Could Aerosmith's 'Dream On' Become The Official State Rock Song Of Massachusetts?

Politicians in Massachusetts are divided when it comes to the state's official rock song.

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Politicians in Massachusetts are divided when it comes to the state's official rock song. One group is pulling for "Dream On" by Aerosmith, while another proposed piece of legislation calls for "Road Runner" by '70s rockers the Modern Lovers to be the official jam of the Bay State.

CBS Boston reported on the debate, which has left residents divided.

While Aerosmith is from Boston, the Modern Lovers track is more Mass-centric, including the lyric "I'm in love with Massachusetts," in addition to local references to Route 128 and the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Democrat Marty Walsh is sponsoring the "Road Runner" bill, while Josh Cutler and James Cantwell are sponsoring the Aerosmith act. All men three are democrats (via UltimateClassicRock).

In an interview with WZLX in Boston Cantwell suggested that the debate might not end with these two songs.

Others could sponsor a bill, further muddying the water. To be clear, this would only be the state's official rock song. "All Hail To Massachusetts" is the official state song.

Aerosmith has not commented on the debate.

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    What about More Than A Feeling? The State Of Massachusetts? Even Walk This Way? I could go on...
    Hmmm... what's a short, concise, and slightly catchy way I could say, "Yeah right! That'll never happen! Forget about it!"?
    I don't know one single person that cares about this. I've lived in MA my entire life. I really don't understand why politicians are wasting so much time with this.
    Why not a Pixies song? They're a Boston band, but I suppose they probably don't have the recognition to be considered.
    Only in Massachusetts would a song called "Road Runner" by Modern Lovers compete with "Dream On."
    I was born in MA, live in MA and intend on dying in MA and I would prefer this to NOT be my state's song. Like Menino - "eh eh".
    what about shippin up to boston or the state of Massachusetts? although dream on would be awesome too