Courtney Love: 'I Have a Higher Bar Than QOTSA'

"Josh Homme can play like, four notes on his bass and people take off their tops," the singer says.

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Courtney Love recently discussed working on fresh Hole material, taking a bit of a jab at Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme.

Asked about the writing process by the Quietus, Love noted, "Well, you sit and you write like, Queens of the Stone Age drudge for a month, and it's just not happening, and it's not happening - not that Queens of the Stone Age suck, but people expect a lot more from me.

"Josh Homme can play like, four notes on his bass and people take off their tops, but I have a higher bar for whatever reason," the singer continued. "It has to be just f--king really really good. So, then I started playing with Patty [Schemel] and Melissa [Auf der Maur] and Eric [Erlandson], just to see how that was, if we got anything killer happening."

Asked on whether she'll be bringing any new material, Love said, "Yeah, 'cause 'Wedding Day' [Courtney's new single] will be out by then. It got mastered this weekend. So it should be out any day. Howie Weinberg, who mastered 'Nevermind,' mastered it. I wrote this song after just months and months of trying to write and trying to write, and then this one song just came in twenty minutes. It just came in like a bolt from 18. I wish I had written this in 1990, 1983 even. You know what I mean? It's just that song, it's that good."

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    Does Courtney think that Josh plays bass in QOTSA ?
    I think she's right though. She worded it like an *******, but I think people do expect more from her than from Josh Homme and other musicians when it comes to songwriting, if only because she talks so much trash. In effect, our reaction becomes "ok, show us how it's done then." I guess she does it to herself though.
    I guess poor old Courtney needs somebody to argue with since her feud with Grohl cleared up.
    Actually, wasn't Grohl on the last QOTSA album? Maybe she's going for the double?
    she's a troll, no two ways about it.
    she's not a troll UG are just deliberately defaming her name. she's saying that all you lot are a bunch of ****s and she has to work harder in the music industry to get any respect than homme. she's so right homme could fart in your girlfriends face and all you pussy little fanboys would lap it up like it's the second coming of christ, courtney love could make the best album ever with the most technical playing come round your house give you a billion dollars matchmake you with the love of your life and you scumbags would STILL ****ing downtread her for it. i'm sick of this psuedo journalism. i've got enough with the twatty 12 year olds telling me that certain band sucks i don't need it from the piss poor excuse for "news: column
    Maybe if Courtney Love didn't act like such a self-centered, egotistical bitch that attacks other people for little to no reason half the time, people might actually respect her and the music she makes.
    benji is right. why do you think this made it as an article on UG? because 90% of people here hate Love and love Homme. its the perfect article to get everybody stirred up.
    Possibly, however QotSA have been consistentely good throughout their carreer, and Homme's side projects (desert sessions, TCV...) have always received positive reviews. Maybe we would love for him to fart in our GF's face, but today most of what comes out of him is quality stuff. The day he releases shit, then you could try and make that argument. Besides, you don't need to talk shit about someone to show off your writing skills. Not if you've got any that is.
    LMAO. Personally, I like QOTSA quite a lot, but sweet f-n Jesus, Homme fanboys annoy me. Good to see someone fighting the Josh-cult around here for a change.
    I thought I had seen everything on this site. I had not, until now, seen a Courtney Love fanboy. Thanks for adding that little surprise to my night.
    Courtney brought that hardship on herself by being a fame-hungry ass whipe, even though she doesn't have an inch of talent on her whole body, and is only semi-famous because she was married to Kurt Cobain, while Josh Homme is one of the nicest, funniest, most talented dudes in rock today, and all of the bands he participates/participated are well known. And I actually think UG are making a favour, because if it weren't for the attention they give to her mouth diarrhea, no one would know who the f*** "Hole" are, or wether they're coming out with new material or not
