Courtney Love In Public Meltdown

artist: Courtney Love date: 11/17/2011 category: music news
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Courtney Love In Public Meltdown
Following the on-stage rant about Dave Grohl which led to Hole abandoning a gig until the audience chanted "Foo Fighters Are Gay," Courtney Love has been looking for further outlets to vent her frustration. Crave Online covered the same on-stage breakdown, and poked fun at the apparantly awful Hole cover of U2's "Actung Baby", but in the comments a user named "Rose Of Sharon" began ranting in defence of Love. When clicking through to their facebook profile, the username if for a certain Courtney Love Cobain. Across three posts, Love claims that Dave Grohl bought an Aston Martin from his Nirvana Inc credit card which she feels he is not entitled to, claims to have written more for Nirvana than Grohl and Krist Novoselic, and slams the writer Johnny Firecloud for being a "sexist homophobe" despite having her own fans call the Foo Fighters gay. Here's a few choice quotes from her comment rant, where we left the spelling intact: "dave bought a n aston martin in virginia last week with his nirvana inc card would you stupid a-- c--t ... he didn't write a f--king word, he has plenty of money and kim is living under a bridge and wendy cobains boiler hasn't worked in 7 years, but dave who made 5 million down here last rock n rio has to have 22 different money market accounts ... and I defy you to find a better achtung baby cover, you sexist f--k ... god your a sexist creep, you think jkuyrt wouyld want dave buying astons while his mother hasn't had a warm bath in 7 years, you f--king a--hole. "how my story ends is very very very well indeed, you are just a sexist homphobic evil f--k, go vidist kjim cobain who jkurt loved sometime, shes homeless ask her what she thinksk about dave buying an aston martin in virginina a few weeks back while her home got reposessed between 32 forged refinances of wendy and kim I'm a credible hot and beuatiful woman with my s--t pretty much together creativekly, I'm alo a scapegoat to a--holes like you ... who did kyrt marry./ oh yeah me, who did he thriow out of his bandm, oh yeah kjrist and dave, who wrote more in nirvana that the two of them out together, oh yeah me, so shut your piehole." The journalist Johnny Firecloud said you could tell it was real because of the typos. "I don't know if she spelled Kurt without a J or a Y in the entire rant," he later tweeted. In a 2007 UG post, a similar article quoted Love as saying "It's funny [Grohl] 'hates' me since I don't think about him." Still not thinking about him, huh?
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