

Ultimately, the recipe for successful songwriting comes down to one thing: having fun. "If we can all go in and do it together, have fund with it, make it dark, crazy and beautiful, I think we'll have something very special."

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What's your recipe for songwriting success? Share your tips and theories in the comments.

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    I honestly thought people would have commented on here because I thought people wrote music. Anyways, for me, the best music always comes out through jamming and thinking about how it could go in my head whenever I'm not around my gear. For example, I'll be walking and think of a cool idea and say, "OH HOT DAMN that would sound cool with this song."
    Definitely agree with you, man. My writing style is very fluid and "in-the-moment". 90% of my riffs are the result of extended jam sessions.
    Yer then you make a collection of ideas, and nothing evolves from that. Well that's what happens to me.
    Me too - I have about 150-200 sound clips/video files recorded from my phone that are just sat on the computer doing sweet FA...
    Yeah, my voice memo app on my iPhone probably has over fifty recordings of just little tid-bits that I'll come up with randomly and need to get down before I forget things. ...After typing that, I'd just like to say that I had no pun intended with saying "before I forget".
    Its easily to come up with ideas for songs, its finishing them to where your happy with them is hard
    Totally agree dude, in the past year or so I've only managed to completely finish writing 2 songs and I'm still left with like 20 half finished ones.
    sometimes you have to apply a little pressure. you can't always be free wheeling. it is not a bad thing to have time commitment and what not. some loose ones at that.
    I find when it comes to writing a song it mostly depends on where you start to know where youre going to go with it.Music never really ends,it merely transitions with each new perspective involved.
    forced music, like death magnetic and supercollider. also, not to try and sound cool but i have that t shirt.. i hope slipknot made a good record now. bit hyped for nu metal again as the thrash world is slowly going to shit.
    As a musician... I struggle with this myself. Helpful.. and definately something to think about!
    I'll say this much, both parts of House of Gold & Bones didn't sound forced at all. It was amazing.
    Forced music can be bad or good. If you release it it's most likely going to end up bad. I write though Guitar Pro and when I force music out i know it's forced but, i usually can come up with another idea for a song or make a part for a different song that i'm working on. I think it's mostly just arrangement that can make a song sound forced as long as the song has flow your golden.
    The way he looked in that video reminded me of "Bullethead" from The Steve Harvey Show. Also I agree completely with the whole forced music thing, an artist should create art that is directly representative of who they are, which is why there exists so many types of music. Contrived music just sounds boring and formulaic it lacks the spark that makes me smile inside and be ok with giving myself whiplash.