    Courtney brought that hardship on herself by being a fame-hungry ass whipe, even though she doesn't have an inch of talent on her whole body, and is only semi-famous because she was married to Kurt Cobain, while Josh Homme is one of the nicest, funniest dudes in rock today, and all of the bands he participates/participated are very well known. And I actually think UG are making a favour, because if it weren't for the attention they give to her mouth diarrea, no one would know who the **** "Hole" are, or wether they're coming out with new material or not
    "Josh Homme is one of the nicest, funniest dudes in rock today"
    would it not piss you off to get stuff thrown at you during gigs? maybe he didn't react the best way but it wasn't unprovoked.
    link no1
    It would piss me off, but is it really necessary to threaten a kid like he did and to act like a 'big tough guy' to such a scrawny little teenager? The fact that the security kept him there whilst so he could throw something at him before escorting him away was equally as shitty. And doing the Axel Rose/Dave Mustaine thing of stopping the gig to have a little hissy fit is only ruining the thing for the rest of the fans. It's not nice to have things thrown at you, but he's still a massive *******.
    please can i hug you?
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one sick of QOTSA fanboys
    it's okay my comments all got deleted after being here for four days and then some josh homme fanboy mod came along deleted all my comments and gave me a warning. go figure it's like ****ing censorship of anything that downtalks the might josh homme yet all these little douchebags downtalking fred durst courtney love dave mustaine is totally fine
    I absolutely love QotSA and cringe at Homme's outbursts. Fortunately they don't really happen anymore, and offstage and sober he's a pretty nice guy. Hopefully we won't have to see too much of this drama shit happen again.
    You stupid idiots. He was ****ing sick at 40° celsius at Norway. He is all about respect. If people **** with him, he'll rape them. THOUGH, if he sees people being ****ed with, he'll rape them too. He met Jesse Hughes that way, some pieces of shit bullied him at a pool party at highschool, and he ****ing pulled the *******s apart. Get your facts straight, touchies...
    not unprovoked, and all from YEARS ago. saw QOTSA in SF last Thursday and it was easily the best show I've ever been to. tl;dr you suck, get your shit straight.
    He is a bit of a drama queen, but he's also one of the more professional and open minded musicians out there. And, being perfectly honest, he was high and/or drunk for a lot of concerts over the last couple of years, so you don't really see the best of him on stage. I went to see QOTSA in November and I can honestly say the atmosphere was brilliant, no fighting and no attitude or anything. I can't say anything for Courtney since I don't listen to her but from what I've read about Nirvana she seems to be very controlling and borderline abusive. I think her relationship with Kurt was pretty much sustained by the sparks between them.
    hahahahaha that new hole song is soooo much better than anything QOTSA has ever done - said nobody ever
    Wow two c*ntish Courtney Love articles in a row, it's a shame UG don't post news on the weekend because she could've gone for a hat trick.
    ANY songwriter can tell you, it's not how many notes you know, it's what you can do with the notes you know. Bitch.
    She's not wrong. QOTSA can do whatever they want and people worship them. Courtney gets up in the morning and music journalists write articles about how her hair wasn't perfect.
    I don't really care if Homme's a bigger douchebag or not, because he's just a guy who writes music I love, so I don't care. I don't have to hang out with the guy, and I don't identify my love of his music through his personality or the things he does. Courtney doesn't even have that going for her. Her relevance is based on long past work, so if I had to choose between two douchebags I'd choose the one whose music doesn't suck/isn't famous for being famous.
    Josh Homme is an awesome bass player, shame they had to get rid of Nick Olivieri though...he could really rip a great guitar solo.
    The fact that she feels like Hole can even be compared to QOTSA makes me physically ill.
    Relax guys, it's ok. She just released this statement: "Not to disrespect those there for the bands they love though." So all is forgiven.
    She may be able to act like a normal human being when she was told how to for an entire night, but she is still the worlds biggest psycho-bitch, don't forget this people! As for people expect more from hole than they really Courtney?!?!?! I struggle to name one good hole song and one bad QOTSA song. The only way I would ever expect more is that she has consistently released bad music and she is due a good song in a near 25 year career.
    She didn't say anything bad this time. Actually, she's spot on about QOTSA. Josh can put out fart riffs and people will still love it. Like I've said before, I like QotSA a lot, but Homme's fanboys make the Manson family look like a bunch of buddhist monks. On a related note - UG's been just fishing for trolls with all the recent Courtney Love news. Fucking cutting edge journalism.
