Courtney Love: 'Everyone Thinks Kurt Wasn't Ambitious, But He Really Wanted That Time Magazine Cover'

Late frontman wanted to appear on the prestigious cover over Eddie Vedder, Courtney explains.

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Courtney Love recently touched on the matter of Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder's 1993 appearance on the prestigious Time magazine cover, saying that Kurt Cobain was the one who really wanted to make it on the front page.

"Everyone thinks Kurt wasn't ambitious, but he really wanted that Time cover," Love kicked off with a chuckle. "The whole fight was over a Time magazine cover. Eddie's manager was more savvy than Kurt's manager and said that Eddie would show up and Eddie had no intention of showing up. Then Kurt's manager was like, 'Kurt won't show up.'

"So they put Vedder on the cover of Time," Courtney continued. "But then like, in Rio, they all had a really good time together. There's this great footage of Kurt and Eddie slow-dancing to Eric Clapton's 'Heaven' song that I pushed Kurt into. And they don't have me pushing Kurt, which is like, really lame, 'cause I pushed Kurt towards Vedder."

During the rest of the clip, Love discussed rock feuds, adding, "In terms of feuds in rock - are there any other ones? Billy Corgan and everyone. I don't think Trent [Reznor] likes me still. The only feud there is is Dave Grohl not liking me. I think that's the last that's left. But I said that before."

The last lines might be interpreted as yet another peace offer to Grohl on Courtney's behalf. Whether or not the two will bury the hatchet any time soon yet remains to be seen.

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    Everyone just shut the **** up, alright. JUST SHUT THE FAK UP. She found the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. She can say what she wants. I want to see her nudes.
    It's funny how 20 years after his death she seems more interested in Kurt than she ever was during their marriage.
    Think of it this way: imagine if it wasn't kurt and courtney, just some random people. if your husband, and the father of your child, died young, you'd want to talk about him. Especially as it's coming up to an anniversary of his death. Yes courtney is a little deranged, but I feel sorry for her.
    I really feel the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death is really getting to her. I mean he was her husband and father of her kid.
    "The only feud there is is Dave Grohl not liking me" Are you kidding me...
    I'm sure if Courtney said something along the lines of "Hey Dave, I'm sorry for being a bitch, let's forget about everything?" Dave would be like "Oh sure Courtney, let's go grab a beer."
    I can't believe she thinks that. Dave is known as the nicest man in rock, does she really think he's the problem here?
    "...they don't have me pushing Kurt, which is like, really lame, 'cause I pushed Kurt towards Vedder." Good for you. Want a medal?
    And they don't have me pushing Kurt, which is like, really lame, 'cause I pushed Kurt towards Vedder" Courtney's always got to make it about herself somehow.
    Damn right she should stop this bullshitting and gossiping. 20 years have passed and still milking this carcass of a story. it's idiotic
    Maybe people think that Kurt wasn't very ambitious because of how often he'd say how lazy he was in interviews? But alas, this is Courtney's word on Kurt against Kurt's word on Kurt, and we all know how that goes.