Corey Taylor, Zakk Wylde, Jason Newsted Lead All Star Geezer Butler Tribute

Supergroup performs at Bass Player LIVE!

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A star-studded line-up of metal musicians including Zakk Wylde, Corey Taylor, Jason Newsted, Sebastian Bach, Charlie Benante, Frank Bello, Chris Broderick, David Ellefson and Rudy Sarzo recently took to the stage at a show honoring Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler. As Blabbermouth notes, the performance was as part of the Bass Player LIVE! Concert & Awards Show that took place in Los Angeles on Saturday November 9th. You can check out footage below:

In a recent interview with Loudwire, Jason Newsted explained the influence that Geezer Butler has had on his playing: "Geezer, for me - not really sure how to describe it. Somehow he just got his hooks into me. Maybe he did that with many other bass players too, but he was a lead bassist from the get go. Black Sabbath, there's a lot of space in those songs. There's a lot of room for everyone to go off and he was always doing that so supportive and so musical with the drums, very jazz-oriented rhythm section in Black Sabbath that just got super loud and heavy. Very progressive. So that was always a big influence on me, having the bass that loud up front like that. That attracted all of us."

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    Geezer is the man and definitely deserves this level of recognition. I don't think I paid bass guitar much mind until I heard two people play: Geezer Butler and James Lomenzo. Keep rockin, you old bastard!
    Is it me or Zakk tried to do pinch harmonics with the harmonica?!
    the harmonica playing in in the beginning is really out of key
    Don't Ask
    Yeah, kinda ruins it. Other than that, great performance of one of my favorite Sabbath songs (oh, who am I kidding, there are too many good ones to be picking favorites). Usually not a big fan of Corey Taylor, but I've got to give him props for this. The dude can sing!
    Besides being a great bassist....he is also a great songwriter... No one can forget the idea behind the song 'black sabbath
    People need to stop knockin the way zakk plays. there is no more true guitar players in this world and we should be lucky to have him around. pinch it up zakk your the best
    I'm sorry, but I just do not like Zakk's tone at all. I went to see Judas Priest in 2011 and BLS was with the band. Zakk's soloing was so repetitive, boring, and way too long. It was like, 20 minutes and he kept doing pinch harmonic after pinch harmonic.
    I don't care what anyone says. Geezer is/was/and always will be the greatest bassist in all Metal and Hard Rock. Sure there are plenty of bassists who are more technical or more versatile than him. But at the end of the day if it weren't for him the vast majority of Metal and/or Hard Rock bassists wouldn't have ever picked up a bass. Same goes for his songwriting abilities. He has written some of the most iconic songs from the past 50 or so years. And not to mention not many people can say they helped create an entire genre of music which is still alive and kicking to this day and is constantly having more and more sub-genres added to it all the time.
    I just barely picked up bass recently, and Geezer is the biggest reason for that! Thanks for the endless inspiration Mr. Butler!!! You rule!!
    I'm i the only one to think that in 'The Wizard' Zakk's harmonica playing is to suit the key of A, but guitars are tuned down to make the song sound like A flat?
    well that was bad ****ing ass...wish I could have been at this show.
    i thought that he had died or something when i read the title, but im happy that is not true!