Corey Taylor: 'Too Many Young Musicians Are Relying on Computers When Performing Live'

artist: Corey Taylor date: 05/20/2014 category: music news

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Corey Taylor: 'Too Many Young Musicians Are Relying on Computers When Performing Live'
Corey Taylor has been talking with IndiePower (via Blabbermouth) about the state of the modern touring circuit.

As the Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman notes, he feels that young bands are too reliant on technology when playing live these days, which prevents them from learning their chops:

"I say this to all new bands: the thing they should really learn how to do is to do it live, do it for real, do it on a stage, make mistakes, play in front of five people - you know, remind yourself why you wanna play music in the first place. 'Cause too many people just shove it into a computer these days and let the computer do the work for 'em instead of really learning their chops and cutting their teeth. So, learn how to do it for real and then do it for an audience."

He also notes that, after 20 years in the music business, hearing crappy music still drives him to create:

"Hearing all the crappy music that's out there inspires me just enough to wanna make new music. You know, I mean, as long as you still do it for the same reasons that you did when you were 13, inspiration could come from everywhere. I mean, we all still get very passionate about where our lives are, we all still experience loss, regret, pain, so, I mean, life is enough of an inspiration for anybody."
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