Courtney Love Injured In House Fire

artist: Courtney Love date: 06/24/2011 category: music news
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Courtney Love Injured In House Fire
Courtney Love is one firecracker who can't seem to avoid the heat - curtains in the singer's New York townhouse caught fire early Thursday morning. Love reportedly attempted to put out the fire herself, resulting in several burns on her hands. But upon the fire department's arrival, Love refused to seek medical attention for her burns, according to Radar Online.

"We can confirm that we attended a small fire at the location and the curtains were on fire", a New York City Fire Department spokesperson told Radar. "The owner had burns to her hands and refused medical treatment."

The fire was reportedly on the fourth floor of the Love's three-bedroom, five-bathroom, six-fireplace brownstone when officials arrived at 1:52AM. It has yet to be reported what caused the fire or the status of Love's condition.

Love is currently renting the property for $27,000 per month from Halstead properties. We sure hope Ms. Love has renter's insurance.

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