    UG's better than other sites with music news. I can't count how many times sites like MetalSucks or MetalInjection posted baiting articles, articles they know that their core readers hate.
    Except that Josh doesn't write fart riffs, so we have no idea how much truth there is to that hypothesis.
    Breaking News: Courtney Love declares a general burning hatred for any music other than her own. With this revelation, UG is out of non-redundant article topics. (Dave-free of course)
    I love QOTSA but people act Josh Homme and the boys are Gods to rock or something. Courtney love is right in that regards. That where QOTSA's fan base puts them is well above what it should be.
    One does not simply take a jab at Josh Homme without consequence. Besides, enough of this CL talkshow news.
    She's obviously talking about Mantra, the Sound City song. Its actually got some pretty cool bass fills
    I dont get why everyone hates her. Shes actually quite tallented. You guys should leave her alone.
    It's not her talent that is in question here. It's her unprovoked shit talk that pisses people off.
    I'm gonna have to go ahead and throw myself in as another person who can't stand QOTSA. I've never understood the hype. Mediocre music at best, pretty much douchebags. I saw them live at Lollapalooza 2006 in Chicago (only sat thru their set because I was waiting for RHCP to play the same stage later), and it was lame as hell. That said, Courtney Love is ****ing worthless. Every word out of her dumbass mouth is borderline retarded, and ****ing Kurt Cobain is the closest she's ever come to having anything to do with good music. She literally would not even be remotely famous if she hadn't been with him.
    I'd love to see her put out something that is better that any ONE song from ...Like Clockwork, don't think it will happen.
    UG should just have a Courtney Love update page somewhere. Everytime she talks shit on someone or uses the bathroom, the webpage updates.
    i really duno why UG making us nervous by this statements of this woman,be real,does anyone here cares about what she says?
    Ok well all of you are completely if the dark about Kurts death and go and call me a wacko "conspiracy theorist" whatever idc he was drugged with a LETHAL dose of heroin confirmed by the SPD this year(2014) when a cold case detective from the Seattle police said himself a LETHAL dose of heroin sorry people but you dont shoot a LETHAL dose of heroin put everything away caps on the needles and all roll down your sleeves move as far away as he was from the drug kit and load a shotgun with 3 shells and shoot your self.FACT 1 LETHAL dose of heroin and diazepam in his blood system (morphine), blood level was 1.52 mgs per liter. Minimum injection of 225 mgs of heroin, three times a lethal dose.FACT 2 no fingerprints on shotgun or pen used to write "suicide note" FACT 3 suicide note has been reviewed by multiple hand writing experts and they all say the same thing the last 5 lines are traced FACT 4 One of Kurt's credit cards was missing when his body was discovered.Someone was attempting to use the missing credit card after Cobain died, but the attempts stopped when his body was discovered. FINALLY MOTIVE - Kurt was in the process of leaving Seattle and his wife Courtney, when he was found dead.Courtney knew Kurt wanted out of the marriage. Just weeks prior to his death, she asked one of her attorneys to get the "meanest, most vicious divorce lawyer" she could find. Now ALL of this can by viewed at its Tom Grants website he is the Privet investigator hired by Courtney Love to find Kurt when he left rehab he was suspicious of Love the whole time so he recorded every conversation he had with her and gained alot of audio files to prove motive to kill her husband Kurt Cobain there is a REAL MOVIE coming out this year based on all of this its called soaked in bleach i urge you all to watch the trailer and visit Kurt and all the kids that committed copy cat suicide and their familys deserve JUSTICE to all of you who refuse to see the truth you should be ashamed of your selves for not at least looking at the suspicious FACTS around his death and if you refuse to still after reading this then know you are part of the reason Courtney and her hired killer/killers are still getting away with this AND to ad the fact that Courtney Love has never tried to sue Tom Grant EVER so what does that say? it says she doesnt want this in court JUSTICE FOR KURT COBAIN!!!!
    Righteous itch
    Has she conveniently forgotten the amazing showcase of musical talent Master Homme had in a little band called Kyuss??
    What's the deal with Courtney Love lately? She better enjoy the attention she gets while it lasts.