Courtney Love: 'I Wanted to Be Grunge, but No One Would Let Me in'

Singer talks scene politics in new interview.

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In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Courtney Love has been speaking about her status as a grunge icon, noting that Hole was a band who were not perceived as being grunge back in the early 1990s.

"And the last interview I had was with this guy where he was like, 'Yeah, you were part of a movement 23 years ago that I find important, grunge.' I'm like, 'No, we weren't. We were no more grunge than the [Red Hot] Chili Peppers,'" she said. "We weren't allowed to be grunge. I wanted to be grunge because it was a movement, but no one would let me in. So as unique as the Chili Peppers were on their island, Hole has always been on its own little island. I'd also say the same for Nine Inch Nails and the Smashing Pumpkins back then."

Love has also noted that Trent Reznor has gotten away with keeping his band name for a revolving line-up of musicians, something which both she and Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan have struggled with:

"Trent [Reznor] has definitely gotten away with a hell of a lot more than me or Billy [Corgan] in terms of calling his band Nine Inch Nails and no one caring who's in it. But that's probably because he's kept the lights down low. He never lets anyone else pose for a picture [laughs]."

Love went on to reaffirm that the classic line-up of Hole will not be reuniting any time soon:

"If I wanted to do one of those big money sell-out reunion things, you think I haven't been asked a million times? About as many times as I've been asked to do reality television lots of times. And the answer is just gonna stay the same: N-O."

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    And also Trent played almost all the instruments and then hired musicians for the tour. So he didnt get away with a whole lot more as Courtney said.
    That's the thing about NIN - it basically IS Trent Reznor. While Corgan is clearly the creative force behind Smashing Pumpkins, the original lineup was very tight and had a lot of creative input as well (I think Iha wrote/sang a few of their songs, at least a few on Mellon Collie). Their loss is bound to affect the band more than Trent changing NIN's lineup every few years
    but billy played the bass and guitar on the first two albums because "Darcy and James kept ****ing up"
    Exactly! He is NIN. Like the dudes who tour with him are awesome, but Trent is the MAN!!!
    Geez, Trent "gets away with it" because he composes and performs most of the music on Nine in Nail's albums, he basically just hires people to guest star on the album and play live shows.
    Yep - Courtney dated Trent. And Billy Corgan. She commented on Trent something along the lines of, "Nine Inch Nails? Three Inch Nail, more like." Idiot of a human being. Weird how none of the bands (or barely any) that were at the forefront of "Grunge" wanted to termed as such. As for Trent retaining the NIN name? Err, read the credits of the NIN back catalogue. Pretty Hate Machine, Broken and Fixed state clearly that "NIN is Trent Reznor".
    What's with all the Courtney Love all the sudden???
    Not really sudden. Courtney Love, Axl Rose and Dave Mustaine are the official UG's gobshites. Every week, one of them, or two of them, or all 3 at the same time will make it to the front page saying something stupid and causing a massive shitstorm in the comment board. Ted Nugent is also a concurrent, but he's been way too silent lately.
    Exactly, this isn't a newsworthy entry. It's just published because of traffic reasons. There are too many people who still don't know that the way of getting rid of unlikable celebrities is ignoring them. They won't disappear if they're getting attention.
    To be fair, the Axl Rose articles don't usually have anything to do with something he said, but rather something somebody else said about him. There haven't been too many of them lately, either.
    Think she's got a new album out and she's attempting to get people to care.
    UG post this yet don't post news about Jake E Lee announcing the frontman for his new band?!
    I wonder why...
    "I wanted to be in grunge but I killed its forefather"
    Get over it. There's no proof what so ever that she killed Kurt Cobaine. The dude was suicidal to begin with, and he hit his limit and did the deed. END OF STORY. And I also wish UG would just stop with the Courtney Love stories.
    Vicryl 2.0
    She wants to be called grunge when all other bands on that movement doesnt want to be tagged as such.
    Courtney Love to RS: - I have 12 songs recorded - the album's coming out in Christmas And all ultimate-guitar picks is this quote. Isn't this a music website? I know an entry about Courtney's music wouldn't give you hits because nobody cares, but isn't it a clich to publish whatever silly ramble this woman makes just for the sake of negative feedback? It's easy UG, ignore her and she'll go away.
    I think she used to date Trent Reznor? in the Star****ers video the obese man is dressed like her, anyway Trent only hires musicians for touring, hes not just replacing people who help write the music
    Some of you will hate on this woman whenever you can. What the hell has she done to you? Although I disagree on what she says about Nine Inch Nails "getting away with" having so many people because of course Trent Reznor does nearly everything in studio. But I do think the Smashing Pumpkins is now "Billy & Friends"
    Thrice Capades
    She's ripped on Trent Reznor every chance she's had. For years. For no reason. So...that's why I hate on her.
    the only album hole made that worth something is the one her husband co wrote and got involved in, all the other stuff she put out was rubbish, how dare she compare herself with NIN or SP?