Could YOU Be the Next Machine Head Bassist?

Machine Head are taking YouTube submissions to find their next bassist. Read the official rules here and take part, if you think you've got what it takes to be a professional rock star.

Ultimate Guitar

Machine Head are on the hunt for a new bassist - and it could be you.

They parted ways with long-term bassist Adam Duce in February, but it's been hard to find a suitable replacement through their social contacts and have taken the hunt online.

Now you can submit an entry to be the next Machine Head bassist. Here's the official competition entry rules from their website:

For a limited time the band will accept and review YouTube submissions that include the following:

1) Video: A standalone performance of the songs listed below, just yourself, singing and playing bass along to the the tracks off the albums. **Camera phone is fine as long as it's stable**

2) A brief 1- to 2-minute statement about your musical experience; playing, touring experience, etc.

Please upload your videos to YouTube and e-mail a link (or links) to MHBassAuditions(AT)gmail(DOT)com that includes the following songs:

1) This Is The End 2) Halo 3) Beautiful Mourning

Once the band has narrowed down potential candidates, they will hold tryouts in person at a to-be-determined location.

Think you've got what it takes? Get that old video camera out, post some footage, and be sure to share your YouTube entry in the comments here so other UG readers can see what they're up against. Good luck!

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    As much as I would love to, and I can play those songs.. I doubt they'll take a 16 year old xD
    Go for it anyway man, what's the harm in trying? "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky
    Alex Skolnick was the lead guitarist of Testament at the age of 16 and he played the hell out of his guitar. Don't let age hold you back.
    This kid's only 13!
    Watching this video makes me want to practice a bunch of songs hoping that one day I might have the same (but most likely impossible) opportunity to play with my favorite bands.
    Damn I hate how large the embedded videos are here. Makes posting a video so big and obnoxious
    The drummer in Death Angle was 14 when they recorded the Ultra Violence. So yeah, make a video
    Witold "Vitek" Kiełtyka (R.I.P.) was 12 when their first album came out...props to Death Angel too
    I don't know but a band doing this i have to say ... hats off to them . They might find a hidden gem that will fit the bands spirit . Good luck to them .
    "Video: A standalone performance of the songs listed below 2) Halo" I thought about recording the Beyonce song just to take the piss out of the whole thing, but I do fear the backlash...
    Dr. Knox666
    Fuck that competition and bring in Jason Newsted!
    Or let young budding talent break through and have a chance at the life.
    Dr. Knox666
    Sure it's a cool idea and a great chance for bass players to show their talent. Nothing wrong with that! But I'm almost positive that in the end they'll hire some big-name bass player as Metallica did.
    Yreah this is just checking the back of the closet to make sure they havn't missed a perfect pair of shiny new shoes. Nothing worng with that, it's every teenagers dream right? and even us old ones.
    .... bad thing about a young-shot is that he mainly doesn't know anything about that shit stuff called money and payment. They would rip him off and wouldn't pay what he would deserve
    Considering this is how Jason got in big in the first place...JASON 2.0.
    Glass Prisoner
    I think this is really cool! A solid idea that more bands should think about. There's some serious talent on Youtube.
    If they're doing this for bassists, do you think that if Phil quit, they'd do the same for guitarists?
    If only I played bass.
    link no1
    So? Do it anyway, find somebodys bass, learn the bass parts and wing it. I'm pretty sure the entries will be filled with guitarists doing this, won't be surprised if one of them get's picked.
    I have no chance of getting in, but I'm going to send them a video. Because then I can say I auditioned for Machine Head xD
    I'm not the biggest Machine Head fan, but this is one of the coolest opportunities for all us regular jack-offs. I'm definitely going to give it a shot.
    Wish I knew how to play those songs. Think I might try learning them and give it a try. May only be 17 but maybe they would take me! haha Doubtful but its worth a try!
    This is pretty cool and a huge break for bassists talented enough to play in a band like Machine Head but have never been given the chance, I would go in for this but living in the UK would be a problem. Also that style is not mine at all, I prefer to play Jazz and funky stuff.
    Reminds of the movie rockstar... wish i was more into machine head. I would feel wrong trying without being a fan
    I can't imagine them with Jason Newsted...My mind's gonna blow just think about when they're performing I Am Hell or Aesthethics of Hate with Jason on bass & backing vocals...
    It would be badass if like Rex Brown, Jason Newsted or some other cool bassdude would join them!
    Christian Olde Wolbers (Former bassist/guitarist of Fear Factory) put this up on his Facebook profile the other day:
    Although it's great that MH is giving unknown musicians a chance to get acclaim, I think that Christian would be one of the best fit guys to fill Adam's shoes as a full-time member. Jason Newsted would be a good choice as well.
    It is time to redeem myself! I'll show you all that I can do that! Nothing can stop me now! I will... Oh never mind I'm lazy
    When it says standalone, does it mean the video is just you playing bass and singing, or you playing bass and singing but using the album tracks for backing?
    This is a nice idea. I won't be applying but I am a MH fan and I do approve. I don't want some twat from some shitty old thrash band or something joining.
    I don't know how many people are familiar with Diamond Plate, but they just parted ways with their original bassist Jon Macak and that dude is pretty good. Be cool to see him try for Machine Head.
    The real question is "Would I want to?"
    Mr Winters
    I sure as all fu cks would want to. Too bad I don't have a bass.
    For no price. It's a crappy crappy bass though. Made by Abilene :/ (A knock-off Fender brand)
    can i have it? if it's free and i only have to pay the ports, why not!