Courtney Love: 'I Lost 27 Million of Nirvana Money After Kurt Died'

"But I'm a big girl, it's rock 'n' roll, I had to let it go," the singer says.

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Courtney Love wasn't too shy too admit spending over $27 million of "Nirvana money," saying that she simply had to let it go.

Discussing the matter with Style magazine (via Daily Mail), Love said that much of the money went on various lawsuits, simply describing the situation as "rock 'n' roll."

"I lost about $27 million - I know that's a lifetime of money to most people, but I'm a big girl, it's rock 'n' roll, it's Nirvana money, I had to let it go. I make enough to live on, I'm financially solvent, I focus on what I make now," she said.

In recent news, Love has announced that the production of Kurt Cobain biopic is set to kick off within a year. Discussing the casting for the role of her late husband, Courtney said:

"That was really tough because these boys are so pretty, so cute. I won't name names because I don't want to jinx it for anyone but these are 25-year-olds who are blond, gorgeous and the new Brad Pitts. There's a ton of those. Some are really good actors, not just pretty faces."

Details regarding the film are expected to drop soon. Additional details here, stay tuned for fresh info.

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    "I know that's a lifetime of money to most people" Yeah, if you live 400 years... This woman has lost touch with reality.
    You're implying she was in touch with reality in the first place.
    I know right? 27 million? That's about 40 lifetimes for most people. And I love how she just described it as "rock n roll". Yeah, there is absolutely no question that any of that money went to anything but drugs. What a *****.
    w h o r e was the word I used. Just wanted to be clear. Because that is, by definition, what she is.
    Must be nice to spend 27 million of Nirvana money and not be a part of Nirvana. I want in on that. Can I spend some One Direction money?
    Yes if those dudes are your boyfriends and give that money to you.
    You had to let it go? If she didn't want the money, I'm sure many charities would've been glad to take it. Lost $27 million...
    Yeah, it's a lifetime of money, alright. If I had $27 million, I could live very, very comfortably for the rest of my life... and still have more than $26 million to donate away to charity.
    worthless *****. must kill her daughter knowing she comes from a ***** and that ***** potentially drove her husband (beloved rocker with a drug problem) to the end.
    Kurt chose to marry her. You can only blame him. He could have gotten a way better woman but he went with the dangerous wild crazy psycho rockstar trophy wife and look what it got him.
    If she was a trophy wife, she'd definitely be a "participation" or "thanks for coming out" trophy...
    I think it makes it so much worse that she spent that money on "lawsuits" whenever there are so many great causes out there that could probably do with a nice 27 million dollar donation... This... creature is beyond words.
    jpnyc · Aug 12, 2014 11:59 AM
    It's not that she's trying to stay relevant in the media eye
    I dont know who is worse Love or Yoko Ono
    Love has to be worse. Yoko is just moderately annoying, but she keeps quiet. Courtney is a foul mouthed bitch(she would even admit to that). I am convinced Kurt got with her just to punish pop culture.
    'Lost' 27 million dollars...haha. Nirvana: Where's that 27 million dollars? Courtney: I'unno.
    she should robin williams herself... what? too soon? i don't think her suicide would have as much of an impact as his did however.
    Though I agree she should begone from this world... Dont use Robin Williams and her in the same sentence/paragraph.
    though i understand your sentiment... it still makes me care very little for your opinion/feelings.
    I recall doing one of those life cost calculators where it said my entire life would cost 2 million no 27 million is enough for me to live 13 1/2 times
    WHAT?! How can you spend that much on nothing? 27 million is a bit more than lifetime money to pretty much all people.
    I recall doing one of those life cost calculators where it said my entire life would cost 2 million no 27 million is enough for me to live 13 1/2 times
    God people are stupid... And I'm not referring to Courtney. That's what happens when you married. Your spouse now owns half of everything you own. And if you die she is entitled to it all. I've never liked her. But it is absurd how much hate she gets for no other reason then Cobain killed himself. I don't really get why anyone at all cares of she spent 27 or 27 million dollars. I actually can appreciate the fact that she is bluntly honest about most of the stupid stuff she's done in life rather then trying to sugar coat or deny everything